Best Laptops For Ableton

5 Best Laptops For Ableton in 2022


Not able to operate Ableton efficiently, or would you like to buy a laptop with the power to run the program? You’ll need the laptop that runs the program without any lags or issues with performance. Be assured that this guide provides the best Best Laptops For Ableton that meet your needs in music production!

Ableton Live is one of the market’s most well-known music production programs. It can be used for various work in music production like mixing, recording, composition and editing, spinning, etc.

To help you choose the ideal laptop, We reached out to 19 audio engineers who frequently utilize Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Steinberg Cubase, FL Studio, Pro Tools, and other audio-related software. We also interviewed them to learn about the factors they think are crucial when choosing the right laptop for using these programs, which is why we’re here.

If your laptop can run Ableton Live 10, it could also run the older versions and even some of the Lite versions. In addition, if you’re looking for a device that can run Ableton effortlessly, it’s essential to ensure that the machine has the minimum specifications required for the software to function. Do not fret; you don’t have to look for this; we’ve listed them below!

Reviews of Laptops for Ableton Live

Best Overall – 2020 Apple MacBook Pro

Best Overall - 2020 Apple MacBook Pro

I’m sure you have seen this happening; however, I cannot overlook the MacBook’s new capabilities to create music using Ableton Live.

The RAM may be only eight gigabytes; however, it’s still 8GB of integrated memory. Memory is connected directly to the CPU, giving it access to all the data needed to run Ableton smoothly.

In terms of the CPU, is it not other than Apple’s Octa-core M1 chip offering a 3.5 percent improvement in performance all over the board compared to the Intel chips used on other MacBooks.

Also, there are 512GB of superfast SSD storage, meaning that the time to acquire files is nearing a record low. This will allow you to go about your business faster than ever.

The 13.3″ Retina Display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 is extremely easy to see and can help stave off headaches when you spend a long time working in the studio.


M1 Chip – Highly efficient system.

8GB of Unified RAM 8GB Unified RAM Seamless Ableton capabilities.

Flash drive 512GB Snappy software and load times for files.

3lbs. It’s nice and lightweight.

2560 x 1600 Resolution – Reduces eye strain.


Compatibility requires Apple’s Rosetta software to make it compatible.

Price You’re aware of what Apple is like.

Best Value for Money – 2021 Acer Aspire 5

Best Value for Money - 2021 Acer Aspire 5

If you’re willing to leave the Apple ecosystem and step out of the Apple ecosystem, the Acer Aspire 5 will blow your musical imagination! I’m amazed by the value of this laptop, given the shaky hardware.

The 16GB DDR4 RAM will ensure that Ableton runs smoothly, no matter how busy your workflow becomes, ensuring a more efficient workflow and increased productivity.

In terms of storage, there’s a massive 1TB SSD to eat; this is a great deal considering the size Ableton can become after much editing. It’s not necessary to plug an external HDD for a long time.

The display is 1080p resolution. This isn’t great. However, the panel’s IPS technology gives stunning viewing angles and reduces eye strain as you stand across the display.

The only downside is that it’s only the Ryzen 3 processor, but since it’s multithreaded, it can handle a standard Ableton session without any issues.


16GB RAM – Zero lag.

1TB HDD – Rapid download of files.

15.6″ Display – Reduces eye strain.

Price – Great value.


Ryzen 3 CPU – Ryzen 5 is better suited.

Premium Pick – Dell XPS 9310 OLED

Premium Pick - Dell XPS 9310 OLED

You’ve come to the right place if you’re in the money market. The Dell XPS 9310 features 32GB of RAM, giving you a free and smooth performance. It also comes with a 2TB SSD for storing days and many days’ worth of files.

In the center of the operation, there’s the 11th generation i7-1185G7, which has eight threads, four cores, and a maximum frequency of 4.8GHz that translates into an incredible speed, regardless of the number of plug-ins you’re running at the same time.

Let’s look at that display. Good Lord, it’s stunning. This 13.3″ scale makes everything neat and portable, while the 4K resolution gives incredible image clarity, meaning that every single detail of Ableton is crystal clear.

My only complaint (aside from the cost) is that it’s only available with Thunderbolt connectivity, which means you’ll need an adapter to connect USB peripherals.


32GB RAM – Uninterruptible functionality.

2TB SSD – Storage for days.

4K Screen – The ultimate clarity.

I7-1185G7 CPU – Unbeatable multitasking.

2.8lbs – Portable as they are.


No USB Support requires an adapter.

Price It might be best not to check.

Best Gaming Laptop for Ableton Live – ASUS ROG Strix SCAR III

Best Gaming Laptop for Ableton Live - ASUS ROG Strix SCAR III

Sure there is no doubt that the Scar III is designed to be the top of the line in portable gaming; however, from the lag-free 16GB RAM to the music-file-ready 1TB SSD storage, it’s to be made for studio use.

For the heavier lifting, We have the 9th generation i7-9750H, a hyperthreaded, hexacore CPU capable of handling any creative work. Seriously. This can be described as the Dwayne Johnson of laptop processors.

