blue flag manga ending explained

Blue Flag Manga Ending Explained It’s a Shocking, But Beautiful Ending


What do you know about blue flag manga? Well, it is a great manga that shows the concept of self-discovery along with some gist of romance. Although the genre of this is explained as romance, it is a bit different from that. You will get to see the real issues in this manga that are related to identity. 

Here is the Blue Flag Manga Ending Explained.

Well talking about the blue flag manga it is a rom-com that is totally onto some different path and it talks about growing up is one of the hardest things for a kid and understanding oneself is the most difficult task. What to do, what to love, where one is after so many years are kind of haunting questions that one faces. This is somewhat similar to this. 

We will see here how different adulthood is from the teenage as the blue flag manga ending is all about this. This manga was written and illustrated by mangaka Kaito and it belongs to romance, drama, and the future. It has a total of eight volumes and it was published by Shueisha from 2017 to 2020.  This is also serialized into magazines.

Although this is also translated into many other languages for international readers, it includes English, Portuguese, German, French, and many more. This is set in a typical Japanese school and you will come across many other characters that will represent the sections of common society. So look here at what will happen at the end.

Blue Flag Manga Ending Explained

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If you are stuck somewhere and are trying to figure out several things then worry not. We have explained the ending so beautifully that you will understand it so easily. So when Taichi Ichinose entered in the last semester of high school he was placed apart from his friends in other sections and he stayed away from his group of friends. 

He was in the section of the most famous boys of the class and there is also his childhood friend named Touma Mita and when they were kids they used to be good friends but they were parted when they grew up. 

Taichi encounters Futaba Kuze who was so clumsy in the library. Taichi later finds out that she has a crush on Touma. He then decides to stay away from the situation but later he tells Futaba that she has no chance with Touma. 

She shows her strong face and this then leads to change the mind of Taichi and it further helps her to date Touma. 

Then the story starts between these three characters and they are the main part of blue flag manga. We can guess from this that the story will lead to a messy ending love story like a love triangle with Futaba at the vortex. 

But you will get to see that the story falls on the right track and it follows the generic track. It has a total of 54 episodes and till the 53rd episode the characters are there in the high school and there you will see a lot of events taking place. Futaba and Taichi started dating and later Touma comes out to be gay or somewhat closer to gay.

Later Touma confesses his feelings for Taichi and then he also gets injured in the event when he was trying to save the cat. 

But you will see a happy ending in the blue flag later. You will see that Futaba and Taichi have promised each other that they will stay together but after two years they both broke up and then they try to remain friends. 

Taichi was not in contact with everyone except Touma but then Taichi becomes good friends with everyone in the manga. 

blue flag manga ending explained

The adults got married at the end and the last chapter is all about Touma. Futaba is also getting married in the end and in the wedding, she meets Masumi. Masumi is married to a man named Mitsuyaki and he has a similar personality to Futaba. 

From this, it got clear that Masumi is bisexual and the couples own up to their sexuality proudly. Later Touma also texts someone that Touma along with the receiver whom he is texting will arrive at the same time and then later Touma meets up with Taichi. 

Taichi revealed that Fatuba was getting married on the same day when Omega was getting married and Taichi came there after attending the wedding of Omega. 

When the two were walking they then came across through a walking station and there they saw a poster that will ignite the old memories of there and then they decide to go home and there were wedding rings on the fingers of both while they were walking hand in hand and it confirmed that Taichi and Touma got married.

So from this, we can see that the ending of the blue flag is so peaceful and it ends with serenity. Every character in the manga has a happy ending although all went through some kind of pain in the beginning. Readers will get a surprise when they will get to know that the two main characters in the manga got married.  

The storyline is not much similar as shown to this if we pay attention to this as we can see that Taichi was not romantically involved with Touma and Fatuba was the one who was sharing a bond at a great level. 

They both were connected to each other and they paid a lot of attention to each other as well. Touma also got to know the childhood scenarios of Taichi and also observed how good Touma was at everything.

We all know that Teenage is all about solving puzzles and for Taichi the solving puzzle was about his sexuality and after completing high school he got to know that he is attracted to both sexes and he also accepted Touma’s affection. 

The happiness that you will see on both the faces at the ending is the best part of this manga. 

You can see that it is not all about romance but also it is about self-discovery and finding your true self. You will find your entire happiness after you discover yourself. You will get to see that all the characters in the series got justice and not just Taichi and Touma. Masumi will find a good husband who takes pride in her and also loves her wholeheartedly. 

Fatuba was also married to a man of a similar personality. All the characters have different inspirations. 

They all have a great love for their loved ones. Fatuba realizes the best part of her character is that she is confident and independent. She left the nervous version of herself behind and had a great version with her husband.

Characters like Yon, Omega, Yorkie, and everyone fall into a good place and you will see that Mon baked a cake at Omega’s wedding and all the different characters came across their strong personalities and they will discover what is best for them. All the characters in the Blue flag will achieve a stable life. 

So this was all about the blue flag manga ending explained. This has a peaceful and happy ending and you can see this at various bookstores and purchase it. You can also see the translated versions of this book. Currently, this is available at Manga Plus App and Viz Media and there is no official announcement yet that this manga will convert into anime

Have a happy time reading this manga.

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