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Mint was among the first budgeting online free applications when it first began its launch in 2007. Intuit acquired Mint in 2009, and many people seek to replace Mint with a new personal finance application.

Let us see what are other Apps Like Mint.com.

According to researchers from the Federal Reserve Bank of America and the University of Kansas in 2003, when cloud-based budgeting was in its infancy, 46 per cent of respondents used a spending plan or budget. Eighty-two per cent of Americans kept a household budget in 2014, just over a decade after a Bankrate survey found this to be true.

What’s different now? Mint. Once known as Mint, this cloud-based budgeting app has since been incorporated into Intuit’s other products, TurboTax and QuickBooks, making it a model for many different cloud budgeting apps.

It’s still a good option for household budgeters, but Mint has lost its de facto monopoly and is far from flawless. It has many features that aren’t necessary for casual budgeters, for example, and it’s not very user-friendly. Many Mint.com alternatives are lighter and more user-friendly than the original.

What Is Mint.Com?

What Is Mint.Com

Mint is a no-cost budgeting tool for financial planning that lets you keep track of all your inflow and outgoing funds in one spot. It allows you to add all your credit cards, accounts debit cards, PayPal accounts and other wallets to Mint.com.

When you add all of these accounts, you will be able to monitor your funds and be aware of where you’re saving money and where you are investing your money.

Additionally, Mint also helps you manage your expenses and other payments by sending you a text message to ensure you don’t fail to make your payment. This is the most significant feature of Mint because it allows you to be on top of your finances and also time.

Not just that, Mint.com has over 20 million customers, and there’s an online version that allows you to manage your finances right from Mint.com.

Mint.com Features

Mint.com Features
  • Mint allows you to easily keep track of your money and your investments, bills, and other expenses by delivering timely notifications of your payments, wisely placing your money in the correct location, and tracking your cash all in one place.
  • You can customize the look of your Mint accounts by making budgets that make your payments for bills more simple than ever before. Check at what was charged, receive notifications for every transaction, and assist yourself in increasing your credit rating of yours.
  • Mint is a no-cost service to use, and it is protected by 256-bit encryption. Additionally, the data exchanged through Mint.com is secured by 128 bit SSL.
  • Mint automatically categorizes all of your transactions precisely so that you are aware of how you’re spending your money. Furthermore, you can easily edit or move the transactions from one category to another.
  • Mint.com budgeting is an excellent feature since it lets users set budgets for various categories. You can create your budget either weekly or monthly as you want to. The system automatically calculates your budget based on your history of transactions, and you can change it anytime you like.
  • Mint offers customers graphic representations of their investment according to intervals like weekly or monthly. Check your current trends and reports that can be customized as well. It gives different words, such as spending, net worth debts, net investment etc.

Mint Pricing

There isn’t any pricing structure for Mint. Mint is free to download and assists you in achieving all of your financial goals in one location.

Disadvantages Of Mint.com

There are some downsides of Mint that force users to look for alternatives available on the market.

Let’s look at the reasons why users should change from Mint to alternative browsers:

  • Mint is one of the significant issues in customer data sync. Mint cannot connect to smaller banks, and your connection with other banks is disrupted. Mint.com often requires users to reconnect with banks, and your information may remain inactive for a few days or even weeks.
  • Mint actively displays advertisements on its site related to your preferences and searches that hinder the user’s experience on the dashboard and result in an unpleasant experience.
  • They don’t even have an investment tool of high quality when it comes to alternatives. It’s ok to utilize Mint’s investment tool for a short period; however, you can’t use it over a long time.
  • They also have terrible customer support, as stated by numerous users. Some multiple unresolved complaints or questions are not answered, and a lack of assistance for users.
  • The absence of reconciliation, i.e. the information you downloaded is believed to be accurate, and you can’t reconcile with your bank statements or your transactions.

Pro Tips: Choose the tool you believe could be the most suitable choice, then evaluate it against other options to make an informed choice.

List Of The Top Apps Like Mint.com

List Of The Top Apps Like Mint.com

We’ve seen both our Pros and Cons of Mint to date. It will reveal the reasons people switch from Mint to other tools. Many different options are on the market. You need select your choice carefully by comparing the options.

