Apps Like Randonautica | Best Alternatives To Choose From in 2022

The Randonautica app, a new app that allows users to track their progress in real-time, has generated a lot of excitement around the globe. The app’s concept is similar to kids’ treasure hunting games to play with maps. However, the app uses technology as well as physics. The Randonautica stories can be both bizarre and unbelievable.

Users around the globe, including teens, are taking an adventure. Others are astonished by the stories and wonder, “What is Randonautica?” Are the Randonautica stories true? What are the other Apps Like Randonautica

What Is Randonautica App?

Persely Media owns Randonautica, an American app. It uses a straightforward location interface to allow users to be sent on a new adventure, or “Randonauting.” The app does not know where the user is going or what they will discover. This app is a spooky, random adventure app that guides users to discover new places. All it asks for is a location. You can also set the distance you’re willing to travel from your current location.

How To Use Randonautica App?

According to many reports, the app works randomly using a number generator that produces coordinates near the user’s current location. Randonautica claims it can channel users’ “intentions” to generate nearby coordinates for exploration.

  • The application requires that the user provide some details, such as the preferred radius.
  • You’ll also need to decide whether water points should be considered.
  • The app will then ask you for your current location.
  • After the app knows your site, it will ask you questions like “What would be nice to get?” This is a question about which quantum point you prefer. You will have several choices, including Void, Attractor, and Anomaly. You can choose from them all.
  • Another question will now ask you how many quantum points are you interested in, and you can answer accordingly.
  • You will now need to “Choose Your Entropy Source” from where the organization advised you to use ANU, which stands for Australian National University.
  • Once you choose, the process will start, and you will receive a location to be your Randonauting adventure.

 Are The Stories Of The Randonautica App True?  

 Although many stories have been proven false or found to be fake, some Randonautica stories have proved to be true. Although fans have not been able to determine whether the bizarre and frightening adventure in the application is true, these Randonautica stories continue to pop up every day. Here are some reactions from people around the globe to Randonauting.

  Apps Like Randonautica  

 Rusty Lake Hotel

Rusty Lake Hotel

Rusty Lake, an adventure game for gaming, has a mysterious click adventure. The game has many features, including an easy setup and play option, tons of puzzles, thrilling stories, and a suspenseful atmosphere. You will also find a fantastic soundtrack and many other achievements in the in-time gallery.

Rusty Lake, an adventure app that offers a surreal gaming experience, is similar to Randonautica. Users also have identical options for guided gaming. You can download the application for about 2 dollars from Google and IOS.

Cube Escape Seasons

Cube Escape Seasons

Cube Escape offers a series of adventure cases that follow the pattern of a series. Each issue has the player taking on the role of a character, such as a detective investigating an unusual death of a girl. The game will then take you to a mysterious location and provide a series of crime analyses as you go.

The player will unlock the character using the evidence collected at the location.

Randonautica and Cube Escape share the same strange and mysterious gaming environment. They then immerse the player in an investigative state while playing the game and making progress. The game can be downloaded free of charge on both Google and IOS.

However, to access premium features such as upgrades to the latest season or next game level, the user must purchase a subscription.

The White Door

The White Door

The white door is another maze adventure platform by the same creators as Cube Escape, Rusty Lake, and Rusty Lake. The player becomes Robert Hill, a character who wakes up with severe mental deterioration. He also suffers from memory loss.

The gamer then has access to a pick-up and play, an interactive storyline, and a split-screen to Rusty Lake. The space also features an immersive atmosphere and haunting music.

White Door and Randonautica have the same adventure themes and features. Both the platforms and the overall layouts of the apps are similar, from the atmosphere to the music options. This app is available for purchase at approximately 3 dollars via Google or the IOS stores.

Fran Bow

Fran Bow

Fan Bow is an adventure game that features a little girl called Fran, who has a mental illness. After the death of her parents, she flees into the woods to escape with her cat friend. She would then go through a mental transformation and be in a mental facility.

The game’s intrigues provide the user with 2D and 3D options and puzzles specifically designed to test their abilities.

Both Randonautica and Fran Bow share the same adventure theme as the inspiration for the apps and games. For 2 dollars, the user can download the game from Google or IOS. The user must have a large screen and at least 1GB of RAM to enjoy seamless gaming.

The Office Quest

The Office Quest

The Office Quest is an 11-sheep gaming adventure that allows users to relax and not be bored at work. Many puzzles and riddles will challenge your mind, which can help you develop a short head. As the user moves through the levels, they will discover exciting characters and other options.

Randonautica’s Office Quest is very similar to Randonautica’s because they both offer a thrilling adventure and a variety of challenges for users. They also provide levels and options that allow players to move as they progress through the game.

