Do You Need Massive Followers On Social Media To Be Credible

Do You Need Massive Followers On Social Media To Be Credible?


Social media has taken over the world and is now a huge part of our lives. Whether we like it or not, our numbers on social media have a lot of power. They almost have the total power to define who we are as a person. The most important of these is the follower count. The followers on your social media accounts show how well you are doing. It also shows how many people like your content and are keeping up with you. The more followers you have, the more people will get attracted to your profile. 

Most people struggle to gain followers in the initial stages of their journeys on social media. A lot of people also give up on their accounts as a whole if they don’t have enough followers. It is generally understood that no matter how great of content you have on your account if you don’t have followers it’s a waste. However, a lot of people also believe that having quality content is the most important aspect of social media.

Many people also tend to question whether social media can make or break their success. People wonder if their credibility as a creator will be judged or undermined due to the lack of followers on their profiles. Keep reading the article to figure out why Do You Need Massive Followers On Social Media To Be Credible

The credibility of current big accounts: 

  • As observed in the past few years, the accounts that are currently popular were already pretty famous, to begin with. Some of the largest social media sites of this generation are Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook. If we look into these sites, we can figure out that the most followed accounts are generally celebrities. These are highly influential people who had an impact on the world with or without social media. When you narrow it down to only social media, these people have no credibility. They are solely famous based on their careers. Most of the posts of these celebrities are just simple photos or videos. Sometimes they may even post stories or tweet updates about their days or their opinions. Besides that, they have nothing to make them credible on social media. This is highly an important aspect to consider as it shows that followers don’t prove credibility. 
  • On the other hand, there are a few accounts that were not famous initially but got success soon after exposing themselves to social media. These are accounts that have worked hard to make themselves known. A lot of them are certified doctors, designers, small businesses, etc who have the content to make them credible. A few of these accounts are also merely content creators. These people put out content that is creative, entertaining and unique. These accounts are usually what shape the world of entertainment on social media. Mostly everything that we see is from these accounts. These are also profiles that got lucky and managed to build a strong following for themselves. This is great as they feel like their hard work was not in vain. These were also accounts that were credible before they were popular. This means that their followers don’t necessarily prove their credibility. 
  • There are also a few accounts on social media that are highly credible but have few followers. These are the leftover unlucky accounts that did not manage to gather up a large number of followers. Even though they have great content, they did not gain many followers. This could be due to a lack of promotional or marketing strategies. Even though these accounts might have worked very hard on their content, they were not able to increase their followers. They may also have better content and most famous accounts on social media. However, this goes to prove that their followers do not determine their credibility. Despite having a low follower account, it does not hinder their credibility in any manner.
  • A few accounts on social media platforms have a large number of followers but hardly any credible content. These accounts are just random profiles that got very lucky. Most of these accounts do not even have original content and just repost some content from other profiles. These accounts hardly put any hard work or effort into their content but still have a large number of followers. The main reason for this could be a great understanding of social media marketing. These accounts usually know how to expose themselves in a way that will help them to gain followers first. This again shows that followers do not define your credibility. It shows how despite having a large number of followers, their content does not take after that.
  • There are a few people on mostly Instagram who gain active Instagram followers. “Viralyft” is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. People usually increase their follower count by using these secondary sites. However, that still does not prove the credibility of their content.

A situation where your followers define your credibility is very rare, however, it still exists. There are a few profiles on social media platforms that post high-quality credible content. All of the posts on their profiles are well mastered and effectively posted. They also have great social media marketing skills and strategies along with promotional strategies. All of these can help them get a lot of success. This is a very rare instance where the followers of a person define their credibility.

From the above few examples, we can derive a conclusion that your followers do not prove your credibility. Even though the situation for most of these types of accounts is different, their credibility has nothing to do with their followers. That’s, we can understand that we do not need massive followers on social media to be credible.

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