Movies Like Black &Blue in 2021

7 Best Movies like Black and Blue in 2021


Movies have been around for a long time and movies like black and blue have changed the movies industry. The most popular movies are not just those that are being shown in theaters, but also movies like black and blue that people watch at home on their TV screens. There is nothing quite as entertaining as a good movie night with friends or your significant other. So if you’re looking for movies like black and blue to watch, here are 7 great ones!

21 Bridges (2019)

Movies like Black and Blue - 21 Bridges (2019)

21 Bridges is an American crime film that follows Detective Chuck Wallace on a cat and mouse pursuit for a terrorist who goes by the name Ghost. In this movie, it’s often hard to tell whether or not someone is a good guy or bad since everyone has their own agenda in mind. 

The goal of our protagonist, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, is to stop Ghost from detonating 21 bridges across NYC simultaneously which would cause chaos and destruction as well as causing fear among its people. As he chases down other suspects including Tariq (played by Stephan James) he must also try to figure out what Ghost’s endgame really is before time runs out for them all. It’s easy to see how movies like Black and Blue could be enjoyed by the audience.

Triple 9 (2016)

Triple 9 (2016) movie poster

Triple Nine, a 2016 crime thriller film written by Matt Cook and directed by John Hillcoat is one of the movies that falls under this category. This movie revolves around an accidental heist set up during Christmas Eve in Atlanta. It stars Casey Affleck as Michael Allen, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Anthony James or “Doc”, Kate Winslet as Linda Cardellini, Aaron Paul as Detective Marcus Belmont and Woody Harrelson (as Joe Geddes)

The movie follows two overworked members of the 12th district police department who are stuck on surveillance duty for their third consecutive day. They’re watching three men they know to be armed robbers when suddenly everything goes horribly wrong: shots ring out, the three robbers scramble, and before they know it one of their own is down. From there we follow a twisting narrative with numerous surprises that culminate in an explosive ending.

Rogue City (2020)

Rogue City (2020) poster

In a future where the world has been divided into two halves, Rogue City finds itself in turmoil. Now that it’s under martial law and curfew is enforced by a brutal military regime, its residents are on edge. The population of this city is diverse from high-level executives to impoverished labourers but they have one thing in common: fear for their lives. It seems as if there might be hope when a new leader emerges with fresh ideas about how to make life better for everyone but will he succeed?

Rogue City (2020) follows Avery Blackman who works at an old film studio in downtown Detroit trying to find out why movies like black and blue were cancelled so suddenly, what movies like black and blue were made during the movies like black and blue era, and how movies like black and blue could be made again.

Do you enjoy movies about dystopian futures? One of the best movies where they come to life in Rogue City (2020). After a rogue city fights for independence from its totalitarian government, it becomes clear that such films will not just disappear overnight.

Lost Bullet (2020)

Lost Bullet (2020) poster

Lost Bullet is a 2019 American action thriller film, directed by Mark A. Lewis and written by Daniel Farrands. The film stars Nick Jonas as a man who wakes up in an empty warehouse with no recollection of his identity or past while being pursued through this surface world by the police without explanation for their pursuit.

The movies like Black and Blue mentioned in this article are movies that share some themes from the movie black and blue but not all of them. These movies may be similar to the movie black and blue because they have one theme from it that’s relevant to other movies but there can also be different types of movies that still connect back to this genre even though they don’t contain every single element present in those movies listed first.

Never Die Alone (2004)

Never Die Alone (2004) movie poster

Based on a true story, Never Die Alone is the journey of one man’s life. As he tries to escape his past and start a new future with Gwen, he realizes that it may be impossible for him to outrun the demons in his head and heart.

This movie is a great representation of movies like black and blue. It’s full of violence, drugs, sex, murder… everything you’d expect from movies like Black and Blue! The protagonist in this movie also has some similarities to the main character in movies like black and blue.

The Informer (2019)

The Informer (2019) poster

The Informer (2019) is a compelling story of an Irish policeman who becomes the state’s most valuable informer while fighting to stay alive. Starring Gerard Butler, Sammy Snyders and Sean Harris among others this film has been receiving rave reviews from critics for its gripping storyline as well as a realistic portrayal of life in 1970s Ireland. While Black and Blue show us how crime movies can be dark, gritty and violent, The Informer provides a more nuanced look at what happens when someone makes difficult choices that weigh on them for years after they’ve made them.

Countdown (2019)

Countdown (2019) movie poster

The 2019 film “Countdown” is a movie like Black and Blue. This thriller follows the story of two friends who each have their own problems to deal with, such as debt or addiction. The movie has an excellent acting performance by this cast that includes people from all over the world. Andi Matichak’s character in particular gives an incredible performance as she does her best to hide being pregnant while also working on cleaning up her drug habit. It’s not often that you see movies about women struggling with these types of issues but it manages to be entertaining and compelling at the same time.


The 7 movies we’ve listed are only a small sample of the plethora of films that explore this particular theme. If you have any favorites, please leave them in the comments below and share your thoughts with us on what makes these worthy additions to our list!

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