7 Best Cash Advance Apps That Work With Chime in 2022

Cash advance applications allow you to draw cash (usually at affordable costs) for short-term expenses. If you’re already a Chime user looking for Cash Advance Apps That Work With Chime, This post will provide you with the entire list. Do popular apps such as Brigit, Cleo, Earnin, Klover, Dave, and so on. are compatible with Chime? Check out this article to get the complete information about all cash advance applications that use Chime (also known as payday loan apps)

Cash Advance applications can be helpful when you are in desperate need of money to cover expenses such as gasoline, rent or groceries, for example. They allow users to obtain funds before payday to pay for expenses that require cash outside of the regular payday cycle. However, some apps will even allow cash advances that are not linked to paydays. They offer an alternative that is less expensive than payday loans and overdrafts in which the interest rates are high.

The most well-known cash advance applications include Brigit, Cleo, Albert, Earnin, MoneyLion, Dave, Klover, etc. However, not all cash advance apps are supported by Chime.

Let’s look at the various cash advance apps and whether they’re compatible in conjunction with Chime.

You may also be aware that Chime offers its overdraft product, Chime Spot Me, which lets you spot your funds up to a specific limit if you’re an eligible user.

Based on current information, here is an overview of cash advance applications and whether they are compatible with Chime. This list could alter from time to time.

What is Chime and How Does it Work?

What is Chime, and How Does it Work

Chime is no longer a banking institution. Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank offers its banking services. These banks are FDIC members, which means that FDIC covers Chime accounts.

Chime provides a spending account that comes with Chime Visa Debit Card. Chime Visa debit card. The spending account is designed to allow direct deposit of paychecks. Chime also offers a savings account and a secured credit card that is designed to help build credit. You need to have an account with a Chime spending account to utilize these services.

A few benefits from Chime:

  • Pay early Direct deposits are available for up to 2 days before payday.
  • Low costs. There’s no monthly charge, minimum balance charge or overdraft charge.
  • Large ATM network. Chime has 60,000 ATMs nationwide.
  • Simple fee-free transactions. You can transfer funds to anyone with a bank account without charge.

There are some disadvantages: cash deposits can be difficult, and online transfers come with a limitation of $200 per day. You can only make mobile checks if you’ve registered for a direct paycheck deposit.

What is a Cash Advance App

What is a Cash Advance App

Cash advance apps, sometimes called cash apps, offer short-term loans if you are short of cash before your payday. You borrow money and pay it back automatically. The app will withdraw it once your paycheck is received.

Cash advance apps typically do not cost fees for interest. Some apps charge fees, while others offer voluntary tips. There may be a pre-determined tip which will be added unless you choose the smaller amount.

Here are Some Cash Advance Apps That Work With Chime

Dave is the most popular if you’re searching for cash advance applications that integrate with Chime.



Cleo can be described as an application that keeps track of your spending and functions as an app for budgeting and can help to save. Cleo will grant you a fee-free cash advance to assist you until payday. As with Dave, Cleo has access to your bank account, and you will receive the cashback on payday. Most Cleo functions are completely free; however, the cash advance function is included in Cleo+. Cleo+ package costs $5.99 per month.

To connect the Chime accounts to Cleo, you need to look up Chime by using the bar on the upper right of the application. You’ll need to enter your login information.



Dave gives interest-free cash advances of up to 100 dollars with a flat cost of one dollar per month. Payment is due on the next payday or the following Friday, contingent upon the sum. You will require a steady source of income; however, there is no credit check.

If you’re already a Dave member, look up the banks you want to use, select Chime, and enter your login credentials. If you already have a bank linked to your Dave application, click your profile, then select Linked Banks and Card, select Change and then enter the search for banks.



Albert additionally functions as a money management application that analyzes your earnings and spending habits while making budget and savings recommendations and transferring savings into a virtual wallet.

Albert is entirely free but provides a premium service, Albert Genius, at $4/month. Genius features include personal finance tips, expert advice from real experts, a 1% bonus on savings, and micro-investment accounts.

