Can You Put Packages In A USPS Dropbox

Can You Put Packages In A USPS Dropbox?


USPS has more shipping locations than any other shipping giant in the US, with approximately 143,000 USPS mailboxes and collection boxes available 24 hours a day.

Can You put packages In A USPS Dropbox? Are there any restrictions on what you can leave there? Here’s what I found out about the subject.

Can You Put Packages In A USPS Dropbox?

What Is The Best Way To Drop A Package In A USPS Mailbox By 2022

You can drop packages in a USPS mailbox if they meet specific criteria as of 2022. You can drop a box in a USPS mailbox if it fits in the mail chute and does not exceed 14 ounces. It must also contain the correct postage, return address, and shipping labels.

You can save time and energy by dropping off your package in a USPS collection container. Read on to learn all the details!

Where Can I Find A USPS Mailbox?

Where Can I Find A USPS Mailbox

USPS currently has around 143,000 active collection boxes in use across the country. It’s a high probability there’s one near to you!

This page provides information on locating a USPS collection box where you can drop your mail and packages.

Once you have reached the site, enter your zip code or the one in which you are looking for a collection container. Next, use the scroll-down menu option to select “Collection Boxes.”

Next, the website will populate all available collection boxes within your chosen distance.

The USPS places its collection boxes in areas with higher foot traffic and greater population density to make it easier for consumers.

How Do You Drop A Package Off At A USPS Mailbox?

How Do You Drop A Package Off At A USPS Mailbox
Can I Drop A Package In A Usps Mailbox

Dropping packages in a collection box is like dropping off packets at the post office. However, no one is available to help you.

It is vital to ensure that everything you ship is adequately packaged and secured and that it is less than 14 oz.

After you have completed both these steps, make sure to attach the correct label to the package.

These steps must be followed and executed correctly. The courier will return your package after the collection box has been empty.

What Can You Not Drop Off In A USPS Mailbox?

What Can You Not Drop Off In A USPS Mailbox

Although it is a great way to expand your options as a customer, you will have certain restrictions on the items that can be dropped off at USPS collection boxes.

International mail is one of the most common and notable limitations.

You can drop international mail at the USPS collection box, but you must ensure that all customs information has been submitted online before you drop off the package.

However, international mail subject to customs declarations and postage stamps can not be shipped from a USPS collection mailbox.

Another restriction on a shipment made from collection boxes is the weight of your parcel.

To illustrate, all packages shipped from a collection container must be 14 ounces or smaller. This means they must not weigh more than 1 pound.

There are exceptions, however, like returning items to companies such as Stitch Fix.

If your parcel is less than 1 lb, it’s best only to use a collection container.

It is also a good idea to verify the box’s sign. Some allow parcels, while others don’t.

Keep an eye out for signs in your local collection box.

You cannot also drop packages in USPS collection boxes that contain restricted, hazardous or perishable items.

How Often Do USPS Mailboxes Get Empty?

How Often Do USPS Mailboxes Get Empty

The courier assigned to the route will usually empty active USPS collection boxes every day.

To confirm that the box contents have been picked up, the USPS worker at the route scans the barcode in the collection box.

However, collection boxes may be emptied along a courier‘s route.

Even if your package is dropped off at the collection box by 5 pm, it is possible that the courier has already taken delivery and will not be returning until the next day.

If your package is urgent or relies heavily on tracking, you might not want to use a collection container to ship it.


You can drop off packages at most USPS mailboxes (also known as collection boxes).

You can only drop off specific packages in collection boxes.

Parcels must be 14 ounces in weight, with the correct return address, shipping labels, and postage. The appropriate customs information must also be submitted online if it is international mail.

You cannot send perishable, restricted, or hazardous items in the mail. Certain types of international mail require customs information.

It is also easy to locate a collection box, as the USPS website can help you find one in your area.

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