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Netflix and other streaming websites are so much in trend these days that people can’t survive without them. 

As it was impossible for us to go out for the last two years due to pandemics, only these streaming sites helped us to watch anything at our own place with our friends and family. It helped us to watch any type of movie or series of our interest. 

Although these streaming sites are not only for adults they do have content that is suitable for children too. Also, they are focusing more on children’s movies these days as compared to earlier times. 

Various streaming platforms have the children section and it has all the children’s content there and these days they are continuously updating that. They are making it so easy for parents too by adding the sub-genres of the children’s movies. 

Talking about the different sub-genres there are many and one of them includes mermaid movies. Everyone loves to watch mermaid movies on Netflix. It not only fascinates children but adults too. 

The different fairy tales that include different princesses, princes, dragons, mermaids, and much such stuff made it more interesting for children. 

They not only provide fun to the children but they also add value to their lives and change their perspective about the universe and life. Their stories revolve around different things like elegance, enchantment, tales of wonder, and many more things. 

Do you know what exactly mermaids are? 

mermaid movies on Netflix

Mermaids are fairy tales beings and they are folklore. Mermaids are marine creatures that have a human torso but the rest of the body resembles fish. These creatures have been mentioned in the literature since the beginning of time. 

So let’s not wait further and start with the mermaid movies on Netflix. Although there are many movies, we have a list of the best mermaid movies that you can watch on Netflix

These are the most popular right now. The best mermaid movies on Netflix are on the list:

Top Six Must-Watch Mermaid Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now



This mermaid movie was introduced in the year 1948 and it primarily focuses on rekindling interest in mermaids on the big screen. It was the first basic production for mermaids. Although short films had featured mermaids from the decades just before this. 

This movie is based on the story of a fisherman who inadvertently captures and cares for a mermaid in a stage play.

So when the mermaid finds herself in the middle of everyone’s relationship that is in a small town then she creates all sorts of havoc. It is spawned by a follow-up.

Barbie Dolphin Magic (2017)

Barbie Dolphin Magic (2017)

In this mermaid movie on Netflix, Barbie plays a major role in this 2017 movie. Although we know that Barbie movies have not been made for long and in these kinds of movies this iconic doll is there which we see is having adventures with her friends. 

So these movies are released on DVD rather than in theatres. Erica Lindbeck provides barbie’s voice and there is one surprising factor that Universal Pictures has not distributed a barbie film for the first time.

Talking about the plot of this movie it revolves around a pair of dolphins and also their mate named Isla. She encounters barbie and her sister visiting Ken. Talking about Ilsa, she is a dolphin companion and also a mermaid. 

She lives under the sea with them. So the story revolves around the dolphins and Isla are there collaborating with Barbie and also with her sisters in order to save the corals and also a mysterious green dolphin from one of the fishermen. 

This movie is very entertaining for kids and it also teaches one important lesson to kids and that is about environmental protection that should be infused in them from a young age. Though it is not so great to watch.

Peter Pan

This is another mermaid movie that you should watch and it has all the fantastic creatures in it. This movie was released in 1953 and the plot of the story revolves around the story of children that are fleeing to Neverland to escape life.  

Different characters named John, Wendy, Michael Darling have encountered several mermaids when they arrived on the land with Peter. Those mermaids had gleaming tails. And on their head, there was a starfish and it was their hair ornament. 

They attempted to drown Wendy and talk about these characters. These are not most endearing as they merit more recognition from a very classic creature that is from a very popular franchise.


Splash mermaid movie

Talking about this mermaid movie named Splash was released in 1984. It is a rom-com film. This movie was directed by John Candy and Daryl Hannah and also there was one supporting cast named Eugene Levy. 

This was the first movie that was released by Touchstone pictures and it was founded by Walt Disney Studios. 

The plot of the movie revolves around like there is one man and he falls in love with an intriguing woman and talking about that woman she is a mermaid. 

Yes!! You heard this right. You need to watch this amazing movie and this is a very suspenseful movie to watch.

The Mermaid

The Mermaid

The Mermaid is based on a story of a Chinese mermaid. This was initially released in Chinese cinema in the year 2016 This movie was a great success and it gave a tough competition to the other movies at the box office. 

Talking about the plot of the movie there is one titular mermaid named Shan. She travels to China in order to help her mermaid family that is living on a wrecked ship off the coast. 

She has an idea in her mind to kill one man whose company is there to blame for the pollution in their section of the river. 

In contrast to this, she also falls in love with him when the man lets down his guard and then the film becomes more of an action-adventure. Though it has some segments of romantic comedy too. 

There are other characters apart from mermaids like an uncle with octopus limbs in the movie too. 

The Little Mermaid 

The Little Mermaid 

This movie was released in the year 1989. Ariel gets famous due to this movie only. This is one of the best mermaid movies on Netflix that have ever been made. 

Talking about the plot of the movie there is a story of Ariel and she decides to leave her mermaid life behind and to live as a human after she falls in love with a prince named Eric. 

This is based on the novel of Hans Christian Andersen. John Musker and Ron Clements are the two main key elements in the production of the movie. 

Disney production credited this by bringing this series new life that is the little mermaid and Aladdin. 

This has won two academy awards and also a few other awards. This movie was a game-changer for Disney. This movie is one of the best mermaid movies that was ever made.

So this was the list of the best mermaid movies that you should watch if you have not watched these yet. These are the movies that need to be added to your watch list soon. Apart from this if you know any other mermaid movies that are best according to you then do mention those in our comment section.

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