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13 Best Movies Like The Secret: Dare to Dream


The Secret is a movie released in 2007 and is about the law of attraction. The law of attraction simply states that like attracts like, meaning that what you think about is what you will become. It’s actually quite simple: if you think good things, good will come to you. If you think bad things, more negative stuff comes to you as well. This isn’t just a saying but a scientific fact proven by quantum physics(the same science behind the theory on parallel universes).

In this article, I have compiled 13 best movies like The Secret that deal with many similar topics such as manifestation and how our thoughts shape reality around us. Movies are powerful ways to help people understand some really deep subjects since pictures can sometimes say a thousand words. Movies can also be entertaining while simultaneously making you think. Hopefully, this list will help someone in some way!

What The Bleep Do We Know? 

What The Bleep Do We Know? movie poster

What the Bleep is a documentary that is essentially an introduction to quantum physics and how everything is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies which translate into our physical world. If we know how something actually works then it becomes much easier for us to do it properly. Maybe not so much in quantum physics but the movie is certainly a good eye-opener into how we create our own reality.

The Matrix 

The Matrix movie poster

This classic movie is set in a dystopian society where machines take over the world and enslave humans by keeping them unawares in pods while using their bodies as batteries. They are kept unseeing, unfeeling, unfailing until they are needed to keep the machine’s power running so the system can continue to survive without being noticed or interfered with. Kind of sounds familiar doesn’t it? Many people think of this as more of a science fiction film but judging from some theories out there, it sure doesn’t seem impossible either…


An excellent sci-fi mystery thriller that will keep you guessing until the very last second. The movie revolves around a father and son who somehow manage to communicate across time through an old ham radio. They start by catching small things like winning lotto numbers and pennies from the fountain but eventually move on to saving lives. The deeper they go into time, however, the harder it gets for them to alter events without creating huge consequences which is something that affects all great time-travel movies such as Back To The Future .

 Close Encounters Of The Third Kind 

 Close Encounters Of The Third Kind 

This is not just any UFO sighting movie; this one actually shows us what we should do when we make contact with aliens or UFOs. Richard Dreyfuss plays a line worker who has been visited many times by aliens and who eventually gets invited onto their spacecraft. This one will certainly lead you to think about what we should do when the time comes that we meet ET himself!

The Fourth Kind

One of my all-time favorite movies, this is a documentary-style horror film in which the protagonist Milla Jovovich is actually abducted and tortured by aliens in her sleep so she can become a beacon for them. She tells her psychiatrist about these horrifying nightmares and together they try to find out more information on what really happened during those missing days when she was gone. Movies like this make me feel paranoid enough to not close my eyes ever again!

What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come movie poster

A fantasy movie based on a book by the same name, this movie is something that will really make you think hard about what lies in wait after death. Robin Williams plays Chris who dies and goes to heaven but his wife refuses to move on without him so she kills herself thinking they’ll be reunited in their next life. However, he doesn’t find her again only to find out she’s been reborn as a little girl in a different country! 

Fantasy movies are great for people who don’t like thinking too much since the storyline is always followed closely. This one, however, is more of an art-house film that might require repeated viewings before you can fully understand what happens throughout the story line.

The Butterfly Effect 

Ashton Kutcher gets the lead role in this sexy movie about a guy who keeps going back in time to make slight changes with the hope of saving the life of his childhood sweetheart. In doing so however, he realises that what happens when even one tiny thing changes can have devastating consequences on the whole world and everyone’s lives including his own. 

Movies like this sure make me wish I had a DeLorean from Back To The Future  to help me get out of every jam!


Moon movie poster

Sam Rockwell plays an astronaut who’s been sent to the moon on a 3-year assignment alone to mine for helium but one day he wakes up with another clone trying to take his place! Movies like this make me very glad I’m not working in space, although it sure would be cool given how dangerous and tough life on the planet is…


Nicolas Cage stars as a man who receives a mysterious envelope at his son’s school awards ceremony. If opened, it warns, the person who does so will die within the next 40 days. Movies like this made me panic at first thinking there was a bomb but then again, they’re fake which means you should just chill out because your life is fine right now!

Waking Life

Waking Life movie poster

A philosophical film about dreams and reality that asks the question “If we all come from different places then where do we go when we sleep?” Movies like this might just put you to sleep so be sure to get a nice, warm cup of coffee and hot chocolate before watching. Then again, it doesn’t look like such a bad movie , right?

The Man From Earth 

John Oldman is retiring from his life and wants to leave some things behind for people who will follow him in the future. Movies like this make me wish we had time machines too but then again, I don’t want some stranger coming up to me and saying “I’m you from the future!” That would give me more nightmares than anything else!

Time After Time 

Time After Time  movie poster

Movies like this make it really tough on us men because we’d want nothing more than to go back in time and tell the girl who broke our hearts “Hey, it’s not you. It’s me.” Movies like this make us realise how much better life would be if only we had the chance to go back in time and fix whatever mistakes we made in the past.

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