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Best Tv Shows like Heartland in 2022


Do you love the show Heartland? Do you miss it like crazy? We do, too! In fact, we’re so bummed that this amazing series is no longer airing on TV that we’ve compiled a list of shows just like Heartland to keep us going until season 15 airs. The best part? They’re all available to stream on Netflix as well!

What is Heartland?

If you don’t know, it’s a Canadian show about an amazing family that lives and loves on their ranch in the Alberta foothills. The youngest daughter Amy (played by Amber Marshall) competes in horse shows, while her older sister Lou (played by Michelle Morgan) does everything she can to keep the ranch afloat.

Their parents, Jack (Tim Matheson) and Sarah (Kimberly Davies) aren’t perfect but they love each other deeply and are always there for their daughters when needed–not that they’d ever ask them to give up their dreams. And then there are all of the animals who live at High River Ranch with Amy & Lou–Juneau the white stallion, Cheyenne the mare, Thunder the gelding, Cassidy the pony, Bobby the horse who travels everywhere with Amy, and many more.

Here is The List of Some of The Best Shows Like Heartland

Free Rein

Free Rein is a young adult British drama web television series produced by Amazon Studios in collaboration with ITV and Silvergate Media. The story is set on Willow and Mistletoe Island, the fictional setting of the American children’s drama show Heartland.

The show follows Zoe (portrayed by Jaylen Barron), an American teenage girl who shows up at her mother’s hometown accompanied by her horse Raven after learning that she has inherited a stable from her grandmother. Upon arriving, she discovers that both horses and riders are banned from using motorized vehicles, which forces everyone to travel around the island either on foot or by horse.

This leaves Zoe stuck in the middle of nowhere when one of her new friends crashes during a race and ends up injuring herself. Since no one can use a jeep, Zoe must lead her to the hospital on foot.

The show is available in streaming media through Amazon Video and has been renewed for a second season which will be released in 2019. The show’s first season received positive reviews from critics who praised its concept as well as Barron’s performance.

A Million Little Things

A Million Little Things is a new drama series shown on CTV. It centers around the lives of best friends who are dealing with various issues in their lives, but find that they have each other for support just as much as the family members that may be present in their lives.

Each character deals with suicidal thoughts and depression, which is understandable seeing as though there are 10 million Canadians living with mental illness at any given time (NAMI). Suicide claims more than 4,000 Canadian lives each year (CBC News), which shows how serious an issue mental illness can be. This drama show reminds us that it’s not always the people closest to you who want to help or care about your well-being; sometimes you need your friends instead.

The characters try different activities to help cope with their struggles, from keeping a journal to reaching out to the right people who can provide support. An example of this was Eddie (portrayed by David Giuntoli) talking about his suicidal thoughts with Rome. In future shows, it’s likely that we’ll see an increase in awareness on mental illness and how different forms of coping can be beneficial or detrimental for some people depending on their situation.

A Million Little Things is a great show for showing off what good friends can do for each other as well as communicating their own personal issues so they may be addressed if need be.

McLeod’s Daughters

McLeod’s Daughters is an Australian television drama series that follows the story of eight young women who run away from their previous lives and create their own business, a cattle ranch in the Australian bush called Drovers Run.

The series shows many of the problems encountered when starting up a new business away from the city, and some of the experiences and adventures that come with it: droving cattle, riding motorbikes on rough terrain, white-water rafting expeditions, dealing with snakes and crocodiles while swimming in rivers during hot weather.

Older children will love this series; for older teens or adults there are also interesting themes such as identity crisis or sisterhood. There is something for everyone. Although perhaps more suited to girls than boys (as the characters are mostly female), teenagers in general will love this series.


Yellowstone is a contemporary western-drama television series set in Yellowstone National Park and follows the events surrounding John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner. It’s a family drama with action and intrigue that explores the struggles of land management while focusing on one of America’s most treasured national parks.

Heartland shows some similarities to the show such as the location which is set in Canada instead of America, similar elements such as family dramas, actions, and horses. Fans appreciated this new TV shows like Heartland, hoping for more shows like this one!


Duncan and her family moves to the small town of Yellowstone Falls after her father’s death. She quickly makes friends and soon has a boyfriend named Logan, but she has difficulties with his sister, Ashlee. At school, Duncan becomes friends with an Indian girl named Darya who shows her how to ride horses without a saddle or bridle.

Later, when her relationship with Logan comes under pressure from Ashlee’s requests for them to get back together again, Duncan takes out her anger by illegally riding one of the wild mustangs in Yellowstone Forest — something that is strictly forbidden by law and punishable if discovered. The show aired for four seasons on ABC Family and was nominated for multiple Teen Choice Awards throughout its run before concluding in 2008.


If you love heartwarming, family-oriented TV shows like Heartland and Home Fires on PBS, then this blog post is for you. We’ve compiled the best TV series that are similar to these popular dramas that will make your viewing experience even better! So if you’re looking for a new show or need some help filling in time while waiting for the next season of your favorite drama (or just want something fresh), give one of these exciting programs a try!

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