Best SUP Electric Pumps

Best SUP Electric Pumps


Although most paddle boards come with a manual pump, the best SUP electric pumps are a game-changer in terms of overall convenience. You might find the idea of inflating your SUP automatically in 10 minutes more appealing than the 5-10 minute pre-paddle workout required for manual inflation.

It is no secret that inflatable SUPs offer the most convenience and portability. However, this portability comes with a price: you must deal with inflation. We love inflatable SUP electric pumps. They are one of the best investments any owner could make.

Although an electric pump is not a necessary accessory, you will never be without one once you have it. You can push a button and go. Then, you return to your board fully inflated. They are extremely safe and can be shut off automatically, saving you a lot of energy.

This buyer’s guide will list the top electric paddleboard pumps for 2022. It will also give you an in-depth breakdown of each model’s pros and cons, the timed inflation performance to 15 psi or 20 psi, accessories, warranty coverage, and more.

How Do You Choose A Better SUP Pump?

How To Choose A Better SUP Pump

Hand pumps are a great feature on most inflatable standup paddleboards. It is easy to use a hand pump, and your board will be fully inflated in no time.

A manual pump is a great option for someone who occasionally paddles for fun. It can be exhausting for a SUPer to spend their time inflating their boards when they want to get out on the water and SUP.

What should you do?

If your paddleboard’s pump doesn’t work, There are two options.

1. A better manual pump is possible. Take a look at this iRocker full throttle. The latest dual-chamber triple action hand pump features an integrated pressure gauge. It is 50% more user-friendly than the average dual-action manual pump and inflates up to 100% faster.

2. You could also buy a SUP electric motor pump.

Electric pumps are a time- and energy-saving tool that makes your job easier. This review will discuss the best-rated and most loved SUP electric pumps.

The Best SUP Electric Pumps

OutdoorMaster Shark II – Best Electric Paddle Board Pump

OutdoorMaster Shark II – Best Electric Paddle Board Pump

OutdoorMaster Shark II is my favorite choice for electric air pumps. Its compact design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.

Let’s have a closer look at the features.


Outdoor Master pumps have been successfully used with the following brands: Advanced Elements (Atoll), Blackfin Bluefin Dynamo, Fanatic Gili, Hero Hydro-Force iRocker Nautical Nixy, Peak Redpaddle, ROC, and Thurso.

It comes with a complete set of nozzles and three 0-rings for adjusting the depth of the Halkey Roberts valve and is compatible with all major brands of inflatable paddle boards.

You can use the Shark II with your kayaks, boats, and air mattresses.


The OutdoorMaster electric pump inflated my demo board in less than 8 minutes. It can also be deflated in less than a minute.

The inflatable paddle board pump can inflate up 20 PSI.


The paddle board pump features a digital display and an auto-off function. You only need to set the psi, and the electric pump will do the rest.

Power Details

The OutdoorMaster Shark II plugs into your vehicle’s 12V DC socket.

iRocker SUP Electric Pump – The Best Portable Pump for SUP

iRocker SUP Electric Pump - The Best Portable Pump for SUP

The iRocker SUP pump has a cord storage compartment built into its body. The pump is compact and can be easily stored in your paddleboard bag. If you enjoy traveling with your SUP board, you should check it out.


The iRocker pump works with all paddle boards, including the iRocker, Nautical, and Blackfin.

Two 0-rings are included with the pump to adjust the valve’s depth. This will ensure a perfect fit for inflatable boards from all major companies.


This inflatable SUP electric pump can inflate or deflate your paddleboard.

This is the third fastest SUP pump on the list and does the job in 8 minutes.

The electric pump is extremely quiet during the first stage of inflating the board. It’s louder than most electric pumps during the second stage.


The iRocker portable paddleboard pump is like all other top-of-the-line electric paddleboard pumps. It has an automatic shut-off function. Once the desired psi is reached, it will stop automatically.

Power Details

The iRocker electric SUP pumps connect through a car cigarette lighter or alligator clips to a 12V lithium battery.

Sevylor SUP and Water Sport Pump – Best Budget Electric Pump

Sevylor SUP and Water Sport Pump - Best Budget Electric Pump

The Sevylor 12V Psi Pump can inflate your board, airbeds, boats, and other inflatables. The pump works regardless of whether you’ve ever used an electric SUP pump.


The Sevylor 12V15 psi SUP pump adapters are compatible with most valves, just like the rest of the electric pumps we have reviewed.


It can inflate up to 15 Psi, making it ideal for SUPs. The pump inflates at high pressure until the iSUP becomes as rigid as possible. The Sevylor inflated my demo board in just 7 minutes. It is the fastest electric pump we tested.


The digital display allows you to select the Psi limit. Once you have chosen the limit, turn it on. It will shut off automatically when the board is inflated.

Power Details

It can be connected to a 12V cigarette lighter plug.

Seamax SUP20D Electric SUP Pump, Double Stage

Seamax SUP20D Electric SUP Pump, Double Stage

The Seamax SUP20D has many remarkable features. It is slower than the Seamax SUP20D but is strong and durable thanks to its marine-grade engineered ABS structure.


Seamax is compatible with inflatables that have the Bravo, Halkey Roberts HR, Naru, or similar air valves. For an airtight connection, make sure to get the largest O ring.


The pump can inflate to 20 PSI in just two stages. It works at speeds of 350 l/min in the first stage and 70 l/minute during the second stage. Seamax inflated my 11-foot demo SUP board in just 9 minutes.


