8 Best Apps Like Solo Funds

If you’ve ever been struggling with your financial situation, You may have thought about ways to borrow money from someone. But what if there were to be an app that would make it simple to get cash while also making it possible to minimize your options? Do you know there are Apps Like Solo Funds?

SoLo Funds is a Canadian application that lets you access money on your phone. You can apply for an advance in the amount you need, and the funds are credited to your bank account the following day of work.

While it’s one of the top Payday advance apps or Paycheck advance applications, there are many other alternatives for looking for similar loan apps, such as SoLo.

What Are SoLo Funds?

What Are SoLo Funds

With the increasing popularity of peer-to-peer lending, the SoLo Funds app is now the most reliable source for loans. An easy and user-friendly interface will outperform other loan providers.

The concept behind SoLo Funds is that it’s not only the process of getting loans, but the focus is on connecting individuals and helping them find solutions to their financial problems.

SoLo Funds is one of the numerous P2P firms that aim to challenge the traditional banking system at all levels. By being more efficient, cheaper, faster and more accessible, they’re looking to alter the way people use their money today.

This lending application is available for iPhone as well as Android devices. This lets you lend and borrow money from other app users, which lets you bypass the bank altogether.

If you don’t have enough credit history to qualify for conventional loans, this might be an appropriate alternative due to its low-risk requirements. It also provides an easy method of raising money via crowdfunding.

The idea behind SoLo Funds includes the principle of linking pooling and lending funds. The borrower is connected to others who are willing to lend money at a specific interest rate. They will get the exact amount without additional costs.

SoLo Fund will pay for unexpected expenses without imposing fees or interest as the loan is paid in full, and you meet your debt within the loan period.

This is a great chance to take out a loan to cover unexpected expenses instead of paying excessive interest rates. For smaller loans, SoLo Funds imposes a substantial late fee that is a pain for people in urgent need of cash.

There are various options in addition to Solo Fund, which you can look at. Here are the top apps similar to SoLo funds.

Apps Like Solo Funds: Lend And Borrow Alternatives

Virtue: Lend & Borrow Money

Virtue: Lend & Borrow Money

Virtue is a peer-to-peer lending website that allows you to borrow money and lend it to family members or friends. It’s a platform that lets family and friends borrow money and lend it through loans that pay interest back in full and at no cost. Users can also lend or borrow their funds via the platform.

This app works by providing the family and friends to borrow and lend money from each other legally. Through this platform, Zirtue hopes to solve the scarcity of funds for its users.

The app has already formed partnerships with banks to provide verified lending and borrowing services via the application. They are hoping that their app can be the future method to lend money to family or friends members.

It works using blockchain technology to develop a decentralized application (DApp) which uses the smart contract and rewards system to make sure that loans are paid in time. It also assures each loan that is made.

The concept behind Zirtue is derived from the reality that most people reside in countries in which it is difficult to obtain a loan through traditional banks. Therefore, Zirtue offers the ability to lend and borrow money with no fees or charges and allows micro-lending. The platform lets users define their repayment terms and rates for lending, essentially deciding what they will charge for lending others money. The platform is currently adding the latest features and features available on its website.

There are new functions available to let you create your loans, pay them off, set repayment terms, and even choose a specific sum for the loan.

You may also use Zirtue’s Direct-Bill Pay option if you can’t pay monthly instalments. Through this feature, money is transferred directly from Zirtue to the provider’s account.

Possible: Fast Cash & Credit

Possible: Fast Cash & Credit

In the case of short-term loans, the public can’t come across any more affordable or more efficient alternatives. This is where Possible Finance comes in and offers a simple and fast loan application.

The best of them all is SoLo funds that offer personal loans that have flexible repayment times instead of traditional loans, which can be pretty expensive and are supposed to be fully repaid by an agreed-upon period.

It’s a good option for anyone looking to make small-to-medium-sized investments with a shorter payback duration.

Possible Finance is among the fastest-growing platforms due to its approach to the lending market being different. The platform provides personal loans with flexible repayment times and standard loans, which can be expensive and are supposed to be wholly repaid after an agreed-upon date.

It is an online lender that offers smaller instalment loans to clients to aid them in managing their finances. The company provides short-term loans to people in need of cash quickly.

The company claims that you can repay small loans, short-term ones, in weekly instalments. According to the company, this loan form gives you up to eight weeks to repay the loan in two-week increments instead of paying the total amount at the time of your next due date.

This company isn’t concerned even if you have poor credit or no credit whatsoever. They will respond promptly to your needs through chat, text, and email.

If you require short-term loans, the Possible company Finance is an option to consider. It provides a broad range of credit choices and offers more flexibility than conventional loan providers. The company offers flexible repayment times and provides the most diverse loans.