  1. Personal Capital
  2. Tiller
  3. YNAB (You Need A Budget)
  4. Quicken
  5. Banktivity
  6. Every Dollar
  7. Moneydance
  8. PocketSmith
  9. CountAbout

#1) Personal Capital

Personal Capital

Similar to Mint, Personal Capital is free to use and an application that runs on the internet. It functions better in a manner that focuses on retirement and investing instead of simply telling you how your money has been spending it.

Additionally, it’s an application that monitors and monitors all your funds by utilizing the right investing and budgeting options.


  • The unique capital platform is a one-stop platform that allows budgeting and investment management to help you create an improved future.
  • It provides a free financial dashboard to track every financial transaction and aids you in making wise spending decisions.
  • The ability to track investments is also there, which means you can make the best decision at the appropriate time and observe the direction it takes you.
  • The most appealing thing is that their support assistance is excellent. They are available 24 hours, seven days a week, and they’ll listen to your issues carefully. Additionally, in wealth management, live advisors are available and will help you get aware.
  • Security is far better and comes with two-factor authentication, Read-only platforms and 256-bit AES (Advanced encryption standard), Fingerprint scanning and more.


Manage your finances. It is free; however, it provides a few plans for Wealth Management services:

  • Services for Investment: For up to $200 K in investments.
  • Wealth Management Up to $1 million in investment.
  • Private ClientFor more than $1 million investment.

A portion of the sum is charged to cover different services. You have to get in touch with and sign up with Personal Capital.

The verdict: When we compare Personal Capital against Mint, it’s clear that Personal Capital is a much superior choice since it’s an all-in-one platform for financial and investment management. It also has fantastic tools for investing as well.

#2) Tiller


Like other apps, Tiller works differently. Tiller displays and manages all financial information in a constantly updated spreadsheet.

Furthermore, Tiller claims that this is the only software that can automatically update Google Sheet and Excel to reflect your expenses for the day and transactions. You have to sign up with Google, and after three simple steps, you’re all set to go.


  • Tiller uses Google sheets to create templates for business and personal finances. It allows you to have your routine tasks automatized.
  • With Tiller, you can manage everything in one place. For instance, you can track your daily transactions across 18,000 distinct sources directly in your Google spreadsheet.
  • Spreadsheet workflows let you use familiar formulas, your favourite extensions, custom reports charting, and pivot tables.
  • The most appealing aspect is that Tiller doesn’t display advertisements according to your financial status. It secures your information by using 256-bit AES encryption and Two-Factor Authentication.
  • It categorizes your transactions automatically according to your instructions and regulations. You can classify your transactions too.


Tiller has very straightforward pricing, and it comes with a trial period of 30 days. After you have completed your trial period, You will be charged $59 for the year (i.e. $4.92 per month).

Review: Tiller is a simple and a great alternative to Mint. It doesn’t add any gimmicks; log into the details of your Google account, and you can begin making financial transactions easier with your preferred Google workflows for spreadsheets.

#3) YNAB (You Need A Budget)

YNAB (You Need A Budget)

The YNAB is an award-winning program that is a little different from other tools. It focuses on getting complete control over your money. Its slogan is “Stop living pay check-to-pay check, get out of debt, and save more money”.

They will teach you to budget your cash with the utmost professionalism and make a profit by doing something great. YNAB affirms that the new budgeters can save $600 per month and $600 within their year.


  • YNAB is a well-tested method of budgeting efficiently and establishing a better future for the future.
  • It lets you budget along with your partner through access to the latest information at any time and from any device.
  • Keep track of your goals; check out for graphs, reports, and charts to help you become an ambitious budget and move towards improvement.
  • YNAB provides 100+ live and free workshops to offer personal assistance to their clients.
  • Data is entirely secured by bcrypt hashing passwords as well as encryption of data from users.


YNAB also provides a no-cost trial of 34 days, with no credit card needed. YNAB cost $84 annually (i.e. $7 per month). But, they also guarantee a full refund for those who feel that they don’t need YNAB for any reason.

The verdict: If you want complete and complete control over your finances, then this is the ideal option since it’s an effective method that has been proven and used by every person.