The gaming app is free to access on both Google and IOS platforms. To access premium features within the app, users will need to subscribe. You will also see ads during play and general usage.

Barney’s Dream Cruise

Barney's Dream Cruise

Barney’s Dream Cruise, a Gubbi game where the subject can use the Retro Pixel art point-and-click option on its platform, is part of the Gubbi games. Barney is the main character in this game. He is also at significant risk of losing his true love. Retrofitting and combining adventure elements with pixel art and a cartoon environment, the game creates an overall appeal that is a puzzle, challenge, and logic application.

This game is similar to Randonautica because it combines classic adventure with nostalgia. It also promises a fresh experience with its analytical challenges.

This game is available on both Google as well as IOS. The game does not mention any costs, but there are some extras you need to pay to enjoy premium in-app features.

Full Pipe

Full Pipe

This puzzle adventure takes players back to the era of click-and-drag. The game’s story revolves around an eccentric character who finds himself in the most bizarre puzzle of his life when his everyday morning becomes extraordinary. The character then sets out to discover the natural and unknown world.

This gaming app offers a classic arcade game on mobile with unique characters, hidden threats, and beautiful locations.

Full Pipe is similar in that it has adventure and twists. To navigate through the various levels of this game, one must use logic and think outside of the box. You will never be bored on this platform.

The Tiny Bang Story

The Tiny Bang Story

Click adventure is a mobile version of the popular click game. It allows you to locate and find popular objects. Tiny Bang Story is a game that takes you to a small and beautiful planet. An asteroid strike inspired it. The player must solve puzzles to restore the place to its former glory. You can also find chapters in the game that allow you to progress as you complete each level and forge on to the next.

Tiny Bang Story is similar in design to Randonautica, as it is heavily inspired by adventure. It features 3D brain teasers, challenges, and intuitive controls. The game platform can be downloaded free of charge on Google, IOS.

The user will have to pay additional charges for bandwidth usage and downloads. Access to premium features on the app requires a purchase.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things

The game adopts characters from Netflix’s series and allows them to live in BonusXP. You can explore Hawkins and the surrounding area to discover the many exciting scenes and places that the game offers on the platform.

They can also solve puzzles while interacting with the unique abilities and features of the characters. Each unlocks earns the user promotion at a higher level on the platform.

Stranger Things is similar to Randonautica, as it has strange parts throughout the game. The site also offers a variety of features, including promotion at multiple levels for users who complete the challenges.

Stranger Things is free to download on Google and for review on IOS. To access and use some additional features, you will need to subscribe.

Slaughter Horse

Slaughter Horse

The game was available previously on popular app store platforms under a different name. The game’s current upgrade allows users to access Captain Silverman and Process of the Sun. You navigate the game’s twists and turns and the dark fate that awaits your characters.

The next step is to devise a strategy for overcoming the challenges presented by the game. It is very random, features atmospheric graphics, and has other features that each user can access.

Slaughter Horse is very similar to Randonautica. It has many challenges and allows for progress at multiple levels. These are the complex tasks that must be completed by the user to overcome them and finally succeed.

You can play the game for free or make in-app purchases to access premium features on Google. The game is also available on IOS for a flat fee of 1 dollar

Little Misfortune

Little Misfortune

This interactive game tells Ramirez Hernandez’s story as she searches for eternal happiness to give her mother. All the twists and turns, sweet and dark, intrigues, and final consequences, point to an inevitable end.

You can find key features such as animated characters, monsters, children, and a shared they of love. These themes are emphasized by the original soundtrack and artwork towards the end.

Little Misfortune has a similar ending to Randonautica in its strangeness and twists. The characters must follow the path to the end of the game by finding well-thought-out solutions to the challenges and twists. Access and use the app at $5 on Google or $7 on IOS.

Cube Escape Paradox (Case 10)

Cube Escape Paradox (Case 10)

This game features the home of Mr. Crow in different levels and formats. Each episode explores various mysteries as the players navigate through the house and prepare for a storm. These unexpected turns and the triumphs that occur as they progress across multiple levels lead the gamer to the final.

Cube Escape is similar to Randonautica due to the bizarre twists. It turns that the user experiences as they explore the mysterious machine and other parts of the home. You can also navigate the house by advancing through different levels.

The application is accessible on Google as well as IOS. However, the user must pay for access to certain features.



Satoko offers interactive adventures and challenging gaming challenges via SMS. The app has many options and features, from romance and suspense to experience. Users have access to over half a billion other users and can make their own choices about the endings of their games.

There are many possibilities for storytelling and imagination that can be used to create a story.

Satoko’s adventure-filled platform is similar to Randonautica. The user can also progress through different options, move through multiple levels and solve problems to unlock new possibilities. You can download the app free of charge on Google or IOS. Premium users have the opportunity to purchase additional features.

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