The application from Possible Finance allows you to alter your due date without additional charges or have to revise your credit score or file documents multiple times.



MoneyLion is a mobile application that allows you to borrow and lend money. A variety of features help MoneyLion stand apart from other apps. The app has a lending marketplace where users can offer loans and accept offers from others who meet similar credit scores.

The app seeks to make life financially simpler for its users. It assists them in finding the most appropriate loans and provides users easy access to their funds.

They give users a simple method of managing their finances while receiving instant cash advances, check accounts and credit score tracking and credit building loans from any location.

It’s one of the most popular apps, similar to SoLo funds. It is an excellent alternative to bank accounts, with an intuitive interface and low-interest rates for personal loans. It functions as a digital bank account and credit card all in one. The app also has an overdraft protection option that can be utilized to cover everyday expenses.

They can assist you in getting your finances under control using their budget calculator online. Their budget calculator will help you create a budget and keep track of your monthly expenditure.

MoneyLion is a machine-learning technology that gives individualized advice to users. It is a revolutionary way to manage your money. The platform is built based on machine learning which allows it to be adaptable to the behavioural pattern of the users it serves and then adapt accordingly.

They offer two types of loans: loans for more minor monthly expenses and loans that allow for substantial monthly instalments. You can pick between them based on your specific situation.

The platform provides you with personalized tips on utilizing your funds efficiently according to your habits about spending and your needs to make the most of the money. It can also help you save money by recommending investments that are most suitable for your needs.



Prosper offers loans to those with a high credit score and has a tiered process with various application requirements, making it challenging for all prospective borrowers.

Prosper, a peer-to-peer lending service, is a viable alternative to banks that are traditional. Prosper aims to help those who cannot access traditional banking services access the money they require.

Prosper provides personal loans with low-interest rates. It also eliminates the headache of dealing with bankers and the paperwork usually required to complete this procedure.

The company has enjoyed growth since its inception at the end of 2006 and now has more than one million members that have given billions of loans. In contrast to typical banking systems, in which banks take the bulk of their profits, Prosper earns its entire income by charging interest on loans.

Prosper lets anyone with an account with a valid checking balance request loans through their mobile or website and use free financial online tools such as an automatic savings account and a calculator.

It allows people with lower credit scores to get loans from businesses or individuals. The rates differ based on the borrower’s credit score and the loan amount, allowing the borrower to pay lower fees and more favourable loan terms.

Prosper provides loans that range from $40,000, but the average amount they offer is about $3,000. It allows users to take out more loans without the higher interest rate.

It provides a straightforward method to invest in the markets for stock and earn money. It also includes information on how you can win investors.

Prosper’s lending capabilities make it an exceptional tool compared to other apps, such as SoLo funds. It offers higher-quality loans thanks to its Auto invest’ feature, which automates the allocation of your investments, so you don’t need to alter or configure your portfolio when things vary manually. It’s an excellent platform for businesses seeking fresh investment concepts.

Kiva – Lend for Good

Kiva - Lend for Good

Kiva provides an online service that connects those who require loans to people willing to lend. It has linked millions of people across many countries. The platform is accessible to everyone.

The app offers a way for lenders and borrowers to communicate via the internet, making it more affordable than brick-and-mortar lending institutions.

Kiva is a not-for-profit organization and one of the most popular applications like SoLo funds. It lets people lend smaller amounts of cash to business owners and students. It is a type of crowdfunding that utilizes the internet to allow it to be more accessible to a broader audience.

It has been praised widely for its innovative work in this area. However, it is still facing many obstacles, for instance, getting capital from a variety of investors who have different risk tolerances and providing adequate returns to lenders.

Kiva has the objective of reducing poverty by providing small loans. What makes Kiva its success is that it can connect the lenders and the borrowers. Kiva also offers information on each loan to know how their money is utilized.

Kiva aims to create lending that is as simple as possible by making it available to all people worldwide via its mobile or website. The site offers information on the borrowers who require loans and the amount they’ll need. It also provides information on the ways lenders can make the loan process on Kiva’s platform and the personal story of each borrower to ensure that lenders can better reach out to them on a personal level.

Over 300 micro-finance organizations and schools, non-profit organizations, and social impact companies, have joined forces with Kiva to help achieve their goals.



Lending Club is another peer-to-peer finance platform among the most popular apps, similar to SoLo funds, which provide loans to customers while helping non-profits and businesses expand. The firm has been operating for some time, in addition to Renaud Laplanche, a French businessman who started the company.

They offer loans to those who are not eligible for traditional credit institutions, such as personal loans or credit cards.

