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The 11 Best Surfing Movies on Netflix in 2022


There are a few movies on Netflix that stand out as the Best Surfing Movies. We have spent hours of our lives (and surf sessions) bringing you these 11 Best surfing movies on Netflix. From “Cowabunga, dudes!” to “I’ll be back,” here is your list of Best surfing Movies on Netflix.

Point Break (1991) 

Surfing movies on Netflix - Point Break (1991) 

Point Break is one of the original surf movies and follows a young FBI agent who infiltrates an international gang that specializes in high-risk robberies. When he becomes their latest target, his skills are put to the test as he pursues them from Los Angeles to Nome, Alaska. Featuring outstanding surfing footage and thrilling on-location sequences, Point Break also stars Patrick Swayze as Bodhi – ex-surfer turned bank robber mastermind with “the perfect bod.”

North Shore (1987)

North shore movie poster

North Shore (1987) is a classic surf movie about the trials and tribulations of a group of young Aussie surfers in Hawaii. The North Shore surfing legend, Mark Foo’ played by actor James Cromwell takes on the role as mentor to some troubled newbies who are looking for more than just wave riding.

When they head to Hawaii with dreams of making it big, they soon find there’s much more at stake this time around when one surfer falls into addiction and another disappears altogether without warning.

While not necessarily an action-packed film that will keep you entertained from beginning to end, North Shore still has enough going for it in terms of thrills and drama that might make it worth your while if you’re a diehard fan of the sport.

Blue Crush (2002) 

Blue Crush (2002) 

Blue Crush is a 2002 film about the trials and tribulations of young women surfers in Hawaii. The movie stars Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, Sanoe Lake, Scott Caan and Matthew Davis. Best known for its all-star cast and gorgeous scenery (who doesn’t love beach days?)This flick will have you ready to break out your newest bikini as soon as it reaches Netflix streaming.

Surfwise (2007)

Surfwise (2007)

Surfwise is a 2007 documentary film directed by Doug Pray, detailing the story of famed surfers Peter and Bobby Keaulana from Honolulu in Hawaii.

In the late 1950s, as surfing started to gain traction in California, the sport began moving out of reach for many Hawaiian surfers. This led to some families turning to their uncles/grandfathers for help with their boards; this was how great surfer Robert “Bobby” Keaulana found his calling.

In those days there were no surf schools or surfing magazines offering advice on technique. Both brothers (Peter and Bobby), as well as other respected members of the community, were regarded as experts who could tune your board; fix your broken arm or even cause you to catch a wave. Bobby was even called upon to talk somebody off the edge of a cliff who had been contemplating suicide.

Dogtown and Z-Boys

Dogtown and Z-Boys movie poster

is a documentary film on the history of surfing in Southern California. The movie is directed by skateboarding legend, Stacy Peralta and features interviews with many surfers and shredders who helped shape modern-day surfing. The documentary, which is filmed in black and white, features many well-known surfers including Mike Hynson, Jay Adams, Stacy Peralta, Peter Townend and more. This movie definitely qualifies as one of the Best Surfing Movies on Netflix.

Beyond The Break

Beyond The Break movie poster

Beyond the Break has been out for a while now. But that doesn’t make it any less worthy of being named Best surf movies on Netflix. The reality TV show is about the Portland, Oregon, surfing community and was produced by MTV. It was created after A&E cut funding for an earlier project about young surfers in California They found some very talented surfers in Portland, who had to travel to Hawaii & Costa Rica to get any decent waves. Scenes from this movie are shot at places like Rocky Point Park and Cannon Beach among others.

Resurface (2017) 

Resurface (2017)  movie poster

Resurface is one of the Best Surfing movies on Netflix, featuring an inspiring surf story. This movie was recorded throughout 2015, documenting four men’s surf experiences at Teahupoo in Tahiti. 

Prior to this movie being created, Resurface was previously released as a series of clips that were for promotional purposes only. The full movie version includes extra footage and more intense waves with higher stakes.

The movie is an exciting watch especially if you are interested or involved with big wave waves like Justin Holland who has been surfing those types of waves since he was young. If you do not like huge waves, however, you will probably dislike this film because it shows everything from the lowest lows to the highest highs within the competitive world of big wave surfing.

