Apps like Possible Finance – 15 Best Options to Choose From

Even if we do everything right, sometimes a crisis or an emergency can strike and wipe us out. What do you do when that happens? What do you do if you have bad credit and your savings aren’t enough to pay what you owe them? Stop panicking and run to the nearest payday lender if you feel in danger. Breathe. There are cheaper and better ways to get the money you want.

A cash advance app is one way to accomplish this. These apps are common and you’ve likely seen them advertised. These are great ways to bridge the gap between paydays. These are not payday loans but more like direct deposit advances. One of these apps is Possible Finance and there are various apps like Possible Finance. Lets check them.

What Is Possible Finance?

What is possible finance

Based in Seattle, Washington, possible finance is the brainchild of Tony Huang, Prasad Mahendra, and Tyler Conant. Geekwire states that the founders intended to create a financial product that could compete with traditional payday lenders, but it was accessible by a broader range of borrowers. Tony Huang, the founder of Geekwire, stated this during an interview:

“By making it easier to access and report to credit bureaus, users can build credit histories and reduce stigmatization of small-dollar loans. This will allow us to expand financial access to a wider audience.”

IBS Intelligence has named Possible Finance one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in Seattle. However, it is not available everywhere. The website footer states that they can only offer loans in 18 states.

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Delaware
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Florida
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Oklahoma
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington

Be calm if your state is not listed. The company is currently adding states to its list.

Possible finance works in the same way as other cash advance apps. You can add Possible Finance to an existing bank account after creating your account. The platform analyzes your bank activity to determine if you are eligible for a loan and, if so, how much. Your eligibility is determined by your banking history, not your credit score.

The loans from Possible Finance are more similar to personal loans and instalment loans than the cash advance. Interest will be charged. You won’t be required to repay the entire amount until your next payday.

Possible finance, unlike other apps, does a credit check. However, the website states that it doesn’t care if you have bad credit or not. The company will do a “soft pull” of your credit. According to the company support site, this credit check is only for fraud prevention and identification verification. It won’t affect your credit score or show up on credit reports.

These Are Some Of The Top Apps Like Possible Finance

Potential finance is not the only small loan/cash advance application. These are the major players in Fintech.

Dave cash advance 

Dave cash advance 

like many other apps, Dave Cash Advance offers a cash advance option similar to Possible Finance. The amount available is, however, much smaller.

Dave Cash Advance is a maximum of $200. This amount can be applied to your next paycheck. This might make the app appear less impressive when taken at face value.

Dave Cash Advance’sAdvance’s main selling point is its additional features.

The app can be a hub for freelancing to connect people with “side gigs”. These side gigs can often be a great way to make recurring income.

LevelCredit is also a partner of the app to improve credit scores. It protects users from ATM fees and overdraft fees.



Earnin has a comparable monetary limit to Possible Finance. The Cash Out feature allows users to withdraw $500 from their paychecks (although there are maximum amounts).

This is a recurring program. The $500 advance can be redeemed for as many pay cycles and times as the user wishes. You must repay the entire amount.

All this comes without interest or mandatory fees. Users are encouraged to tip the system if they like the service.



MoneyLion is a solid mid-tier company for cash advances. Users can get up to $250 cash advance at 0% APR. The advance is also free of interest, provided you repay the amount in full.

It also offers support for people with poor credit. MoneyLion does not have to be strict. MoneyLion doesn’t do credit checks.

They also offer loans for people who wish to improve their credit scores.

This feature has stricter criteria than a cash loan. However, if a person is eligible, they may be granted a loan of up to $1,000.

Instantly, the loan’s value will be applied to their credit score. TransUnion monitors the loan and provides updates every week.



Chime has a different approach to cash advances than other apps.

SpotMe is one of their most popular services. It works with a standard debit card.

Imagine someone who had $150 in their bank accounts but spent $200. This would typically put the card in overdraft and result in additional fees.

Chime would pay the excess up to $200. This prevents a bank account from becoming overdrawn.

Chime also offers direct deposit services. This allows users to combine direct deposits with the app.

This will allow you to get paid as early as two days before. This will help to improve credit scores over time.



FloatMe offers assistance for those who are concerned about overdraft fees. This app is renowned for its ability to partner with many banks. They currently have over 10,000 institutions.

FloatMe also offers cash advances. The cash advances are not subject to interest and come with no credit checks.

The amount that users can withdraw is smaller than other apps. Users can withdraw only $50.

App’sApp’s additional features balance out the smaller cash advance. They are exceptionally notable for their expenditure calculations.

