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11 The Best Trippy Movies on Netflix


Are you searching for trippy movies on Netflix? Well, I guess yes everyone loves to watch trippy movies. They are so interesting that people will delve into them and then they can’t resist watching that. You will be amazed to watch this crazy, trippy and hallucinatory that will expand in your mind.

They are so unique to watch and this will take you on another level. You will experience an ecstatic journey in these movies. These movies are so strange and at the same time weird that will be set in a surrealistic world. This will distort our own reality. Although they are so clean, powerful, and pure in their depths. 

Talking about these trippy movies will trick your brains out and you will never forget these. So you should definitely experience them once in your life and learn the lesson that they are telling you.

So without taking any further let us start with the list of trippy movies on Netflix. We have mentioned the best trippy movies that you should definitely watch and not miss any of them. These are amazing to watch and prepare a list for yourself that you want to watch first.

Here Are The 11 Trippy Movies on Netflix You Can Watch Right Now

Bird Box

Trippy Movies on Netflix - Bird Box

This is a horror-thriller movie that revolves around a mysterious entity. In this, there is decimated human civilization that is taking the form of their worst fears. So the people who have survived the most in the movie will get blindfolded at all times and then they have to search for their safe sanctuary. 

There is the ever-present danger that will chase them and you need to know is there survival possible? This movie is based on the novel by Josh Malerman and this movie is the most interesting that you should definitely watch.



In this movie, there is a young adult named Tom Harvey and he struggles to pursue his crush named Lucy but later he was encouraged by his friend. They both decide to study together and at that time Tom is excited to know about the surprises that the future holds for him. 

But things changed drastically when he visits Lucy’s home and there he finds that Lucy is sexually assaulted and her brother was unconscious. Tom gets shot in the head when he was trying to inform this incident to the law enforcement agencies. 

Later he woke up in the hospital and later he realized that he has gained the power to visualize digital signals and he can also hear phone transmissions. Then he decides to hunt each of the assailants that is down after one another.


Circle movie 2015 poster

The circle is an amazing movie and in this movie, there is a group of people in a dark room and when one person woke up he sees that people are dying every minute and then eventually the whole group calls the shots and then have to decide for themselves who will stay and who will die. This is the scariest movie to watch but at the same time interesting too. This movie brings the human psyche to the forefront and that too in a very raw and impactful manner that made it worth watching. While watching you will realize that you are a part of that group.

The Midnight Sky

The Midnight Sky

This movie was directed by George Clooney and it is a science fiction movie that is based on a novel by Lily Brooks-Dalton. Talking about the storyline of the movie it revolves around Augustine Lofthouse and who was a great academic who has faced the global catastrophe and now he was facing its aftermath. 

Later he learns that there is a group of the clueless crew who is returning to the planet and then the scientist takes the responsibility and makes them stop to return to their homes as they are no longer safe for them. 


Oxygen movie 2021

Oxygen is a science fiction drama movie that came in the year 2021 and it starred Melanie Laurent, Mathieu Amalric, and Malik Zidi. this movie was directed by Alexandre Aja and it revolves around Liz Hansen. 

She is a clueless woman who wakes up at an air-sealed cryogenic unit whose oxygen level is depleting rapidly. There are no memories of her arrival and hanse struggles to make sense of her present situation. 

She tries to figure out along with the pod’s state-of-the-art A. I to get away from her claustrophobic nightmare as the oxygen unit will soon be used up. Will she be able to do it on time?



This movie focuses more on the escapades of Leo and he is a mute bartender who is there looking for his girlfriend who has disappeared. He searches for her deeper and deeper into the underbelly of the dystopian berlin in the future. 

The noir undertones of the movie make this outstanding among all and also the cinematography of the movie is just amazing. Talking about the plot of the movie it is amazing as it revolves around the themes of parenthood, isolation, loneliness, and love. 

The amazing cast of the movie includes Robert Sheehan, Justin Theroux, Paul Rudd, Noel Clarke, Alexander Skarsgard, Florence Kasumba, and Dominic Monaghan. You will be amazed to watch this movie as this has its sequel too.


Mirage movie poster

The universes are pretty dangerous to travel and if you are able to make your way where you don’t belong then you will get stuck in limbo and there will be no way to get out of that. This is the theme of the movie Mirage and it was directed by Oriol Paulo. 

There is one young boy named Nico and then he witnesses a murder in their neighbour’s house and he gets to see what’s happening there. Then the perpetrator notices his presence and then he runs outside. He then gets hit by a car and then he dies. This was the time when an electrical storm was raging for straight 72 hours straight.

The platform

The platform poster

In this movie, Goreng is a man that was stuck in the vertical prison structure and that was basically the pit. Then there is ample food is placed on the platform where the residents are fed and then they gradually descend to everyone. Then people who are at the higher floors feast and then they reach the lower levels. Those residents are surviving on scraps. This is a must-watch on this list.


Cargo movie poster

The amazing performance of Simone Landers, Anthony Hayes, and Martin Freeman makes this more amazing. This movie is a post-apocalyptic horror drama movie. This movie is a heartwarming story of fatherhood and survival. There comes a pandemic that pushes humanity into survival mode and then there is one unfortunate father who gets infected by the looks fro the refuge for his young child. He then becomes aware of the changing nature that he has and he puts the life of his kid in danger. See how he comes out of this situation.

The Cloverfield Paradox

The Cloverfield Paradox

There is a third instalment in the Cloverfield franchise that takes the energy crisis on earth in 2028. There is a group of scientists that will be above the Cloverfield space station and they will be preparing to test a particle accelerator and this will power the planet with infinite energy. 

They will work together in order to escape the situation and then the earth vanishes. This is a movie parallel universe and multiverse and this also correlates with the story of the predecessors in the franchise. This is one of the weakest movies in the trilogy and it is worth your time to watch this movie.

I Am Mother

I am Mother

This movie came in the year 2019. This movie is based on the relationship between mother and daughter. This is a completely different movie. There is a girl named Clara Rugaard and she was her daughter and she lives with a robot. 

This will aid the repopulation of Earth after an extinction event. Her daughter gets curious one day and then she leaves the bunker and she comes across a woman named Hilary Swank. She was not fond of android. This movie will hold your attention and you should watch this amazing movie.

This was all about the trippy movies on Netflix. We mentioned the best trippy movies that are there on Netflix. You should definitely watch these and not miss any that we have mentioned. Still, if you know any other trippy movie that is best according to you then you can mention those in our comment section.

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