Best Workout Apps For Men

18 Best Workout Apps For Men


It was once the type of person who was constantly on his smartphone at the gym and was either not doing the workout or not telling his followers how hard he exercised. Nowadays, it’s a mobile PT that offers training programs, from proven ones and nutrition tips for living interactive workouts.

But for each fitness app that can make you look more attractive in your naked clothes, hundreds of others are useless or are incredibly risky (there’s yet no app that can tell you that you’ve loaded a barbell with a back-knackering load). Instead of participating in potlucks in the app store, follow our advice on the top apps to meet your fitness objective. So here is the list of best Workout Apps For Men

As you prepare for your exercise, what are your most essential items? The first item you reach for is likely not your equipment but your phone when you’re ready. In 2021 the line between the digital world and real-world experiences will almost disappear.

The methods we use to approach training have changed in the context of evolving technology. Most recently, with the effects of the coronavirus outbreak that has closed gyms worldwide, the use of the option of a digital trainer is becoming more and more common.

If you’re doing an exercise program following the instructions of a trainer on the screen or recording your form to be reviewed or sent to an instructor via remote later, or simply recording your progress with a simple application, smartphones are nearly the same as dumbbells when it comes down to fitness equipment. If you’re able to put in time on the exercise floor, you’ll not be the only one constantly checking the device.

Many people do not want to use it old-fashioned and utilize their mobiles for essential functions like timers or streaming music; there’s a variety of fitness-related features that are available on the app market that you can choose from.

These apps help you make more of your time in the gym by providing libraries of helpful information, interactive features, and much more. Specific applications are entirely free, while others will cost money, but all have the same primary objective: to help you enjoy working to be the fittest, most fit version of yourself.

The apps for smartphones all have a specific purpose. Some function as a virtual trainer that guides you through new complex exercises. Others assist you in tracking your diet and activity, providing you with a fresh perspective on your nutrition. Certain apps help you relax. The apps are completely free to download (although they require in-app purchases or subscriptions to access all features). It’s well worth it to give them a chance.

There are numerous workout and fitness tracker applications available that work on Android and iOS, and it isn’t easy to sort through the clutter and discover one or two gems. Therefore, we’ve done all the hard work for you and tested many different apps. We came across 18 apps worth checking out if you need an extra push to keep your focus.

We have broken it down into seven categories so that you can search according to your requirements to find the most effective fitness apps for you.

  • Complete training apps that help you with workouts and exercises
  • Quick-hit applications that focus on short workouts to maximize the impact
  • Cardio outdoors applications are designed intended for the adventurous guy.
  • Tracking your nutrition using HTML0 apps that keep your diet on track as simple as is possible
  • All-around tracking of workouts as well as meal plan apps, designed for those who need one app to accomplish the work of three or two;
  • “get off the couch” application designed for the true novices who are out there;
  • Recovery applications are designed to aid the body and your mind to remain in good shape.

Some notes on our methodological approach:

While most of the apps that we selected were at or close to the top of the market in the future, We downloaded all the apps that we evaluated to see how they function and ensure that their use frequently is possible for regular users.

We have excluded apps specifically designed for use in conjunction with fitness trackers. Many of these apps are excellent, but they can’t aid unless you’ve got their gadgets.

Best Workout Apps For Men

1. Aaptiv (Best For Comprehensive Training)

Aaptiv (best for comprehensive training)

Aaptiv can be described as an in-ear, personal coach that’ll make your workouts go up a notch, regardless of which direction you prefer to take them. It offers more than 2500 audio courses and 15 trainers who create new ones every week.

A minimum of 30 classes are added to Aaptiv each week, and you can use the app for as long as you want as part of your subscription, meaning you won’t be performing the same exercise routines repeatedly. The app’s audio-driven directions make it easy to follow. If you prefer lifting, running, cycling or racing, Aaptiv has classes that will aid you in reaching your goals. ($14.99/month, $99.99/full-year:

2. Playbook (Best For Comprehensive Tracking)

In the present day, it’s not a secret that we rely on social media and our favourite trainers to get inspiration for our fitness and workout advice. Playbook, which was previously fitness, is a new service that takes this idea and makes it more personal, “pairing you” with a trainer or social media influencer or athlete you prefer.

When you select your partner, you’ll receive daily updates about the routines of your trainer and advice on health, including their top 10 workouts of the day. You’ll be able to talk directly to your preferred trainer and others from their training community and switch trainers as frequently as you’d like. ($9.99/mo: iOS)

3. All / Out Studio

All / Out Studio

Android, iOS

We’re not going to brag we have a great app, but our own All / Out Studio app is one of the most popular streaming fitness apps.