#4) Quicken


Quicken is an excellent application to manage your financial matters. Customers affirm that no other application provides the range and depth of tools as this. Various firms utilize Quicken because it’s a highly reliable and reliable and effective tool for managing finances.


  • See your entire financial overview in one location.
  • Intelligent tracking allows you to control your spending while also helping to save money.
  • You can easily view and manage your expenses and keep track of your investment.
  • Excellent customer service and 5GB of online storage via Dropbox.


For Windows:

Quicken offers four distinct options for Windows:

  • Beginning: For control of money ($34.99 per year).
  • Advanced: For managing and conserving funds ($39.99 for the year).
  • Premier for maximizing investments ($59.99 each year).
  • Home and business for managing the industry and personal transactions from all in one location ($79.99 for the year).

For Mac:

It has three distinct programs for Mac:

  • Initial: For control of money ($34.99 per year).
  • Advanced: For managing and saving money ($39.99 per year).
  • Premier To maximize your investment ($59.99 annually).

Review: Quicken offers value for the money, as it gives you comprehensive tools for managing and controlling financial transactions. Naturally, it’s an excellent alternative to Mint.

#5) Banktivity


Banktivity is a financial management software designed through IGG software that runs on Mac OS and iOS platform. It was previously known as iBank, and then it was renamed Banktivity.

It has launched seven versions of desktop software that include the latest and most advanced features in every performance. It brings all your accounts together in one location, allowing you to make better decisions.


  • It provides a variety of accounts such as investments, savings and cash with credit management accounts, hides/shows accounts groups, account details and more.
  • It can work with many currencies and allows you to download exchange rates for different currencies. It also allows you to transfer money in various currencies.
  • The calendar feature provides the running balance, posting transactions, schedules transactions, and performance of investments.
  • Importing options include the ability to import inline, including import from Quicken direct access, downloading, and even web download.
  • Comparative reports, custom categorizes flexible tags budgets, file management, mobility, and much more.


Banktivity is available in 7 different versions. The price of the two most recent versions is:

  • Banktivity7: $69.99
  • Banktivity6: $64.99

Evaluation: Best suitable software for those using a macOS or iOS operating system.

#6) Every Dollar

Every Dollar

Every Dollar is a different free program to manage your budget and eliminate stress on money. It assists you in creating an annual budget and meeting your goals each month. The app is accessible for Android as well as iOS devices.

It also provides Every Dollar Plus for those who require more advanced features and superior budgeting. Every Dollar Plus isn’t cost-free to use.


  • Include your monthly income, start your budget, and organize your expenses using customized templates.
  • Monitor your monthly payments for each day you spend money, make an account, and track it against your budget.
  • The features such as Split transactions, multi-transaction drop, debt reduction tools, and bank syncing make it easier.

Prices: Every Dollar is entirely free, but another tool comes with a pricing plan, i.e. Every Dollar Plus. Every Dollar Plus bill is made each year with a total cost of $129.99.

Review: Every Dollar is the most effective tool for people who wish to budget based monthly. When compared to Mint, the two mechanisms differ in how they work. It is possible to use Both Mints and Every Dollar according to their preferences.

#7) Moneydance


Moneydance is a personal financial management program with all the features that need to be used, including online bill payment net banking, bank managing your account, investing management budgeting, and more. Furthermore, it can handle different currencies and reminders for payments and allows you to complete any financial job practically.


  • Online banking through Moneydance automatically categorizes transactions and clears your record whenever required.
  • The summary of your account will give you a snapshot of your financial situation, including your account balance, investment expenditures, and planned and overdue payments.
  • Reports and graphs help to understand your earnings and expenses. The charts are printed and stored as an image.
  • The account register enables users to add the details and edit and delete transactions within their account. Additionally, it automatically calculates balances and sorts the transactions.
  • The reminders for payment can also be scheduled via your mobile phone and on your desktop. It lets you track your investments and build your portfolio.


You can purchase Moneydance software on their official website for a cost of $49.99

Review: Great software with value for money. It can also handle different currencies and provide virtual connectivity that Min cannot do.

#8) PocketSmith


PocketSmithcan can be viewed as a timer for your money, providing cash flow forecasts to help you comprehend your spending habits. It can help you keep an eye on your finances and reduce your expenditure.