Overall, if you are a fan of this type of Best Surfing movie on Netflix, then Resurface is definitely worth a watch!

Fish People (2017)

Fish People (2017) movie poster

This movie is based on a true story and it revolves around a man who survived in shark-infested waters for eighteen hours with only a surfboard and his knowledge of how to survive. The lead actor was brilliant in this film. The cinematography was excellent and so was the storyline. My favourite part of the movie is N’AMANI’s determination to live even if he had to swim one more wave.

When you are watching this movie try not to be too emotional as it will make you feel like crying due to N’AMANI’s ordeal. However, by the time you will reach the end of this film I can guarantee that you won’t hold back your emotions but let them flow freely indoors because I am 99% sure that you will shed a tear or two.

Best time to watch this movie: This is one of the Best movies for surfers on Netflix and if you are a big fan of surf-related films then try watching it when the waves come crashing down on your favourite beach (as long as they don’t smash your surfboard).

Restless Creature – Wendy Whelan (2016)

Restless Creature - Wendy Whelan (2016) movie poster

This movie is about an artistic ballerina whose world was shattered when she lost her career due to a serious injury. Despite losing her dream, the lead role had determination which made me respect her more in this film.

The cinematography was breathtaking and so was the way that each scene played out throughout the film. One thing that surprised me about this Best Surfing movie on Netflix was just how much I laughed at some scenes, and the Best Surfing movies on Netflix always does that to me.

It’s one of those films where it makes you happy and sad at the same time because there are moments when Best Surfing movies on Netflix really illustrates what it means to be human. One huge thing these Best Surfing movies on Netflix did for me was give me a new appreciation for ballet; previously I had no idea what these people go through in order to make their art come alive.

Restless Creature features many prominent characters such as Roberta Guaspari, Natalie Portman. Best movies on Netflix is an excellent drama film that is sure to entertain Best Surfing movies on Netflix lovers everywhere.

Magnetic (2018)

Magnetic (2018) movie poster

If you love adventure movies, and you love surfing then this is the movie for you. Magnetic documents a surf trip from Kauai to Baja California in 2014 by an all-star crew of surfers including Shane Dorian, Kalani Robb, big wave surfer Greg Long and many more. The movie captures some amazing visuals and includes first hand accounts of the treacherous journey that these guys took on during Hurricane Marie.

While most would think about the water as being calm throughout the film it is actually quite turbulent with multiple surf battles against massive waves and powerful storms. The documentary also covers a wide range of moods as they cover topics such as fear, friendship, isolation and much more. The best part is the soundtrack featuring artists like Johnny Cash, The Black Keys and more.

This surf film follows a high school surfing team as they journey to competition in California otherwise known as the Mecca of surfing. Despite only having 2 surfers on their varsity team they have an amazing chance at taking home first place – if only the rest of the team can come through.  However, the real journey is about more than just surfing as it covers the hardships and obstacles these guys have to overcome to make it to where they want.

Rip Tide (2017)

Rip Tide (2017) movie

Available on Netflix US, Canada

Rip Tide is a short film from 2017 that’s been getting some buzz as the Best Streaming surfing movie on Netflix.

If you’re new to surf flicks, Rip Tide might be the film for you with its simple and easy storyline involving Owen Wright (Shane Dorian) teaching a young girl how to surf. The movie has an overarching theme of “grit” which showcases one man’s ability to overcome their fears of big waves and fear itself.

The lineup featured in the film is perhaps too good to be true however, it can be enjoyed all the same with its beautiful cinematography. It also provides an insight into what it takes to become a pro surfer – dedication and sheer hard work.

The film is filled with a few surprises that will leave you on the edge of your seat till the very end. Best surfing movies on Netflix are usually reserved for surf flicks that are longer than an hour plus, but RipTide proves to be the exception. The Best Streaming Surfing films on Netflix clock in at slightly under 15 minutes long and are worth every minute of it!

Conclusion Paragraph

The 11 Best Surfing Movies on Netflix. If you’re looking for a way to get pumped up and want some inspiration, these surfing movies may just do the trick. Check them out when they are available on your favourite streaming service and start planning your next surf trip!

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