Does Ash Die In Euphoria

Does Ash Die In Euphoria


As we know season 2 of euphoria is coming to an end and fans are eagerly waiting to see what will happen and they are much worried about Ash. does ash die in euphoria? This is all going over the internet.

We all know that Ash is the most loved character of the series and there are many scenes of him that are loved by the audience. Although Mouse’s death was caused due to Ash along with Fez. They both were in charge of drugs and much more.

Now the question comes will Ash die in euphoria or not? Well, have to look for this as its last finale episode will be aired on 27 February. All seven episodes of the series were all about Lexi’s play and much more.

You can see in the trailer showing Custer that is sitting inside Ashtray’s and Fez’s apartment. Custer met with Faye out of the apartment and he has revealed that he was working with police who were circling with ash and fez.

Ashtray couldn’t meet up with this as he was not present at that moment. When Faye came back she didn’t mention her talk with Custer to Ashtray or Fez. So let’s see here whether ash dies in euphoria or not.

We can’t say much of this now as Ash is the main character in the series and he might or might not get die in euphoria. Ash did commit one crime by killing Mouse and we have to see here what will happen to Ash in Euphoria. So keep reading to know the story and what will happen to the characters.

Does Ash Die In Euphoria.

When Custer was working with the police and with the Laurie situation Fez realized that he should watch his back and at that Mouse’s name kept coming back on Euphoria and this means that his death may come back to bite Fez and Ash. they also owned Mouse money. Ash also killed Mouse with a hammer. Though Ash is the main character in the series so we need to see what will happen.

There is another theory that is going on and that is Fez may sacrifice himself for Ash and take the name for the Mouse’s murder. But we can’t expect much in Euphoria as anything can happen.

Fez can also die due to certain reasons as he is involved in drug dealing and Ash could also die due to charge in death of Mouse. We have to see here what will happen and how his life will get influenced by this. You need to be prepared to see here what will happen.

This was all about done ash dies in euphoria. As the finales are yet to arrive so we can’t be sure of what will happen. Since he committed a sin so might get die or else he can also get saved from this with the help of his friend. So the suspense continues and you need to watch its the finale and you will get the answer.

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