Please select from our entire collection of workouts guided by some of the top coaches around the globe, such as Kettlebell, Superhero Shred, and our fitness director’s New Rules of Muscle. Along with various other offerings from the sister brands Women’s Health, Runner’s World and many other brands.

4. Sworkit (Best For Comprehensive Tracking)

Sworkit (best for comprehensive tracking)

Sworkit is an excellent application for those who do not want to endure crowds of gyms or a huge cost of training but are determined to become fitter, leaner or stronger — or all three. When you’ve chosen your goal and tell the app your current fitness level is, you’ll be given an entire six-week program that includes weekly plans for your workouts.

You can decide how long you’d like to commit to this, and the app adapts the program to fit your needs. Once you’ve mastered its art, you can do your workouts based on your most-loved movements. Suppose you sign up for a Premium subscription ($29.99 each quarter and $59.99 annually).

In that case, you have access to real-time trainers for guidance, exclusive workouts and exercises, and customized HIIT and Tabata exercises. (Free: iOS / Android)

5. JEFIT (Best For Comprehensive Tracking)

JEFIT (best for comprehensive tracking)

If fitness is your preferred activity, JEFIT will be your favourite app to workout out regardless of your fitness level. You can record your reps as well as weights. With more than 1300 workouts in the app’s database, you’ll discover what you’re looking for. Although the app doesn’t set out your activities, you can pick from various workouts created by users to spice up your regular workout routine. (Free: iOS / Android)

6. Keelo (Best For Workouts With A Quick Hit)

Keelo (best for workouts with a quick hit)

It’s hard to beat HIIT-based training for those who want to complete a fast and efficient exercise. Keelo utilizes the full potential of the training approach that offers quick-paced workouts lasting between 7 to 20 minutes. These workouts will deliver positive results quickly when completed 3 times per week.

It provides exercises based on body weight and activities using apparatus, meaning that whether working out or at home, there’s no excuse not to burn off some calories. (Free: iOS / Android)

7. Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness+

Apple’s streaming fitness app made a huge announcement when it came out at the close of 2020.

Our analysis discovered that the app could give to all fitness enthusiasts with classes that stream in a variety of disciplines, including yoga, resistance training to cycling, as so long as you’ve got access to an Apple Watch, of course. Apple Watch owners have access to Fitness+ built into the new Fitness app. The membership cost starts at $9.99/month and $79.99/year.

8. Seven


2013 saw research published by the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal posited that high-intensity circuit training is essential to better health. It improved fitness, reduced fat, and increased the strength of muscles, as well as your VO2Max (maximal intake of oxygen).

Furthermore, it can be done by doing a seven-minute workout every day. That’s why the team from Malmo at Perigree developed Seven A.M., an app filled with activities lasting just seven minutes that areas you’re probably aware, designed to be done all week long. They’re all based on body weight, and the app’s premium version provides an individual trainer who provides instruction on the 200+ available exercises.

Android/iOS, no seven-day cost trial and then PS2.50/month

9. Lose It! Calorie Counter (Best For Nutrition Monitoring)

 Lose It! Calorie Counter (best for nutrition monitoring)

The Lose It! application is simple and ideal for those who are just beginning with food tracking. It’s got an enormous food database, and it breaks down meals into meals, breakfast, lunch and snacks. It’s probably not an ideal choice for those serious about their diet, but it’s certainly a good starting point.

It allows you to log food items manually using barcodes, scan them, or even take a picture using the application’s “Snap It” feature. If you sign up for a premium subscription ($29.99/year), it is possible to gain access to more nutritional information and trends that can be found in your food habits. (Free: iOS / Android)

10. MyPlate From Livestrong (Best For Tracking Nutrition)

MyPlate from Livestrong (best for tracking nutrition)

MyPlate is another easy tracker for beginners. One of its most significant features is its free, comprehensive eight-week meal plans designed to meet your needs and eating habits. When you start with a meal plan, select a date for your start (which is always Monday) and then begin to receive emails every day that include weekly lists of grocery items, which means you don’t need to be concerned about having the right ingredients.

There are also easy workouts within the app if you’re running short of time but need to move. If you sign up for the premium membership ($44.99/year), you can access more advanced statistics like daily averages, exclusive workouts for members and a healthy-eating guide. (Free: iOS / Android)

11. Lifesum (Best For Tracking Nutrition)

Lifesum (best for tracking nutrition)

Lifesum lets you evaluate your overall health and nutrition easy, providing clear lifestyle guidelines and suggestions for making adjustments in line with your routine. After installing the app, you’ll be able to take a test — including questions on your preferences for food and weight loss goals, roadblocks to diets and general preferences to figure out which diet plans suit your goals, schedule and lifestyle the best.

