15 Best Event Ticketing Software

Event ticketing software lets event organizers make and sell tickets and monitor and manage attendees’ lists. Most ticketing platforms provide basics; however, specific platforms go above and beyond selling tickets, offering more advanced options.

For instance, specific event tickets permit organizers to send personal invitation emails, custom ticketing forms, and confirmation emails for various tickets and integrate the check-in process for attendees, name badges, and a mobile event app allowing attendees’ interaction and networking. Here is the list of the Best Event Ticketing Software.

How to Choose Event Ticketing Software

How to Choose Event Ticketing Software

Tickets Features Can it be used with different ticket types? Are you able to customize registration questions forms for each type of ticket?

Additional Instruments or Integration Does it allow attendance check-in and customized content based on the ticket type? Does it work with your system for CRM?

Reputation What do users have to say about it? What are their ratings on sites that review software like G2 and Capterra? What are the opinions of attendees and users? The application for Google Play and App Store?

Pricing – What is the cost it cost per ticket? Does the software have a monthly fee for subscriptions?

Payout– When are you able to access the ticket’s earnings?

Best Event Ticketing Software



We could be biased towards Cvent’s tickets and registration software, which is available here.

Benefits Cvent ranks as a top performer across all G2 Crowd event management Platform’s reports, which rank the top providers based on their capacity to service different markets. Cvent eliminates the requirement for paper and spreadsheets to keep track of attendees. It is fully customizable to handle any event size, shape, and complexity. Are you interested in seeing the system in action? You can request a demo for free to discover the way it operates.

Con: Flex registration is still being developed for more people than ever before, offering a more straightforward method of building websites to register events. However, one G2Crown review notes that some design aspects are more organized than she’d like.



Advantages Eventbrite‘s purpose is obvious to bring people from all over the world together by delivering live experiences. Therefore, they’ve got options to assist you in selling more tickets and learning about the latest happenings in the world of events.

If you’re looking for a solution that is easy and user-friendly, Eventbrite is an excellent option to look into. Michael Facchinello, head of Denver operations for Clique Studios, employed Eventbrite to host the purpose of a Design Sprint workshop. “It was super easy to use for event management, and we integrated the registration process directly into our website, which was great for our brand.”

From the perspective of an event attendee, Eventbrite is an excellent tool for finding a variety of events that you can attend.

Pros: There’s not much room to customize the templates following a report by Capterra. Another reviewer states that you cannot completely “get rid of” Eventbrite branding if you wish complete design control.


Benefits Free setup charges for this service. The company boasts that it has some of the most affordable fees for assistance in the ticketing industry. It’s simple, and you can sell tickets using your mobile device.

Tix also offers an engagement feature for guests. Social media posts and surveys allow you to build connections with your guests.

The customer service provided by Tix is excellent.

Con: Updates to the software “tend to lag,” according to an expert on G2 Crowd.



BenefitsTicketbud offers an internet-based event ticketing system that lets event organizers control how they pay for tickets for their events. Event organizers also receive regular payments with Ticketbud.

Based on Capterra’s feedback, Ticketbud has excellent customer service. It’s also extremely simple to use.

Con: One reviewer suggested the possibility of a website where reviewers could sell face-to-face. Another reviewer stated that they have problems regarding background pictures.



BenefitsThis software for managing event tickets application platform provides affordable ticket prices for event planners. To develop and improve as an event organizer, Ticketleap provides an educational platform known as Events University. You will find a wide range of information to help organize your event. For instance, you can find out how to make people talk about your event or how to manage and organize your event in one week.

Another advantage? You can design web pages that are easy to use on desktop and mobile devices.

Pros: Ticketleap is only for one-day events, per a Capterra review.

The Ticketleap software for event ticketing allows you to create a free account, create an event page, create different ticket prices, and start selling tickets. Ticketleap provides templates that can be customized. The most advanced features include:

  • Seating charts that are custom-designed (if you require)
  • Create custom templates for your registration page (works on mobile and laptop browsers)
  • Calendar view, which shows the upcoming dates
  • Other payment options, in addition to credit cards, include Paypal

The fee for Ticketleap is 2 percent plus $1 for each ticket purchased in addition to the 3.3% transaction fee. In contrast to Whova, Ticketleap will default payout within a week after the event has ended. However, you’ll need to go through additional steps to request and obtain permission for the weekly payment plan.



The pros: Eventbee has a meager cost. They charge a one-time fee for each ticket sold. They have you covered if you’re looking for social marketing of events.

They provide various social sharing tools, such as Facebook RSVP and social media sharing tools.

Con: The color and design aren’t striking. It’s not likely to “wow” anyone, according to a review on Capterra.



Advantages The ThunderTix app is an event ticketing program that integrates external marketing tools. It allows you to use the widget to incorporate your event’s list onto your site, promote events using event links provided through ThunderTix and sell tickets on Your Facebook page.

ThunderTix allows you to personalize the email templates to ensure that they reflect your brand’s aesthetic.

Con: Development of the platform is more focused on introducing new features than improving existing ones, per analysis on Capterra.



Benefits Accelevents’ pricing is reasonable. It provides a broad range of event hosting services. For starters, hosts can design their event page and create custom ticket and registration forms to market to guests. Accelevents also integrates their collection of tools for fundraisings, such as mobile silent auctions and donation pages, and text-to-give campaigns.