The Seamax Double Stage can be set up to automate. The backlit LED display allows you to set the desired pressure. When the pressure is reached, it stops pumping.

Thermoelectric sensor

The main reason for SUP pumps breaking is overheating. Seamax SUP20D’s internal temperature sensor prevents your pump from overheating. It turns off the pump when it gets too hot.

Power Details

Seamax SUP pumps can be connected to a 12V car battery or cigarette lighter. The connector for a cigarette lighter has a 12A fuse.

Nixy Ventus

Nixy Ventus

Nixy Sports makes amazing paddleboards. Nixy Sports is also well-known for its high-quality inflatable paddleboard electric pumps. The Nixy Ventus is the right choice if you are looking for an electric pump that can inflate multiple boards.


Ventus high-pressure pump is available with seven valve adapters. It can be used with any inflatable board or other inflatable products.


This pump inflated my demo board in just 10 minutes. The maximum pressure it can inflate is 20 psi.

An active cooling system prevents the electric pump from overheating and has a deflating function.


The Nixy pump features a digital LCD as well as an adjustable auto-shutoff.

Power Details

The Ventus electronic pump can be connected via a cigarette lighter or alligator clips.

Seamax SUP20S Intelligent SUP Pump

Seamax SUP20S Intelligent SUP Pump

Seamax SUP20S Intelligent Pump is a digital pump that makes inflating your iSUP easy. This pump is lightweight and durable. The manufacturers used high-quality marine-grade materials to ensure they could withstand continuous use.


Seamax Intelligent electric pumps are compatible with Bravo, Halkey-Roberts (HR), and similar air valves. It is compatible with nearly all iSUPs on the market.


The pump can inflate to 20 PSI in just 15 minutes. The pump inflates your inflatable using a single high-pressure stage. This allows you to reach the maximum air pressure. The Seamax inflated my 11-foot demo board in just 13 minutes.


An LCD is available on the pump. You can adjust the pressure and continue to run your business. When the pressure is reached, the pump will stop working.

Power Details

The pump can be connected directly to a car battery or cigarette lighter that is 12V.

Thurso Surf SUP Electric Pump

Thurso Surf SUP Electric Pump

Another great electric pump by a well-known paddleboard company. Thurso Surf’s electric air pump will save you time and effort when manually pumping your standup paddle board.


Thurso SUP pumps will work with all Thurso inflatable boards and any iSUP fitted with the Halkey Roberts valve.


Although this electric pump wasn’t included in our testing, the manufacturer claims it can fill up a board in approximately 10 minutes. The Thurso pump can inflate up to 15 PSI and has a deflate feature.


Once the set psi is reached, the electric air pump will stop.

Power Details

Thurso Surf’s standup paddle board air pump can be connected using a cigarette lighter or alligator clips.

How to Buy an Inflatable Paddle Board pump

How to Buy an Inflatable Paddle Board pump
  • SUP Compatibility

An electric pump must be compatible with your SUP‘s valve to work with it.

Manufacturers often indicate which SUP brands or types the pump is compatible with.

You may need multiple nozzle attachments if you have inflatable products.

  • Speed and Inflation Stages

There are two options: a pump with a dual-stage or single-stage design.

Two inflation stages are available in a dual-stage electric pump. The first stage is fast, and the second is slow. The second, slower, and final stage lowers the chance of your paddle board becoming too inflated.

An air pump for SUP in only one stage inflates a SUP.

Dual-stage pumps may be safer.

Another important aspect is speed. There are also slow electric paddleboard pumps. Although you won’t feel tired pumping your SUP, it may take more time than if you used a hand pump.

Most electric SUP pumps can fill up your standup paddle board within 10 minutes or less.

  • Deflation

A SUP paddle board can be deflated easily, but an electric pump will make it easier. You might also consider buying an air pump that has a reduced function.

  • Price

You don’t have to buy the best SUP pump, as most will do the job.

You can still get a nice model if you don’t have enough money.

Manufacturers may offer discounts if you purchase the pump with your paddle board. It’s a great deal; I know iRocker does it.

  • Power

You may have seen from the reviews that most pumps rely on your car’s battery to power them. This is no problem if you drive to the SUP location with your vehicle.

A SUP pump that has a rechargeable battery might be a better choice.

You can also buy an electric pump battery separately. You can also buy a battery separately for the Nixy Ventus and iRocker electric paddleboard pumps.

  • Other Features

The length of the inflator hose will vary from pump to pump. It is usually marked along with other specifications. Even when using the car’s cigarette lighter, the hose should reach your SUP easily.

Some paddleboard pumps come with a carry bag, while others do not. If you find this important, you might want to think about it.

Important Tips for Electric SUP Pumps

Important Tips for Electric SUP Pumps
  • Don’t overinflate your standup paddle board.

Each paddleboard has a maximum psi. A SUP will become more rigid the more it is inflated. Your board may be damaged if you exceed the limit.

Do not inflate beyond the maximum psi limit.

  • Use a Tarp or Landing Mat

Avoid putting your electric pump on concrete, sand, or rough surfaces. Dirt could get into the motor and cause it to jam. You could also scratch the pump.

  • First, lift the Air Valve.

The air valve is in the closed position when it is raised and the open part when it is lower. This is true for most SUPs.

It is important to keep the hose up so that your paddleboard does not lose air after inflation.

Be careful when inflating multiple boards.

A cooling system is available on some electric SUP pumps so that you can inflate multiple boards at once. OutdoorMaster is an example of such a pump.

Let other models cool down before moving on to the next board is best. Take a break if your pump feels too hot.

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