best Best Slavery Movies on Netflix

Best Slavery Movies on Netflix Based on American History


Netflix is a great streaming service and there are many slavery movies on Netflix that we wanted to share with you. In this article, we will talk about the Best slavery movies on Netflix based on American history. We feature historical documentaries surrounding the trials of Black and African-American people during slavery in the 17th and 18th centuries. These films can be used for entertainment or educational purposes.



This 2016 American biographical war drama film is set in 1863. It tells the story of Newton Knight, a Confederate Army deserter who led an uprising against the Confederacy in Jones County, Mississippi during the American Civil War.

This movie is about slavery that happened in the past. It takes place in the American South were slaves were not free. There are some people, like Newt Knight, who try to help slaves get away from their owners. They do this by hiding them and telling them how to escape through lines that keep slavery legal. The main character of the movie is Newt Knight. He helps slaves escape slavery by hiding them and finding ways to get away from their owners.

This movie does not have many bad words in it, so anyone who wants to watch a slavery movie can watch this one because of the lack of vulgarity. The film also has very little violence, but there are some violent scenes.

 Django Unchained

 Django Unchained movie poster

This 2012 American western film is about slavery. It tells the story of Django, a freed slave who helps to free his wife from slavery in exchange for help with bounty hunting criminals. Despite being set in the Antebellum South when slavery was legal, this movie has many scenes where slaves are brutally beaten and killed by their owners. The main character of this movie is Django Freeman(Jamie Foxx), an African-American male who escapes slavery and tries to find his wife so they can be together again. He meets Dr King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) on his way and decides he wants to work as a Bounty Hunter so that he can get money for buying back his wife’s freedom.


Slavery Movies on Netflix -  13TH

This 2016 documentary is about slavery and discrimination in the United States. This film analyzes how slavery continued long after it was abolished. The 13th Amendment, which ended slavery, appears to only apply to physical slavery but many people believe that there are some loopholes that allow slavery or involuntary servitude to continue illegally throughout America today.

The main topics of this movie are racism and violence against black people. Some of the violence is shown through news clips so if you do not want to see any violent scenes then please avoid watching these types of films especially when they have real footage from events like police shootings or hangings during slavery time periods in history where slaves were treated terribly by their owners even though laws said otherwise

There are also a lot of swear words in this movie so it is not recommended for children. This slavery film also talks about some sexual content and adult material that would be inappropriate for younger audiences to watch without their parents or guardians.


best Slavery Movies on Netflix -  ALWAYS A WITCH

This movie is about slavery that happened in the past. It takes place in 1640, Rhode Island where slavery was illegal at the time of its release. A young woman named Patience Worth has been accused of being a witch and she’s on trial for it.

She has many reasons why she should not be killed as a slave because she is different from other slaves who are African-Americans or Black people. She can hear spirits calling out to her even though there are no physical beings around her so the townspeople think that this makes them believe that she’s possessed by evil spirits or something similar to that idea which leads to their decision to kill her after an investigation into witchcraft comes up with nothing tangible against any one person but points towards Patience.

Patience is a slave who lives in slavery because she was born into it and has to work for other people’s benefit while getting almost nothing in return. She tries to escape slavery but fails, so she gets put on trial with the accusation of being a witch or something similar that makes her seem like an evil person even though she’s really not.

This slavery movie is very interesting because it shows the life of a slave and how they were treated in slavery times. The film has some violent scenes but there aren’t many bad words or vulgarity so it’s okay for anyone to watch this slavery movie with little exposure to violence and language that might be too harsh for young children.


 HIGH ON THE HOG movie poster

This documentary takes place in the 1970s and 1980s. It follows a Black motorcycle club called The Chosen Few MC and their struggles with racism, discrimination, and police brutality.

High on the Hog is about slavery that happened in America during recent times (20th century). This movie talks about slavery as something that still exists today instead of slavery from hundreds of years ago like many other slavery movies. There are some scenes where people get shot or beaten up but they aren’t very graphic so it’s okay for kids to watch this one too.

The main character of High on the Hog is Zilla Rocca who leads his group through difficult situations related to bad relations between white bikers and black bikers at gunpoint, racist cops trying to beat up black people, and slavery issues of the time.

This movie is great for anyone who wants to learn about slavery that still happens today in America. A lot of slavery movies on Netflix are from hundreds or thousands of years ago, but this one shows slavery happening “right now” which makes it a good film to watch if you want to understand slavery better.

 LA Esclava Blanca

 LA Esclava Blanca movie

This movie is about slavery in Latin America. It takes place during the 17th century. The main character is Catalina, a young slave who was raised by her owner to be sold as an aristocratic lady at 16 years old. Unfortunately for Catalina, once she arrived at her destination city of Lima she fell into slavery again after being kidnapped and forced into prostitution. She finally meets up with another slave named Rosa who helps set her free from slavery even though they are both still considered slaves due to their skin color.

Catalina falls deeply in love but has no idea what it means because slavery has taken away everything that’s important to her including emotions like love or loss for something or someone else other than herself—even family members can become slavery.

Catalina and Rosa come up with a plan to escape slavery but Catalina’s love is the one who betrays her to slavery, forcing Catalina into prostitution again. At this point she becomes so desperate that she commits suicide by throwing herself off of a cliff after being raped yet another time for nothing more than pleasure and entertainment from others just because slavery has taken away everything else including humanity—but even in death slavery still takes control over what happens next causing Catalina soul to be reincarnated as an owl.

This movie does have some vulgar language in it throughout the film which might not make it good for children under 15 years old or people who are very sensitive about watching violent scenes during movies on Netflix.

 Harriet Tubman Movie

 Harriet Tubman Movie

This movie tells the story of Harriet Tubman, who was born into slavery and escaped to Philadelphia in 1849. The film shows her life as a slave and how she got away from slavery where slaves could go free if they found the way out of their houses or plantations that kept slavery legal. She told them what roads to take so they did not get lost while escaping slavery.

The main character is named Araminta Ross, but everyone calls her “Minty”. When Minty escapes slavery with two others and heads north for freedom after slavery ended in 1863. They must avoid many dangers like White men trying to catch them because it would be bad if they caught them since people can get killed when trying to escape slavery which happened during slavery.

This movie does not have many bad words in it, so anyone who wants to watch slavery movies can watch this one because of the lack of vulgarity. The film also has very little violence and only a few violent scenes including when White men try to catch runaway slaves which happens during slavery or slavery movies on Netflix. It is based on a true story about Harriet Tubman’s life as a slave before she escaped slavery.

Heroes are people that fight for good reasons even if something might happen to them like getting punished or killed by their enemies who do not want what they’re doing to succeed instead of backing down from trying something important because someone tries stopping them from going through with what they were already determined to do since they did not want slavery to end.


This list of the best movies about slavery on Netflix will help you find a film that’s appropriate for your age and interests. There are many great films available to watch, but we’ve narrowed it down to 7 based on their popularity and historical accuracy.

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