This platform integrates the fundraising platform with event ticketing capabilities, which means you can simultaneously sell tickets for your fundraiser and collect the auction’s bids and donations.

Con: The platform has some issues, as per reviewers on Capterra. Auctions are the most popular type of auction. There are a couple of complaints, such as the need to change how auctions are arranged once they’ve been uploaded.



It can be described as an integrated event management system that includes a ticketing platform. Who’s software for event ticketing lets event organizers:

  • Create custom pricing, ticket types capacities, and even allow discounts and add-ons
  • Make a personalized registration web page
  • Send invitations directly from Whova
  • Create a custom registration questionnaire and an automated confirmation email for every ticket
  • Access to the content of events is based on the tickets
  • Create name badges with personal QR codes for attendee’s registration and lead generation.

Another advantage of Whova’s ticketing program is its specifically designed exhibitors registration system that lets organizers create and personalize tickets for each exhibitor’s level/package and save time collecting information for each exhibitor’s Profile and Booth.

The Whova event ticketing system can charge a modest cost of 2.0 percent plus 0.99 per ticket in addition to the Stripe cost; however, there is no fee for free access. The system also offers early payments to allow organizers to be paid out immediately when the attendees begin buying tickets.

It also includes an award-winning mobile event application that can increase your attendees’ engagement and network. The Whova app has been extensively used by conventions, conferences, symposiums, summits, and conferences, which include 20,000+ events in person and 6,000+ virtual more than 1,500 hybrid events.


Brushfire provides an online ticketing platform used by nonprofit and ministry-related organizations. It is used for performances, camps, concerts, sports, classes, and gathering events. It also offers tiered ticketing.

Other attributes of Brushfire’s software for ticketing events include:

  • The ability to allocate seats to individuals and groups after purchasing tickets.

Brushfire provides both an annual subscription model as well as a per-ticket model. The base package costs $2988 for the year, which covers up to 750 week-long visitors or 2,000 annual participants. Beyond the online event ticketing system, Brushfire offers a limited range of additional tools.



RegPack can be described as an online ticketing system that lets event organizers develop flexible registration processes for events that integrate payments and email communications, as well as reporting and analytics. RegPack assists its customers in boosting ticket sales as well as revenue, as well as automate payment processing, as well as handling day-to-day tasks.

A few more advanced functions of RegPack include:

  • Purchase protection can help the organizers manage refunds better
  • Conditional logic which lets you create custom form-based questions
  • Recurring bill

RegPack’s price starts at $125.00 monthly, which includes the 2.1 percent ticket cost plus a 3.0 percent credit card processing cost. RegPack is not offering either a trial for free or an upgrade for free.


Townscript is another self-service event ticketing service mainly used in nations like Indonesia and India. It handles one-time events and regular events.

Townscript has advanced features. Townscript includes:

  • Form of ticketing with custom-designed ticketing
  • It lists events on its website and may attract more people to attend.
  • A few additional features that help virtual events.

Townscript is charged a ticketing fee of 2.0 percent plus $2 per ticket and a 2.9 percent credit card processing charge. The company offers a daily pay plan that is similar to Whova. The service does not provide the opportunity for a trial period. In contrast to RegPack, It does not require a monthly fee for a subscription.

Yapsody Ticketing

Yapsody Ticketing

Yapsody is an entertainment company dedicated to providing custom solutions for independent presenters and hospitality companies to leverage concert entertainment. Through their distinctive products and services, which are entirely managed within the house, Yapsody delivers quality customer support for concert tickets.

Yapsody’s ticketing system for events includes the following advanced features:

  • Reserved Seating lets attendees select seats, sections and rows based on prices at premium or VIP seating
  • Tickets can be reserved for guests as well as VIPs.

Yapsody costs $0.98 plus 2.49 percent plus a 3.0 percent credit charge per ticket when you reserve seats. Like Whova and Townscript, It does not have to charge monthly subscription fees.



RegFox is a different event ticketing system available on the market. Its goal is to make its interface easy and user-friendly. Event organizers can use RegFox to personalize and customize their ticketing forms. RegFox has other options for virtual events.

The most advanced features of RegFox’s ticketing software are:

  • An event page builder
  • Facilitates organizers to establish dynamic prices based on conditional logic
  • Support deposit payments

RegPack costs a 3.0 percent processing fee for credit cards plus $0.99 per ticket purchased and $0.02 for invitation emails. Many organizers complain that RegPack’s price for invitation emails is high when they send out multiple mailers or have a massive list of recipients.



Greenvelope provides software for event ticketing that can help organizers distribute invitations, keep track of RSVPs, manage tickets, and even collect donations. Additionally, it includes event management tools and event networking software.

The most advanced characteristics in Greenvelope include:

  • Customizable templates that incorporate company logos
  • The option to have survey questions
  • Validation of email addresses before sending out invitations

Greenvelop costs annual fees of $2095 when your contact list is populated with 10,000 people. It doesn’t aid in collecting payment, so you’d have to look for a different solution.

Now That Your Event Ticketing Software is All Set Improve the Check-In Experience!

In the near future, all of those ticket holders will arrive on your stage! It’s essential to verify their identity and verify their tickets. A reliable app can assist in this regard too.

For instance, our cloud-based check-in app allows you to check in guests when they arrive and track the number of guests attending. Like many ticketing applications, it’s customizable and allows you to receive personalized information about guests and notifications for VIPs who arrive.

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