6 Cash Advance Apps That Work With Varo

Cash Advance Apps That Work With Varo

Varo is a popular mobile banking option. It offers online banking with minimal fees through its bank, i.e. Varo bank. The bank also has an advance facility that can be used for up to $100. You are here because Varo is a cash advance app and there are many other Cash Advance Apps That Work With Varo

Cash advance apps are a more affordable option if you’re short of cash between pay cycles. Cash advance options are growing as traditional banks charge high fees of up to $35 per overdraft. Payday loans can also prove to be too expensive.

Cash advance apps don’t charge overdraft fees. Instead, they rely on subscription fees or tips as a revenue source.

Many popular cash advance apps are available, including Earnin, Albert and Cleo. Varo is not compatible with all these apps.

You can also use Varo‘s cash advance option, which allows you to advance up to $100. If the advance amount exceeds $50, there is a flat fee of $3 to $5.

Cash Advance Apps That Work with Varo

Cash Advance Apps That Work with Varo

There is some good news: Varo cash advance apps are usually compatible with Varo at the beginning of your onboarding process. Cash advance apps often require you to link your bank account when setting up an account. You won’t be able to connect to Varo later if you don’t have Varo enabled at the time.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to waste time trying every app. Here are the top cash apps that work with Varo.



Dave has an easy-to-use interface and a $1 monthly membership fee. The app easily connects to Varo, and transfers between them usually go quickly and smoothly.

You won’t be eligible for a lot of money if you sign up first for The Dave app. The majority of users start with less than $50. As you accumulate a track record of paying your advances on time (or increasing your deposit amounts), you will be eligible for more significant advances. Current cash advances to Dave are limited to $250



Albert is two of the OG cash advance and banking apps. Although the app offers financial advice and banking, it also provides budget tracking and advances. It is different from other cash advance apps because instead of using an AI bot to provide financial advice, users can connect with actual humans (“Geniuses”) who will help them answer any questions.

Albert, as well as Varo, use Plaid. Therefore, it should be simple to connect your accounts. You may be eligible for up to $250 in advance funds based on your bank history.



Cleo claims it is the “money app that doesn’t suck” Cleo is “run by” an AI who will encourage you to make intelligent financial decisions and roast you when you don’t.

The average first advance is $70 or less. Your advance limit will increase to $100 as you use the app more and your financial situation improves.

You must meet these criteria to be eligible for a Cleo cash advance:

  • Be a paid member (membership costs $5.99/month).
  • To unlock your Cleo Score, complete the badges
  • To unlock your Cleo Score, complete the challenges

This is possible by:

  • A positive balance in your bank account
  • For 30 days, increase your savings each week.
  • In the two weeks before asking for your advance, you will spend less than usual.
  • Empower
  • Empower’s goal is to improve creditworthiness. This is done through financial monitoring, banking and financial advice. NBKC Bank backs their bank accounts. Empower membership is available for free for 2 weeks. After that, $8 per month will be charged.
  • You can also get cash advances up to $250 if you meet their requirements. Unfortunately, until you apply for an advance, you won’t know if your qualifications are current.
  • MoneyLion offers Instacash
  • MoneyLion’s cash advances service is called “Instacash” and is one of many services MoneyLion offers to its customers.
  • Instacash will give you $25 the first time you ask. This amount can be increased to $50-$250 if you have recurring bank deposits. Your advance limit can be increased to $300 if you sign up for MoneyLion’s banking or credit building products.



Earnin was one of the first payday advance apps. Its purpose is to allow workers to access their money whenever they want. The app offers a free cashback option that allows you to withdraw $100 at first and $500 each time you use it.

The app also offers cash advance, balance shield, cashback rewards and savings. Earnin automatically deducts the exact amount from your paycheck once you receive it.

To use the Earnin App, you need a checking account at a bank that supports your location and is employed. This cash advance app does not charge any interest. However, you can add tips to the company. The app recommends 4%.

To earn cashback, the Earnin App can be used to shop. It is one of the most helpful money advance apps you could ever use. You can earn between 1% and 10% on all your purchases if you shop in the app and pay with Earnin.



The Brigit app is one of the most popular cash advance apps. Brigit allows you to get a cash advance of $250 directly into your bank account without any credit checks or fees.

You can file for an extension of your advance three times. This is possible without any penalties or fees.

Brigit automatically takes the money from your bank account when your paycheck arrives. You can choose to repay the loan earlier.

Brigit also notifies you when your account is low so that you can request an advance. This will prevent banks from charging overdraft fees.



Chime, like Varo, is an online mobile banking platform offering full-service mobile banking. It gives its users access to their paychecks up to two days before the due date without any additional fees. They now have the option to pay their paychecks in advance.

Your wages will be available immediately after your employer deposits them into a Chime account.

Additional benefits of being a Chime instant cash advance app user include:

  • You can immediately deposit your money in a savings account.
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • Banking Alerts will notify you about any transaction in your account.
  • In case of theft or loss, you can block your debit card.

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