The app will begin to provide suggestions to assist you in making healthier choices and changes to your diet. It can also serve as a lifestyle coach, reminding you to eat well and drink fluids often all day long. The premium version ($44.99/year) will give you an even more thorough analysis of your nutrition and allow you to sync to other apps for fitness. (Free: iOS / Android)

12. Trifecta (Best For All-Around Tracking)

Trifecta (best for all-around tracking)

Trifecta is a highly comprehensive app that focuses on functional fitness, whether you’re at the gym or looking to complete an exercise at home or while on the go. It’s different from other fitness apps due to its ability to cater to the routines and diet of CrossFitters.

The free version comes with daily workouts, a tracker of your nutrition, and valuable tools such as the kilos-to-pounds conversion and CrossFit box searcher. In the Premium version ($49.99/year), you’ll get an extensive workout log and a movement log and comprehensive diet tracking, so there’s no reason for your macros not to be up to date. (Free: iOS / Android)

13. MyFitnessPal (Best For Tracking Everything)

MyFitnessPal (best for tracking everything)

MyFitnessPal may be old, but it’s an excellent one, offering an enormous database of food items and a few excellent choices. Many diet trackers restrict users to only a few food entries; however, if you’re the type of person who is obsessed with meal preparation, it can be a hassle to add different elements to your meal repeatedly.

MyFitnessPal appears to consider this and allows you to make meals that can be added later on in one go instead of adding individual ingredients. You’ll get great nutritional information if you sign up for a premium membership ($49.99/year). It’s a basic exercise log; however, it also integrates with a wide range of fitness-tracking applications and gadgets to make the process easier. (Free: iOS / Android)

14. 8fit (Best For All-Round Tracking)

8fit (best for all-round tracking)

For overall fitness management and tracking, 8fit is the best choice. It makes custom exercise and meal plans based on your objectives, recent stats, and, more importantly, your preferences. The app provides more the details of your choices, including your goals, the amount of workouts you’d like to perform each week, how many meals you’d like to take in daily, how much variety you’ll need in your diet, and the way you prefer to cook your meals.

When you’re planning your meals, you’ll be able to select the days you’d like to purchase groceries beforehand. The app then creates a shopping list based on the dishes you’ll cook for the day. (Bye-bye, no thanks, you’ve missed ingredients.) When it comes to tracking your workouts, there are many options available so you can keep track of your progress accurately.

The range of possibilities includes anything from martial arts to running and even sexual activities. Many routines are pre-programmed if you’re looking for something that’s more your style. The Pro version ($59.99/year) comes with additional custom workouts and more customized plans. (Free: iOS / Android)

15. Fitness Buddy (Best For Tracking Everything)

Fitness Buddy (best for tracking everything)

Fitness Buddy is an excellent alternative for tracking your general fitness. It makes tracking your food and workout routines effortless thanks to the options it offers the user when setting it up. You input your body’s stats and then pick from beginner, intermediate and advanced programs depending on the goal you’re looking to achieve: gain muscle, lose weight, or become healthier overall.

When choosing a workout, it is a matter of choosing a home, gym or top-rated routines, and even the ways for home provide you with the strength and cardio and stretching. You can also track each exercise that comes with easy instructions and images. If you want a more profound plan and menu plans that have recipes that range in style from Paleo or intermittent fasting, subscribe to Premium ($29.99/year). (Free: iOS / Android)

16. Couch To 5K Training For Running (Best Way To Get Away From The Sofa)

Couch to 5K Training for running (best way to get away from the sofa)

The title says it all. It is a program designed for beginners and created to make your goal of running 5Ks feasible and easy. It requires that you put in 30 to 40 minutes three times a week.

In nine weeks, you’ll be ready for 5K. Select among the four coaches that virtualize your experience, receive audio messages throughout your exercises, and keep track of your highest-performing performance. When you’re done with the program, you’ll be able to go even further by downloading the 5K to 10K application. ($2.99: iOS / Android)

17. Calm (Best For Recovering)

Calm (best for recovering)

There is no need to be a muscular recovery, and the Calm application is ideal for keeping your mind as fit just as you are. It includes guided meditations, breathing exercises with soothing music, and even bedtime stories for adults. This is the perfect recipe to get a perfect night’s sleep. If your first time meditating or think you’re a pro, there are programs to suit all levels. (Free: iOS / Android)

18. Sleep Time (Best To Recover)

Sleep Time (best to recover)

Sleep is an essential part of recovering from exercise and building muscle and gains, but we don’t need to remind you. If you’re using an exercise tracker, it will probably record sleep for you. However, If not, it’s worth it to purchase an app that can do the task. Sleep Time is an excellent alternative.

It uses an exact algorithm that gives you a better understanding of the quality of your sleep. It keeps track of your movements while you sleep, and the alarm function learns to wake you up at the right time and not during a long sleep so you’ll be refreshed and ready for the day. (Free: iOS / Android)

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