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Can You Get A Personalized Chime Card? Get Yours Now


Chime is a mobile banking app that gives traditional banks a run for the money. It offers innovative features and has no fees. Chime’s exclusive designs are what make it even more special. But can you get a personalized chime card. Chime offers premium cards such as the Chime Metal Card, which can only be used with Chime Credit Builder Card. Chime has released the limited-edition Chime Metal Black Debit Card. It is not currently available. This post will discuss the different Chime Card designs and how to obtain them. It also examines whether you can have a personal Chime Card.

Chime Card Designs

Chime Card Designs

Chime has chosen to use clean, standard designs for its cards. It chose a white color for its Chime Debit Card and a light green for its Chime Credit Builder Card. These are the standard designs you’ll receive when applying for a Chime Card.

Chime Debit Card – White Colored plastic card

Chime Credit Builder Card – Green Colored plastic card

Chime Metal Card Design

Chime also offers premium limited edition metal cards. The Black Metal Card design for Chime Debit Card was introduced in 2019 as a promotional campaign. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. The Metal Chime Credit Builder Card in Green is still available if you make a minimum of 60 purchases (see details below).

Chime Debit Card – Black Colored Metal Card

Chime Debit Card - Black Colored Metal Card

The Black Chime Metal Debit Card, a limited edition, was launched in March 2019. It has never been repeated. The promotion included the Chime Metal Black Debit Card. This was only available to Chime Members who had referred at least five people to register for a Chime Account.

Below is a tweet by Chime about the Chime Metal Black Debit Card for 2019. The black card was simple but elegant. As part of the campaign, it was limited to 5000 members.

We hope Chime will bring back this black card design as many people still want it. It is safe to say that the eligibility criteria for this promotion will be much more difficult if it is ever repeated. Chime has grown significantly since 2019.

If you’re looking for a metal credit card, the Chime Credit Builder Card is still available (in Green Color). To get this card, you will need to make a lot of transactions.

Chime Credit Builder Card – Green Colored Metal Card

Chime Credit Builder Card - Green Colored Metal Card

Currently, the only available Metal Card is the Green Colored Chime Credit Builder Card. Sign up for the Chime Credit Builder Credit Card to get this card. This is a Secured Credit Card. You will initially receive a plastic Credit Card. After that, 40 transactions must be completed within 60 days. The premium metal card will replace your plastic card.

Can You Get A Personalized Chime Card

Can You Get A Personalized Chime Card

You will need to sign up for Credit Builder to receive a Metal Card. After it arrives, activate it and make 40 purchases within the next 60 days for eligibility. Once you have started it, Chime will mail you the new metal card.

You can also purchase the 40 purchases to include daily transactions. Once you sign up, Chime will provide you with the tracker and ideas. It can be used on food delivery apps such as UberEats and DoorDash. You can use it on monthly subscriptions such as Netflix or Amazon, and you will be on your way to a shiny new metal credit card.

What is the best way to get a personalized Chime Card?

What is the best way to get a personalized Chime Card

Chime currently does not offer personalized cards. The Chime Metal Card is the only card that you can purchase. It is a standard-design metal card with a premium feel and looks.

Although Chime doesn’t offer personalized designs for its cards, users are encouraged to express their creativity and personalize the Chime Debit Card. It ran #MyChimeCard, where users could personalize their Chime Card to win the prize for the best card design. The winner would be chosen based on creativity, originality, and quality. The white background of the Chime Card is a great canvas for creativity.

These are some Chime Facebook posts that featured the winner’s entries. It’s a delight to see all the beautiful designs. A chime should offer such designs. However, each person has their taste, and Chime seems to be focusing on the idea that users will best make their decisions.

Chime Cards are simple and elegant, whether standard plastic cards or metal Credit Card. There are no personalized cards, but you have the option to personalize your Chime Card with your imagination.

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