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Do you like to watch sci-fi? If yes then this is the best as Adam Project is a science fiction adventure movie that is amazing to watch. This movie was directed by Shawn Lavy and in this, there is a story of 12 years old boy was Adam Reed and who was curious to know certain things. So if you want to know about movies like adam project then keep reading.

Adam on one fine day discovers that there is forty-two years old version of himself that was in his father’s garage. Then the forty years old Adam claims that their father’s work has led to the development of time travel.

He was in the search of his dead wife and wanted to travel in 2018 but somehow he reached to 2022 and now the two Adams need to work together in order to save the future. This is just more than interesting and you must watch this if you have skipped this. In case you want to know such amazing sci-fi then here we are for you as these are such similar movies and you can watch them on Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Netflix

Best Sci-Fi Movies Like Adam Project


This movie came in the year 1994 and this movie is quintessential. This was created by Jean Claude Van Damme and in this, there is a story of Agent Max Walker who was in the Time Enforcement Commission (TEC). Time Enforcement Commission was a secret organization that used to monitor time travel. 

Earlier ten years his wife got killed by some mysterious attackers and when he was investigating he found out that there was one former partner who was a criminal and then Walker discovers that there is some kind of connection between his wife’s death and powerful senator Aaron McComb.

Talking about the similarity between these two movies it is about the travel aspect and these two movies share several other motifs too that include second chances and also reuniting with the loved ones who were dead earlier and also the characters in the movie are meeting their younger selves.

The Looper

 This movie came in the year 2012. There is a man named Joseph Gordon Levitt who is in his early twenties serves the Kansas City crime syndicate as an assassin or looper in the year 2044. The potential victims were sent back by Syndicate from 2074 for execution. The main objective of the looper is to kill the older version and manage to survive till 2074.

Joe fails to kill him when he appears in his 2045 and as a result of this, the syndicate turns on him and this movie has a unique approach to my future self and me trope. This movie is separated by personal experiences and different motives that are somewhat similar to adam’s project and you will see that different two Joes are in conflict with each other.

The Terminator

This movie came in the year 1984. This is on the list of this as no other movie can compete for this amazing science fiction and this is just more than amazing to watch. This movie is all about a young woman who was named as Sarah Connor and she discovers that someone has come from the future to kill her. 

The reason behind her killing was her yet-to-be-conceived son is going to lead humanity’s fight against the machines. This is very much similar to the Adam project and also to the other science fiction movies.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past

This movie came in the year 2014 and this movie has something different from others. This movie has a different concept of Time Travel and in this movie, you will Kitty Pryde who was sending Wolverine’s consciousness into past to several decades. The reason behind this was so he can recruit younger versions of both Charles Xavier and Magneto and they need to stop Raven from killing Bolivar Trask. He was the designer of mutant-hunting. They were robots that were also known as sentinels.

Talking about the similarities between these two movies then there is the same concept of pain, loss, and regret and you will see the most memorable cinematic moments of the twenty-first century in this when there is a meeting between two versions of Charles Xaviers within Wolverine’s consciousness. 

Hot Tub Time Machine

This movie came in the year 2010. This movie is all about traveling to the past and then they are trying to set things right. There are three longtime friends in this and they are Nick, Adam, and Lou and they three have grown disappointed as they didn’t expect their lives to be the way they turned out to be.

The three visits to Kodiak Valley Ski Resort with Adam’s nephew was named Jacob and there they three spend some time in the hotel room’s hot tub. When they were in the hot tub they realized that they are in their younger selves when they were in 1986. That’s why it is named a hot tub time machine.

The Kid

This movie came in the year 2000. This was made by Bruce Willis and he has already done so many movies on Time Travel. This movie is about Russell Morley named Russ Duritz was a successful image consultant in his 40s and he finds a strange young boy in his home one day. After that, he realizes that that boy was his younger self and he was unable to find the reason why the young Rusty was there and then he got disappointed after looking at how his life has turned out. 

This is just similar to Adam Project and in this the Kid the protagonist has the chance to self-reflect and he had the chance to become the better version of himself after he met his younger self.

This was all about the movies like adam project. We told the best similar movies to Adam project. Go and watch them now. Still, if there is some other movie that is best according to you that is similar to adam’s project then do mention that in the comment section we would love to add that to our list.

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