It analyzes the user’s spending and generates graphs that help to show how they can allocate their income. It works together to improve credit scores and save money.



Klover offers a modest cash advance to its users. Users don’t need to worry about hidden fees, credit checks, or interest rates.

It is also elementary to use the app. The cash advance limit is lower because of this. Users can only borrow $100 via a cash advance when they first use the app.

Klover has appealing features that make up for the lower initial cash advance limits.

You can earn points by using the app. You can use these points to get several benefits.

One of the best uses for points is to increase cash advance limits. There are many fun options.

A user could invest points in daily sweepstakes, for example. Users can also increase their points by simply scanning receipts or watching advertisements.



Branch is more specific than many cash advance-focused apps we have seen.

This is a tool for employers who work with gig workers and contractors. It’s important to remember that both sides will reap the benefits.

Employers can handle payments quickly and easily. The system can also provide high levels of transparency when required. This makes it simple to calculate total expenses during a project.

Employees enjoy the ability to get funds quickly. You don’tdon’t have to worry about checking cash, slow transfers, or banking holidays.

It is easy to access part of your earned income through the EWA system before receiving your final payment.



Brigit is best known for her cash advance feature. It allows users to withdraw up to $250 without any credit checks or interest, similar to other apps.

The app’s secondary tools make it stand out from the rest. It offers a significant level of insight for analyzing trends in spending.

This makes it easier to identify where there are spending shortages. This data is intelligently divided into food, community, and services.

The app can connect users to job opportunities. The app allows users to search for part-time and full-time work.

Empower – Instant Cash Advance

Empower - Instant Cash Advance

Empower offers cash advances up to $250 with no interest. Empower also allows users to access over 37,000 ATM locations free of charge.

Users have other savings opportunities on top of their regular transactions. One of the most striking is a 10% cashback on various products and services.



Lenme can be used to access much more money than other apps like Possible Finance.

The app works well with loans between $50 and $5,000. The app has more restrictions and rules than other apps due to its considerable cash value.

It functions more as a link to traditional lenders.

This is why lenders are more likely to accept any credit score than their competitors.

It’s quick and easy to use the app to contact the different lenders.

It takes very little time to find another lender if one lender isn’t interested.



Payactiv is not as easy as other apps to classify. It’sIt’s tightly integrated into a user’s work environment.

Integrating with an employer means that withdrawal limits for employees are directly linked to the employer’s

Because of this tight integration, it is much easier to figure out limits in advance. It also offers features that would not otherwise be possible.

The app can show notifications, company announcements, shifts that users can pick up, and alerts.

Kora Cash

Kora Cash

Kora Cash has a higher monetary limit than most competitors. The app allows users to get as little as $25 to $2,000 in cash.

As is often the case, however, a higher value means that there are more rigorous criteria to qualify.

Its ties to academia are the most critical requirement. The user must be currently enrolled in college or a recent college graduate to qualify.

The service is currently only available in 21 states. Kora Cash is also different from other apps in that it offers interest on loans.

Each case will have a different interest rate. Users can expect a 15% to 20% APR. This is still a significant decrease from the average APR for credit cards.



CashNetUSA offers payday loans up to $300. They are well above the average in terms of the total value. The app does, however, run credit checks on all users.

People with poor credit are usually offered service. CashNetUSA will not accept everyone who meets these criteria.

The app offers additional ways to save money and payday loans.

These extras include coupons and tools that help you manage your budget.

Financial education is one of the most exciting options. You can learn how to balance your finances, create a budget and plan for the future.



Current can be integrated with bank accounts and debit cards to provide overdraft protection. It offers a simple to use interface that protects against overdraft fees up to $100.

To use this feature, you will need to use the direct deposit service included with the app. You will need to deposit at least $500 each month.

Direct deposit users can access their funds much earlier than regular banking hours.

The app will notify users when the cash can be used. This notification usually occurs approximately two days before the regular banking schedule to direct deposit.



Cleo offers users a cash advance up to $100. The interest rate on this amount will vary depending on how it is processed. A credit card can provide an advance, which could incur interest rates.

Cleo users can take money out of the Salary Advance feature. This money is used with an incoming direct debit or possible overdraft fee. These advances do not come with interest. They are, however, limited to $100

Cleo also provides user-friendly tools that help users set and maintain a budget. These include some of the most detailed categorizations of any app up to this point.

This categorization covers common choices such as shopping or eating out. It also analyses more unusual situations, such as vacations and holidays.

It is much easier to see how weekly and yearly expenses impact a budget.

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