I want something more than 1080p for the money; however, this 15″ scale can take a weight off of the old ears after an exhausting day of playing around with music. The only drawback is that it’s heavy and therefore not ideal for producers and DJs who need to travel to many parties and clubs.


16GB RAM There’s no lag here, folks.

1TB SSD Large, speedy storage facilities.

I7-9750H – A serious CPU muscle.

Thermals No noisy fans to be concerned about.


The price I hope you’ve saved.

5.67lbs – Heavy.

Most Portable – 2020 Apple MacBook Air

Most Portable - 2020 Apple MacBook Air

We’ve made it back to Apple. The Air was a long time ago and did not have the power to allow for creative workflows, but thanks to that smoky M1 implant, The 2020 version is a fantastic instrument for music-making.

16GB of RAM guarantees the machine will keep pace with your imagination. The 256GB SSD storage capacity, is impressive, allowing you to load applications and files quickly. But, I’d recommend purchasing an external HDD shortly.

It also comes with the exact 2560×1600 resolution found in the fully-fat MacBook Pro, taking the pain out of those massive sessions with coffee, and because it weighs just 2.8lbs, transporting it between studios is a breeze.


M1 chip – Install plug-ins and pard.

16 GB RAM Enjoy smooth and silky Ableton.

SSD – Speedy loading times.

2.8lbs – It could disappear if you do not hold it.

Two thousand five hundred sixty pixels x 1600 Res Crisp and clear display.


Bezels These bezels form an unattractive frame.

Best Laptops for Ableton Live: A Buyer’s Guide

Best Laptops for Ableton Live: A Buyer's Guide

I am sure you’re thinking. Why should you not just go through Ableton Live’s system requirements and utilize them as a buyer’s manual? Although I agree with reading them, they’re not going to provide a clear explanation of what features should prioritize and the reasons for doing so.

To give you a more significant concept of what you’ll require the new computer to be able of, I’ve created this short yet comprehensive alternative guide.


RAM is your laptop’s memory that is short-term. Ableton (and all other software) relies on this quick-access memory to function smoothly. If your RAM is stuffed, the CPU must go through the storage facilities to locate the data needed, which can cause slow performance.

You’ll require 8GB of RAM as a minimum requirement to ensure smooth performance; however, if I’m sincere. 16GB is the safer choice, mainly when you’re doing lots of multitasking on your computer.

Storage – HDD vs. SSD

Storage is your computer’s permanent memory, where all your programs and music files are stored, and since you’re likely to be pounding out the most popular songs, you’ll need an enormous capacity.

However, it’s more than the size you need to monitor. Also, think about the format of your memory. Do you choose to go with HDD instead of SSD? It’s a tricky question. The answer is both.

The HDD will provide space to store many large music files, and the SSD can provide you with low latency access for projects you’re working on.

Unfortunately, dual storage formats are not. Therefore, you may need to choose one and bring an external drive in after the event. If that’s the case with you, make sure to choose SSD. It’s more efficient in energy, reliable, and quieter than HDD. HDD format.

CPU Power

A CPU acts as the brain that runs the entire operation. It determines the capabilities of a laptop as well, to a great extent, how smooth it operates.

The two most prominent companies in the field include Intel and AMD; however, Apple recently came out with its M1-based M1 chips too.

If you choose to use an Intel laptop, Ableton Live requires a core i5 3rd-gen processor at a minimum; however, you’ll get superior performance with 7th or 10th generation I5 or an i7 processor.

If you’re looking for an AMD system is required, you’ll need a Ryzen 5 or more CPU to be the best choice; however, if your laptop’s other specs are adequate, you may be able to get by with a Ryzen 3.0 processor.


You might start by creating a few beats in your home. However, as you advance in your career as a musician and producer, eventually, you’ll have to stop creating in the dark and team with other musicians at their homes or in studios around town.

Therefore, a small laptop that doesn’t hurt your back during just a quick stroll is better than an unbreakable monolith.

Display Size and Resolution

Okay, I’m sure I’ve already said that portability is essential; however, going too small when it comes to the display can significantly impact your eye health, particularly if you’re likely to work long, long hours at your desk.

Selecting a bigger screen and an increased resolution (no less than 1080p) will relieve the pressure off your old eyes and lead to productivity!


If you already own an interface for recording and a mixer, then you’ll need a laptop with suitable ports to connect your equipment to your laptop without adapters.

Summing Up

It’s an array of unique devices. Any of them could help you take the Ableton Live skills to the highest level, allowing you to create better-sounding, more sophisticated music.

As a member of the Apple community, I recommend MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro If I had the cash, I’d swap this MacBook Pro for the Dell XPS 9310 in a flash. It’s amazing.

If you’re not searching for a dedicated music player, I’d suggest something similar to the Strix SCAR III since it’s a beast in the game arena. However, I’d save some cash for other purposes and stick to something like MacBook Air. MacBook Air.

For a more robust model for a reasonable price, it’s impossible to go wrong using an Acer Aspire 5; however, you’ll need to keep your multitasking in a bind to make room for the dual-core CPU.

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