Movies Like Texas Chainsaw Massacre

8 Best Similar Movies Like Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 2022


Are you a fan f gritty horror? If yes then you must have watched this as this movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre is often regarded as the seminal film in the slasher game but at the same time, it is the only movie for fiendish fans of the horror genre. So if you are looking for more movies like this there here we are with movies like texas chainsaw massacre.

It is considered the most important movie in this kind of genre so you should not miss watching this. Director Tobe Hooper with the introduction of this movie changed the trajectory of slasher horror forever. This is a renowned entry into the Hixplotatioj subgenre and there are groups of unexpected tourists who are attacked by chainsaw-wielding cannibalistic maniac Leatherface. 


While talking about this movie it was inspired by eight feature-length sequels, remakes, and spinoffs. The entry of David blue Garcia in this Texas Chainsaw Massacre as the original antagonizes a group of young misfits after they move to a Texas ghost town. You will experience hixploitation and slasher at the same time.

If you want to dive into more than like then have a look at movies like texas chainsaw massacre. We have mentioned the movies that will give you the same experience so you need to watch them definitely. Choose the best one for you.

Here are Eight Movies That are Similar To Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The House That Jack Built

This movie came in the year 2018 and you can watch this on Hulu and AMC+. This movie explains the line between artistry and atrocity in horror filmmaking. In this movie, Jack tries to show his work as high art by contextualizing his killings. This will grant him entrance to heaven and he is the only one who has that view in his mind. 

It makes a completely different watch when we talk about the arthouse style and convoluted storytelling of the texas chainsaw massacre. A heavy emphasis on acting and theme takes place in order to evoke the same sense of morbid reality for which the texas chainsaw is famous.



This movie came in the year 2016 and you can watch this on DirecTV. There is one character named Kevin Wendell Crumb and he has dissociative identity disorder and he seeks psychiatric help for this. 

During the nighttime, the situation is completely different and he kidnaps women and prepares them to feed to the Beast and he has many alternate personas.

Talking about the similarities between the two there are some similarities between the characters that are Kevin Wendell Crumb and one Leatherface. Both these movies show the hint of unnatural abilities that will stem from acts of cannibalism as well. So you need to watch this for sure.



This movie came out in the year 2004 and you can watch this on Starz. In this two men work together in order to uncover the reason for their torment as soon as they wake up but they will eventually end in bloodshed. 

This is somewhat similar to that of Hostel and the Human Centipede and there are the same squeamish that will endure it and it has similarly notorious contemporaries. 

Talking about the similarities of the movie both have the same unwitting characters that will experience the atrocities and they are relatively tamed and both these movies are known for their depravity. Though the narratives of both these movies are completely different. 

Black Christmas

Black Christmas

This movie came out in the year 1974 and you can watch it on Peacock, The Criterion Channel, Kanopy, Tubi, the Roku Chanel, Hoopla, Vudu, and AMC+. as the texas chainsaw massacre celebrates the premiere proto-slasher film but this is more relevant for that title as in this one mysterious killer sneaks into a sorority house and he starts to kill the occupants methodically. 

He makes cryptic calls for this purpose and then he hints at his motives.

Talking about the similarities both these movies shows the same brutal realism. There could be one thing that could be mistaken is the fact of presentation and the premise for the macabre headlines. Though you need to watch this.

Friday The 13th

Movies Like Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Friday The 13th

This movie came out in the year 1980 and you can watch this on Hulu and Paramount+. This movie is completely inspired by Halloween and it has a huge part of the slasher craze of the 1980s. 

Though this movie is the first instalment in the list of the horror series of all time. There is a cursed summer camp that is yet to reopen after decades of abandonment. But after the new camp counsellor has arrived then they will stalk the vengeful murderer. 

Talking about the similarities between the two then this shows teenage promiscuity, many kinds of brutal killings, and also the final girl that is surviving to tell the tale. So this is the first to get established after the texas chainsaw massacre.

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

This movie came out in the year 1965 and it is not currently available for streaming. This movie is all about three dancers who went on an adventure on a whirlwind across California and then they will encounter a family rumoured that will be sitting on a sizeable fortune. 

This will follow a tale of debauchery, massacre, and betrayal. The group vies for the hidden treasure. 

Though it is not a complete horror movie but it has some kind of the same production as the texas chainsaw massacre. This movie is heavy on sex and it lights more on gore. The tumultuous friendships that are shown in the movie and the fiendish families are not at all dissimilar to that of the texas chainsaw massacre.


Psycho movie poster

This movie came out in the year 1960 and you can rent this on apple tv. This movie was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and it tells the tale of Norman Bates and he is a strange man who is therefore compelled to kill the behest of the wrathful mother. 

Though the obsession that he has will be revealed with this when his mother is manifested in a split personality but the actual thing here is his mother has been dead for some time. 

Talking about the similarities between the two it will show the same realistic perversity of the character in this movie and it will give you the same thriller experience for sure so you need to watch this for sure.

The Last House on The Left

The Last House on The Left

This movie came out in the year 1972 and you can watch this on Tubi. this was directed by Wes Craven and it is a kind of gruesome and kind of a gritty tale of revenge. 

There is a group of escaped prisoners who will torture and they will kill their daughter and their friend Estelle and John Collingwood that are trying to visceral revenge and they are enacting disturbance.

This movie follows provocation and perverse. This is actually a good horror of the 1970s and this will give you the same experience as that of the texas chainsaw massacre. You should not kiss watching this. 

So this was all about the movies like the texas chainsaw massacre. We told the similar movies that you can watch and experience the same thrill that you have experienced in the texas chainsaw massacre. If you have any other movie on your mind then you can tell that to us in the comment section. 

Have a good time watching these movies.

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