One can also look at their financial future for up to 30 years ahead. Additionally, it is possible to discover old transactions using their search engine.


  • Discover and arrange your transactions into a grouping using live feeds from banks and reduce your costs to zero.
  • It also supports multi-currency simple and effective projection, a budget planner with flexible planning of budgets.
  • Best reporting using an interactive dashboard that displays your income, net worth and expenses, and a cash flow report.
  • Complete security through two-factor authentication, the ability to import data from Mint and invite other users to join, and send email alerts for your convenience.


It has two paid plans and one basic plan that is absolutely at no cost.

Paid plans include:

  • the premium for the intermediate stage of budgeting and investment ($9.95 each month).
  • Super for premium investing and budgeting ($19.95 monthly).

Review: PocketSmith is costlier than other programs, but it has excellent features, like cash flow statements and flexibility, user invitation and more. That makes it an excellent alternative.

#9) CountAbout


CountAboutis an adaptable, secure and user-friendly personal finance program that lets you import data from Quicken or Mint to automate the download of your transactions and assist you in learning how to manage your finances wherever you are.

The feature for tracking CountAbout is far superior to Quicken and Mint. Additionally, the program has received excellent reviews from industry professionals and also.


  • Transactions between more than one hundred financial institutions. Multi-factor security for logins, category-specific customization and tags.
  • Budgeting, reconciliation of accounts graphs and reports, investment or split transactions.
  • For example, invoices, regular transactions registration balances, description renaming and reporting on a particular category and tag activity.
  • Report exporting, Attachments QIF Importing, Android and iOS apps and more.


CountAbout provides two different price plans.

  • Essential: For primary use ($9.99 per year)
  • Premium For Premium use ($39.99 annually)

It also provides additional features such as:

  • AttachmentsAdding Images ($10 annually).
  • invoice: For tracking invoices ($60 per year).

Review: The HTML0 has a more effective tracking function compared to Mint. It is an excellent option for Mint.

Status believed as the social and financial network. It connects you to your family members or peers and allows you to send financial reports and financial tips to them. It will enable you also to compare financial statements and gather insights that can assist you in effectively managing your finances.


  • It allows you to connect with your fellow members, receive the most up-to-date information about finances, and anonymously ask questions and receive comments on your post.
  • It functions as a social media account to answer any financial queries and subjects. It also allows you to earn badges and rewards.
  • Status connects to all your accounts, keeps track of and organizes your financial information and assists you make comparisons.
  • Tracking net worth, simple budgeting projections of cash flow, free monitoring of credit accounts, account alerts, etc.

Price: Status is a free software product.

Review: We cannot compare Mint and Status because both software serves different purposes, but both are extremely useful.

Why should you switch from Mint?

Mint continues to provide a reliable, free budgeting tool. However, there are numerous reasons to think about another option.

The first one is that it is not equipped with investing tools. Although you can monitor your investments using Mint, many of the options available here provide excellent investing tools. Personal Capital, for example, displays an investment portfolio’s asset allocation, costs for investment, and retirement ability.

In the second, Mint employs an advertisement revenue method. This results in the user’s experience being covered with advertisements.


My initial step in looking into Mint alternatives is to try numerous budgeting and tracking tools. I’ve tested each of the devices on our list in depth except for Pocketsmith and CountAbout (I’m currently researching both of them). I’ve also conducted an extensive investigation into these and more than 25 other tools.

In assessing these apps, I was focused on the following aspects:

  • Cost
  • Ease of use
  • A mobile app is available
  • The ability to combine all your accounts into one location
  • Tools for budgeting
  • Tools for tracking investments


There are many finance and money management software products on the market. Here, we’ve compared Mint and its competitors. Each tool has distinct options, but some are comparable.

For instance, there’s little difference between Mint and Banktivity or status. Each of them is used to manage financials; however, there is one difference: Status is more of an app for social media, and Banktivity is available only for Mac OS and iOS.

If we want to use better than the most powerful software, Power Capital, Quicken, YNAB, and PocketSmith are the most effective options for saving and investment goals; however, they are slightly more expensive.

Tools such as Moneydance, Tiller, CountAbout and Every Dollar provide a new perspective and can help manage personal finances.

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