Best Litecoin Casinos Online

Best Litecoin Casinos Online 2022


Litecoin casino is not available for all playgrounds, but RocketPlay provides the best conditions for Australians. You have the opportunity to play your favourite games and slots using Litecoin cryptocurrency, which is allowed on this casino site. Such innovation is more relevant than ever, as the world has begun to put into operation a new kind of money. Different types of cryptocurrencies created various exclusive games available for this replenishment method. Among the best games you can play:

  • iG Tech Slots
  • Aztec Sun Hold Win by Boongo
  • Pactius Slos
  • Booming Games Slots
  • Quicsrin Slots
  • Queen and The Dragons by iG Tech

These providers welcome players with Litecoin Casino and are willing to pay them in that currency. You will be able to enjoy the slot machines thanks to fast and safe replenishment. In addition to slots, you can also play table games at live casinos. Litecoin holders are provided with particular dealers and rooms.

How To Play At Litecoin Casino?

If you want to play in such a casino, you need to fund your account. Let’s take a closer look at this process at RocketPlay casino:

1. By accessing the official page, you can register. After pressing the button, you can see a window where you need to enter your login and password and select the country. After agreeing to the site policy, you will be able to register.

2. In the second stage, you should choose the currency with which you will fund your account. This is where you must select Litecoin (LTC) and enter data to pay your bill.

3. The site administration may ask you for proof of identity, especially if you will transfer large sums. This check is designed to keep you safe so that intruders cannot get hold of your bank details or cards.

4. After verification, you will be able to make your first deposit.

You will be waiting for bonus offers explicitly made for this cryptocurrency on the site. With a minimum deposit of 0.01LTC, you will receive 100% of the bonuses and 100 free spins. These bonuses will apply to specific slots that will be specified in the details of the promotion.

Pros and Cons

We will start with an innovative approach to replenishing the online casino account. Cryptocurrency is available on almost all popular sites and is one of the most convenient replenishment methods. LTC created a different selection of video slots and table games where you have a chance to play exclusive products. Deposits and withdrawals are straightforward and fast. The maximum deposit amount is 60 Litecoins. Another feature of this method of replenishment is anonymity.

Among the minuses, we can note the instability of the exchange rate of this currency, as it can change at any moment. You can deposit a cryptocurrency at one rate and withdraw in a completely different way, especially if it takes a long time. The second drawback is the mandatory registration of a crypto wallet or financial exchange, which may alienate many users. We do not recommend that people with a gaming addiction use this replenishment method because it has one of the highest limits.

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