Can PS5 Play With PS4

Can PS5 Play With PS4?


Do you often play games with your pals playing on Playstation 4 but are thinking about purchasing the Playstation 5. If you’re fortunate enough to get the console, you might be wondering whether you’ll be able to play games with your friends who still play on older consoles, So you are wondering Can PS5 Play With PS4?

Cross-play is becoming increasingly well-known, but not all games have it at present, so asking if it is possible to play with players on a console of an older generation is a great question.

Let’s dive in and discover.

Can PS5 Play With PS4?

Can PS5 players play cross-play together with PS4 players? PS5 players can play with PS4 players but only in games with activated features. For instance, Destiny 2, Warzone and Borderlands 3 all have this feature, allowing players the possibility of playing with PS4 players. Sony calls this cross-gen play.

Check out the specifications of each game to figure out whether cross-gen is available, or you can give your friend an invitation and check if they can join in with you. Certain games may even have cross-platform play, allowing players to play on a different console like Xbox Series X. It is important to verify each game on an individual basis.

What Does Cross Gen Mean On Playstation Games?

What Does Cross Gen Mean On Playstation Games

What exactly is cross-gen concerning Playstation Games? Cross gen signifies that you’ll be able to play alongside players who have a different console version than the one you. For example, a PS4 user can also play using a PS5 player on the internet. For example, in Fifa 22, you cannot play with players from different console brands, but the PS5 gamer can be played alongside the PS4 player if cross-gen is enabled.

Can PS4 Players Party Chat With PS5 Players?

Can PS4 Players Party Chat With PS5 Players

Are PS4 players and chat PS5 players? Yes, gamers on both consoles can participate in a chat party and chat with each other.

Can PS5 Play PS4 Games?

Can PS5 Play PS4 Games

A majority of PS4 games are compatible with PS5. Sony declares that more than 4000+ PS4 games are playable. You can determine the games that aren’t compatible on Sony’s site.

Upgrade PS4 Games To PS5 Version

Upgrade PS4 Games To PS5 Version

In general, you’ll find that the next-generation edition of Fifa 22 will cost more than buying it for the previous generation. You can, for instance, purchase Fifa 22 on the PS4 edition of Fifa 22 slightly cheaper than the PS5 version. You can play the game on the PS5, but it won’t feature the PS5 top-quality game’s graphics or features.

If you are running the previous generation version, you can select the option on the game hub for you to update your game. You’ll be required to make the payment for any difference between the last released version and the next generation copy.

Which PS5 Games Have Cross Gen Available?

If cross-gen isn’t supported, it will be impossible for you to join with a person who has the older version of Playstation.

What Have PS5 Games Cross-Play Confirmed?

In live streams, destiny 2’s creators, Bungie, confirmed that their gamers could update from PS4 to PS5 without cost. They also announced plans to allow cross-play between the two consoles.

Fortnite Epic’s cult Battle Royale is slowly becoming the Skyrim of the current generation due to the variety of platforms it’s available on. Epic has already revealed plans to bring the game onto Xbox Series X and PS5 in time for the launch.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will also allow Cross-play between PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Xbox Series X players, and Call of Duty: Warzone, which is the Battle Royale title that could be given its PS5 version soon.

Apart from these games, there are many more titles that can also be cross-played to various degrees, like MLB The Show 21, Rogue Company, Watch Dogs Legion, Marvel’s Avengers, Mortal Kombat 11, PUBG, Wreckfest, Dead by Daylight, DIRT 5, Apex Legends, Among Us, No Man’s Sky, Outriders, and Rocket League.

Wrapping Up

If you’re aware that you’ll be able to enjoy most games with your friends, hopefully, you can locate an appropriate console. The PS5 is a fantastic next-generation gaming console. It can load games 3 times faster than the rest of your friends.

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