Lending Club provides various financial products and services. These include credit cards, auto loans, student loans, residential mortgages, and personal and business loans. They are available with rates and charges typically less than those offered by credit unions and banks.

It’s among the top apps such as SoLo Funds because it offers many financial products that earn higher returns than conventional investment options like real estate or stocks. People who have a minimum score of at least 600 credit points and minimum three-year credit history are eligible for private loans, starting at $1,000 up to $40,000.

This platform allows small-scale companies to finance their operations quickly and easily with flexible repayment options and rapid decision-making processes. They have budgeting tools as well as automated savings plans and many more.

Lending Club allows users to save money by investing in low-risk loans while earning stable returns. But, they can also make a budget or even automate your savings, so you’re always at the top of your spending.

The company has no physical offices; instead, they send applicants for loans through their website and mail. The applicants can monitor their loan status on the website or by email.

Lending Club helps borrowers avoid the high costs of bank fees associated with traditional loans by completing the application online.

Brigit: Borrow & Build Credit

Brigit: Borrow & Build Credit

Brigit is a lending app created to assist you in avoiding the requirement for cash. When Brigit breaks down your spending into categories, it monitors the amount you spend as well as what the average person’s spending within those categories.

Brigit was created by an engineer from the software industry looking to develop an application that could help people achieve financial stability. He aimed to help people build their entrepreneurial skills without worrying about financial stress.

It’s not only a tool for managing your finances. It’s an instrument to manage your life. It will help you understand the habits of your spenders and cut down on the amount you spend by knowing the amount you can save and finding additional funds.

One of the essential features of Brigit is its capacity to offer credit card debt counselling via its interface. This feature aids users in making better financial decisions through tables of their spending over time and suggests strategies based on their past behaviour.

Brigit can be described as a finance application that gives you a better comprehension of your habits when it comes to your money. It aims to keep you in control of your spending habits and ensure that your money doesn’t go to waste.

They use data such as locations, bank transfers, and credit card transactions to aid you in understanding what’s happening to your finances in the daily rush.

Alongside providing information on your spending habits, Brigit also sends alerts regarding upcoming bills. It also helps you understand how to enhance your budget by pointing out the areas that aren’t performing for you.

Brigit is a no-cost personal finance advisor that supplies users with strategies to save money and help their money last longer.

Brigit’s premium level comes with exclusive and valuable features, such as the cash advance. It is essential to know that the cash advances feature can only be availed to customers enrolled in the paid level of Brigit.

The app comes with an exclusive feature that grants the user an instant loan of up to $250 in situations where they realize they’re going over budget. The money is then incorporated back into the month’s budget or reimbursed anytime by the client.


Lemme is another top app similar to SoLo Funds but with a different method of operation. Lemme lets lenders and borrowers loan money automatically invested into high-risk investments.

As the demand for this service grows, so do the opportunities for investors who want to earn substantial profits from their investment.

The only thing you need to do is ask for the loan, and Lenme will locate the most favourable interest rate to suit your needs. The lenders can invest in high-risk investments for the loan and earn greater returns than conventional low-risk investment options like bonds or bank deposits. Lenme’s investment approach Lenme is different from the traditional approach to investing.

It’s an application that allows peer-to-peer lending. It will enable the borrower to take out loans without worrying about the cost.

Lemme lenders put their savings to earn money, and Lenme borrowers are people who need assistance with their costs.

The lender can invest or lend at any amount and build their investment over a specified time frame, such as weeks, months or even years. Lenders may require loans, from car repair to medical emergencies. There’s no limit on the amount an individual lender can loan as the Lenme platform relies on trust.

It’s an app that allows borrowers to take out money without the expense needed to keep staff on the job to manage loans and teams and verify and approve the borrowers. They have a unique system that allows lenders to lend money with their capital to secure collateral.

Lenders can earn returns from their investments while offering to lend money to individuals they consider credible. They may also utilize their profits to pay investors who choose to invest their money into the lending fund of the platform.

The Lemme application is free to download through the Appstore. It allows you to browse for the loans you want to take based on criteria like loan amount and the rate of interest, loan duration, and credit score.

It is also possible to read the opinions of other users to determine the kind of loan that is best for you. It also offers opportunities for personal loans with flexible terms, such as holiday loans and loans with late payments that carry penalties.

Final Verdict

Many apps similar to SoLo Funds are on the market, and we know the difficulty of picking the right one for your requirements.

This is why we have conducted extensive research on every product available and have concluded that, before taking a look at any item, you must answer a few questions about yourself before starting any investment or trading plan to secure your future.

SoLo’s fund’s app and related apps provide cash advance options that can be beneficial financially for the lender and the customer. Since there is a wide variety of options available out on the market, your choice of the top apps like SoLo Funds is dependent on your requirements and preferences.

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