Stephen King movies and tv shows on netflix

10 Best Stephen King Movies and Shows on Netflix You Can Watch Tonight


A Stephen King movie is a great way to spend an evening. Stephen King movies are well known for their intense plots, supernatural themes, and suspenseful endings.

Stephen King has written many best-selling novels over the years that have been turned into hit films and tv shows.

Netflix offers a wide range of Stephen King movies and tv shows that can be watched at any time. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best Stephen King movies on Netflix so you can find something new to watch tonight!

Here is the list of Best Stephen King Movies and tv shows on Netflix

To The Lake

Best Stephen King Movies and Shows on Netflix - To The Lake

The Stephen King TV show on Netflix, “To the Lake”, is a unique take on Stephen King’s book of the same name. It follows an old woman in search of her lost love who she met at a summer camp when they were teenagers.

The only problem? She doesn’t know his real name or anything about him since he was just one of many counsellors that she spent time with during their week-long stay years ago.

But what starts as a journey to find closure turns into something else entirely – and it might make you wonder whether we’re all looking for someone out there that will never be found no matter how hard we try…because maybe they are actually searching right back at us, too.” To The Lake” is perfect Stephen King material – a story of lost love and the supernatural.


Mindhunter movie poster

Mindhunter Season One was Stephen King’s favorite show last year, and I understand why. It is so incredibly well-written that it feels like a Stephen King novel comes to life on screen.

The story follows two FBI agents who start up an elite serial killer profiling unit in the late 1970s; their job is to interview imprisoned serial killers for insights into ongoing cases as they try to catch them before more people die.

Since we are only given glimpses of what drives these men (and women) to commit such heinous crimes against society, each step taken towards understanding these murderers’ point of view becomes tense and gripping because you’re never sure if you’ll see an innocent man go free or let a murderer slip through your grasp.

Stephen King is best known for his horror novels, which I am less familiar with. However, Stephen King’s novel “It” was adapted into 1990 miniseries that has been called one of the scariest films ever made (it scares me just thinking about it), and Stephen King’s book “The Shawshank Redemption” is often rated as one of the best movies on Netflix.

Dark Tower

Dark Tower movie poster

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series is brought to life in a way that will have you on the edge of your seat.

This epic adventure, set mostly in an Old West-like dimension called Mid-World, features Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), last gunslinger and son of Eld Roland (Dennis Haysbert) as he pursues ‘the man in black’ also known as Walter Paddick or simply the Ageless Stranger (Matthew McConaughey).

Along with his protégée, Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor), they’re drawn into a quest for the mysterious Dark Tower while facing off against dangerous foes along the way. Stephen King himself has said this movie should be seen by anyone who loves great storytelling.


Fauda movie poster

Fauda is a gritty and intense thriller that tells the story of two Israeli undercover agents who infiltrate the Palestinian side to bring down their leader.

Fauda (Arabic for “chaos”) may seem about as far from Stephen King as one could get, but it does have some parallels in its pure intensity and willingness to break with convention. And if nothing else, you’ll be blown away by how good lead actor Lior Ashkenazi looks when he’s speaking Arabic with a Palestinian accent.

Hotel Beau Séjour

Hotel Beau Séjour movie poster

A Stephen King movie on Netflix that everyone loves is “Hotel Beau Séjour.” This Stephen King thriller is a story of what happens when the last generation in an old New England family dies, and relatives from Germany arrive to collect their inheritance. What secrets will they find?

When you watch this Stephen King horror film you’ll be hooked with suspense and mystery which leaves it up for debate who actually committed the crime.

The ending may be surprising as well if not shocking! Watch Hotel Beau Sejour right now on Netflix today so your experience can live through another Stephen King’s spectacular work of art like ‘Stand by Me’ or his other popular movies such as Carrie (1976).

Money Heist

Money Heist web series poster

is a Spanish show that is also available in English, and it has been dubbed as the most ambitious crime series ever. Stephen King’s It adaptation on Netflix is garnering rave reviews from fans of all ages for its respectful take on the beloved horror novel–not to mention how terrifying Pennywise will make you feel!

La Mante

La Mante poster

In March 2018, Netflix released a new French-language crime drama with an international cast and crew. La Mante (“The Taker”) is about the life of Sandra Winckler, who has been leading a normal but not perfect existence since she left her job as a police psychologist following the death of her daughter in 2002.

But when she becomes obsessed with catching one elusive serial killer stalking France’s suburbs at night, everything changes for both herself and those around her – especially Anne Trintignant.

This Stephen King movie is available to stream on Netflix right now! You can find it under “La Mante” or by typing in Stephen King movies on Netflix into any search engine.

Pine Gap

Pine Gap movie on netflix

If Stephen King is one of your favourite authors, then this list will make you happy. Pine Gap is a movie that was released on Netflix in 2019 and it follows an American spy who goes to Australia at the request of his boss for “a top-secret project.”

However, when he arrives, he learns that there are other spies in town as well as UFO hunters, undercover agents from China’s Ministry of State Security and even people looking for Bigfoot.

The plot thickens when we find out more about what they’re up against: A possible terrorist attack by North Korea or Russia using nuclear weapons to target US allies Israel and Japan. We can’t wait to see where all these different characters go!

Black Summer

Black Summer movie on netflix

Netflix has a Stephen King show called Black Summer. The plot of the story is that it takes place 20 years after a zombie outbreak and tells how people are dealing with having to live in quarantine zones and protect themselves from zombies while hoping for some sort of cure.

Meaning, there’s no escape unless you want to risk being bitten by one or get caught out in the open during daylight hours.

It stars Jaime Ray Newman as Rose Armitage who leads her crew on an epic road trip from Georgia to Western Canada so they can find refuge at Terminus, where she hopes other survivors have found safety… but what they will soon discover could be something even worse than death itself!


Dracula movie available on netflix

The Stephen King movie Dracula is a great horror film about the classic novel of Bram Stoker. The story follows Quincey Morris, who was one of Jonathan Harker’s best friends.

After finding out that Mina has been held hostage by Count Dracula in his castle in Transylvania for days, he hopes to go rescue her with Dr John Seward and Arthur Holmwood (who also love Mina). In order to save them all they cannot be scared but instead, have to fight this evil man

Dracula won’t let any woman live unless she becomes a vampire herself or dies from being bitten too many times. His desire for power over everything leads him into madness when trying to obtain more blood so he can rule the world.


In the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re a King fan or not. If you want to watch some of your favorite horror movies and shows today, Netflix has got them all! Get ready for hours of binge-watching with this list of Stephen King’s best-of on Netflix right now.

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