Albert will grant you access to $100 in advance and will take the money off the following payday. The advance is free when you use regular delivery, which could last up to three working weeks. For instant delivery, you’ll be charged $3.99 for Genius subscribers and $4.99 if you’re not.

You can earn Albert’s cash advances into the account of your Chime accounts. Go to the “Budget” tab, tap +, choose Chime, and connect your account.



Empower monitors your spending habits, assists you in budgeting, and automatically puts your savings in reserve. You also have the Empower card that you can use at various merchants and earn up to 10% cashback. There are no fees for overdrafts, insufficient funds charges or minimum amounts.

Empower costs $8 per month, but it also offers a no-cost cash advance of $250. To link Empower to your Chime account, you must look up Chime, select it, and enter your account information.



Varo is a full-fledged online financial system with features like Chime. You get an ATM card that gives you accessibility to the ATM network and a selection of other offerings, including high-yielding savings accounts, which pay as much as 3% in interest.

Varo can provide you with an advance of up to $100 when your account is current and thirty days in the past. You’ll also be required to have made a minimum of $1000 in direct deposit in the past 31 calendar days. You will be given between 15 and thirty days to repay the cashback.

Most account holders who get cash advances from Varo will withdraw the cash from the Varo account and then use the Varo debit card to take it out. If you would like to use Chime, you need to visit Accounts on your Varo app, select the Link Account option, search for Chime, and log in to Chime. Chime Account.



Similar to Varo, MoneyLion is a mobile banking platform. The package is a cash advance service it calls Instacash. Cash advance limits are based on the number of direct deposits you make. It can go up to 250 dollars. If you choose to sign up for additional MoneyLion products, you can borrow up to $1000.

MoneyLion is its credit card, and most customers will get their cash advances by using their MoneyLion account. If you utilize both services and would like to see your MoneyLion advance on the Chime account, click here. Chime account, click “Transfers”, connect to “Add Account”, Select Chime, and add your budget.

What is Chime SpotMe?

What is Chime SpotMe

If you’re considering cash advance applications that work with Chime, SpotMe Chime’s advanced application is the best option. SpotMe is an overdraft with no fees.

If you hold a Chime banking account and have received direct deposits of $500 in the past 31 days, you’re eligible to use spotMe. You will need to continue receiving at least $500 per 30 days to remain eligible.

After you sign up, you will receive the SpotMe limit beginning with 20 dollars. You may be qualified for a limit of up to $200, based on the history of your deposits.

SpotMe covers the entire or a portion of purchases made with debit cards up to the limit you have set. There’s no limit to the amount that you can make. Without additional charges, your overdraft will be deducted from the next direct deposit. You cannot make cash withdrawals or use SpotMe to fund a transfer.

Pros and Cons of Cash Advance Apps

Before looking for cash advance applications that integrate with Chime, it is vital to consider the benefits and drawbacks of cash advance applications.


  • You can get cash fast which means you could cut down on late charges.
  • You can steer clear of charges for overdrafts and cash advances.
  • The process of qualifying is simple. There’s no credit check; therefore, it doesn’t matter whether your credit score isn’t stellar.
  • There’s no charge for interest.


  • Many applications have the option of a monthly membership fee.
  • Certain apps charge transfer fees, while others require tips.
  • The amount that you can borrow is taken from your next pay, which may make you cash-strapped yet again. That can cause the cycle of borrowing each month.

Before signing to any cash advance service, regardless of whether or not it integrates with Chime, consider why you’re signing up for the thing. If you are looking to cover the possibility of a sudden gap, the monthly charges can be costly. If you’re experiencing financial difficulties regularly, You may want to review your spending habits and financials or think about the possibility of credit counselling.

A variety of cash advance apps can also assist you in planning your budget and savings. Use those functions frequently and save the advance function in an option to a backup plan. Cash advances are beneficial, but savings or emergency funds are more valuable!

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