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How much do you like the movie “Catch Me If You Can”? Well, very much I guess that’s why you are here searching for movies like catch me if you can. Well, no doubt it was an amazing movie where Frank Abagnale Jr who is a seventeen years old college boy is possessed as a substitute teacher in the french class.

That too without the iota of suspicion and then you gotta know that you are in for a real treat of a lighthearted tale of deception and after some time their parents filed a divorce and then Frank elopes from home and then he finds his newfound freedom. He was basically good at professional chicanery. 

Franks transforms himself from each profession as he changed from an airline pilot to masquerading as a lawyer. Carl Hanratty who was a notorious fraudster was put on his heels and he was an FBI agent. 

Well, this movie is light-hearted and palatable to comprehension and it works effectively. So if you want to watch more interesting movies then you need to have a look at movies like catch me if you can.

Movies like catch me if you can

Margin Call

Margin Call movie poster

This movie was released in the year 2011 and this is based on the financial crisis of 2008 and this shows what happened in the financial collapse at that moment. It also put some light on the depression of 1929. 

Eric Dale, who is one of the employees discovers that mammoth risks are associated with the company and they are capable of shutting down.

Then there was arranged one senior-level meeting in order to organize the issue and in order to take a call and it was ensued by Panic. 

This movie accurately portrays the eeriness and the nerviness of the onslaught of a financial meltdown and it gives the viewer a realistic perspective of an inside and gives the insights of development that was being followed inside the multinational company.

American Hustle

American Hustle

This movie came in the year 2013. If we define the movie then the perfect words that stand for this movie are sensuous, sassy, and suave. It defines the texture and the tonality of the movie and at the same time, two con artists named Irving and Sydney are naturally oozed to scheme and defraud their victims. 

There arose a problem when the target ended up being an FBI agent named Richard De-Maso. He strikes with a deal and he does not arrest them. De- Maso wants them to utilize their craft in order to catch a bigger fish in the pond that was named as New Jersey mayor Carmine Polite. 

The character named Irving is being supported by his capricious wife Rosalyn and then he gets intertwined in some kind of complex fabric of deception, greed, loyalty, and deception. It is just one delightful movie to watch and it never fails to amuse the characters in the movie. This is just so unpredictable so you must watch this.

Rogue Trader

Rogue Trader movie poster

This movie was released in the year 1999. In this, there is one young employee that works in Barings Bank and he has the ambition of brimming in his veins and his name was Nick Leeson. Nick quickly accepts the offer that was offered to him by one of his employees to work in Jakarta and he does not think about the ramifications of his decision.

After that he meets a beautiful young woman and then he marries her and he oversees his one year of work at the new location and about the albeit flouting regulations. The company faced huge losses in the second year of operations. There was a horrific death of the unborn child that drove Nick in order to indulge in corporate malfeasance and that culminated in the downfall.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

movies like catch me if you can - Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

This movie was released in the year 2010 and you will experience the cult classic and it fast-forwarded to twenty-three years later. Charlie Sheen is there on Wall Street and it is based on the financial crisis of 2008. When the corporate raider named Gordon Gekko is released from jail then it got into corporate malfeasance and there was no one to receive him and not even his own daughter. 

He was blocked by his ex-nemesis after the federal reserve was seeking a bailout for his declining company and he tried to arrange a meeting with the chairman of the federal reserve. The ex nemesis was Bretton James. Then later Jake decides to take his own life. He takes revenge and then he resolves the strength when the Gekko has a beef to settle with James. 

The Departed 

The Departed 

This movie was released in the year 2006 and this is the most twisted and the most dramatic crime thriller of the time. There are two people named Colin Sullivan and Billy Costigan and they both graduated from the Massachusetts State Police Academy. Their paths divulge precariously. Colin is another member that works in the special investigation unit and he has the objective to bring down kingpin Frank Costello.

Both of them have double personalities and both of them do whatever they can do to not get ratted out. This is a perfect masterpiece that you must watch and not skip in your list as this has the most hilarious dialogues.


Spotlight movie poster

This movie was released in 2015. This is the award-winning movie and this is based on the investigations that are being conducted by the team of Boston Globe that is into sex allegation charges that are against the Catholic archdiocese. This is heralded for bringing the light into the duplicitousness on the part of the priests. 

Boiler Room

Boiler Room movie poster

This movie got released in the year 2000 and there is one college dropout named Seth Davis who knows how to earn for himself and he is into operating an illegal casino that is in his rented apartment. He has one federal judge and his father’s disapproval of his way compels him that he should look for some other means of income. 

He decided to get into the headstrong of stock brokerage and he learns the craft of salesmanship and then he starts to earn big bucks and then he starts to question the legitimacy of his new job and then he discovers that his company is dealing with some unfair trade practices. 

Seth then decides to confront his own demons and then he aligns himself to his father’s expectation of noble pursuit and he then continues to the vicious abyss of greed and ambition. You will also get to see the father-son relationship and more male privilege rather than conflation of morals and ethics. 

So this was all about movies like catch me if you can. You should not miss any of them. Still, if you want to ask something else then you can ask us in the comment section.

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