Do Jerry And Elaine End Up Together

Do Jerry And Elaine End Up Together


Do you love to watch comedy series? Well, this show in which Jerry and elaine are is Seinfeld. Creators Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David tried to do something with this and it turned television conventions on their heads. The different efforts resulted in something else and it turned into something else that made this popular. So know here about this more and know do jerry and elaine end up together?

As we know every sitcom has romantic scenes and for this show, it was not so simple. These two main characters jerry and elaine dated for some time and then broke up and then became friends. But this is not all. People who were watching them thought that they were dating again and even got married in the finale. 

But the story is something else and you need to know here what that is all about. Although this is a very complicated story and we know that after breaking up it is hard to stay friends till the end. Staying friends with your friends is really complicated and you can’t just stay friends. So we need to know here did they make it or they end up in something else.

So without discussing anything further let us here know about do elaine and jerry end up together or not? What do you think? I guess it was easy for them to stay as friends in the show. Keep reading and you will get the answer to this.

Do Jerry and Elaine End Up Together

We all know that they had a great relationship but after they broke up they stayed as friends and they make it look easy for them to stay in that way. They enjoyed each other company and they roasted each other just as two best friends do and they got to know the most intimate secrets. They were not at all felt awkward in any of the situations. 

But we can feel that there must be some moments where they have to confront themselves of their previous relationship and they decided that they should give their love another shot. There were also the scenes of their intimacy and in that scenes, Elaine faked org*sms when she was dating jerry. Jerry was horrified by her admissions and he liked to make it up for her. Jerry also faced erectile dysfunction during this and you can see that during the scene.

This was not the only time that they explored a sexual relationship but you will get to see that in the deal jerry and elaine had s*x for 37 times when they were dating and during an episode, this pair was seen having s*x for more than three times.

Well talking about this sitcom it didn’t follow any kind of rules except for the one David set forth from the beginning. While he was making this he never thought that this would be like any other feel-good show or any other. That’s why you can see that Jerry and Elaine didn’t end up together. 

But in the finale season, we can see that both jerry and elaine confess their love to each other at the incident of a plane crash. They thought they were going to die that why both confessed their love to each other. Then elaine says that she has something to say to jerry and then he replies that he also has something for her too.

So we can conclude that they didn’t end up together and they both were in love with each other.

Why Seinfeld Was Hated By Many People?

Well, the fans of Seinfeld hated the finale season of the show due to the cynical nature of the ending. When Jerry, George, Kramer, and George proved that they learned nothing over the tenure of the show when they four go to court when they fail to help a carjacking victim. These four were joking and they were laughing even when they were sent to jail for this act.

But the true fans of this sitcom were happy and this made sense to them when jerry and elaine tied the know in some sappy ceremony. Although this didn’t make any sense but some fans were satisfied to see that too. So for them, it was a happy ending.

So this was all about, do jerry and elaine end up together. We told you the whole story and the after story when they broke up and how were the terms between them shown in the sitcom. From this, you can see that they end up together but not in the right way. Still, if you have anything interesting for us to tell then you can mention that in our comment section.

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