Apple Pay Services is Currently Unavailable

Apple Pay Services is Currently Unavailable – Easy Fix


Since the virus spread, digital payments have evolved into a shared payment method. It is clear that Apple anticipated this and included Apple Pay within its watches and iOs before any other company. It is easy to complete your online payments through your digital Wallet or scan using Apple Pay.

Additionally, it allows users to buy anything on the Internet, eliminating the necessity of keeping the money in their pocket. There have been complaints from customers with Apple Pay since updating to the most recent version of iOS. If you’re one of them, here’s the information you should be aware of.

What Does Apple Pay Services is Currently Unavailable Mean?

What Does Apple Pay Services is Currently Unavailable Mean

The “Apple Pay Service is not available at the moment issue was reported by numerous customers.

It is not a good idea to try and pay only to find out that “Apple pay services are currently unavailable.” If Apple Pay is not available in activating your Apple ID or when applying for an Apple Card, and it states, “Apple Pay is presently unavailable,” this article will show you what you can do.

In this article, we’ll examine the causes that could be responsible for discovering Apple Pay services that are currently unavailable. In addition, we will discuss the steps to take if you discover you cannot use Apple Pay services that are currently inaccessible.

The question is whether Apple Pay services are currently unavailable in Apple Cash and Apple Pay services are not available for your Apple Card. The most important thing is that “Apple account services are unavailable.”

You could sit and wait and still get, “Apple pay services are currently unavailable, try again later.” Sometimes it will be a message that reads “Apple pay services are currently unavailable” while you’re trying to complete the Apple account activation.

Causes of Apple Pay Services Are Currently Unavailable

  • The most frequently cited motives for Apple Pay not working or inaccessible are the battery’s low charge in the phone or the lack or lack of Apple Pay acceptance.
  • There may be problems on Apple Pay’s server, a damaged electronic payments terminal, or a particular credit or debit card.
  • If Apple Wallet isn’t set up to use the iPhone’s cellular connection, problems with communication could be experienced, resulting in Apple Pay Services being unavailable.
  • In this scenario enabling cellular data on the iPhone to Apple Wallet might be the best solution. Open Cellular in the iPhone Settings app.

Why Does Apple Say Say Apple Pay Services is Currently Unavailable?

Apple Pay is one of the most secure and reliable software that uses a range of services that allow you to track and secure your purchases.

Background services available on iOS could malfunction or utilize older memory and caches provided by the iOS server due to the introduction of significant updates and features.

You may need to restart your device or install the service you’re experiencing to resolve these problems.

Apple Pay customers appear to be affected in the same manner by some settings running in the background or if your iPhone has to be rebooted for new tokens of security to be delivered to your phone. If you’re having issues using Apple Pay, we recommend first implementing the suggestions provided below.

How to Fix Apple pay Services are Currently Unavailable?

How to Fix Apple pay Services are Currently Unavailable

The suggestions below can assist you in resolving any Apple Pay troubles. If the solutions listed below don’t work, we suggest following the previous section to try to resolve problems with Apple Pay. We’ll start with the solution.

Fix 1: In Apple Pay, Choose Your Phone Number and Your Mail

  • Click on the settings application and then launch it. Choose the Option to create wallets in the dropdown menu.
  • Now. All your cards and bank accounts you’ve added will be displayed at the top of the page. Click on the lower left corner of the page, and click ‘Email’ in your ‘ “Transactions‘ section.
  • Select the email address you’d like to use to make payments.
  • If you wish to change the address of your emails by pressing the button ‘ Create New Email Address or Add from an existing contact. Suppose you wish to choose the contacts. Then, click ‘ Edit‘ on the upper right-hand edge of the display. You can also remove addresses.
  • Once you’re done, you can tap to select the ” done Option.

Fix 2: Restart the Device Completely

On iOS devices, the hard restart feature helps restart and reset background services. It also clears caches and gets new security tokens for security apps, email applications, password managers, and other apps.

Try a complete restart of your device if you have the correct email address and phone number chosen for you within Apple Pay. This is reported to fix Apple Pay issues for some users who had difficulty using NFC and selecting the right card for their preferred one within Settings. Settings app.

For a hard restart, choose the appropriate Option from the following list depending on the device you are using if your device has an option to turn off the home button, it presses and holds the Power + Home buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.

Fix 3: Remove and Re-Add Your Card Or Bank Account

This is a significant fix. However, If Apple Pay hasn’t been fixed at this point, you’ll have to add your bank account or credit card to the app. This will enable you to update your payment service, allowing Apple Pay to function on your phone again.

Suppose you want to confirm that everything is functioning correctly; when you deactivate your payment method, it is recommended to perform an unintentional restart. If you want to add your payment method to Apple Pay, follow the following steps.

  • Choose Wallet or Apple Pay from the dropdown menu in the Settings app. Then, tap the payment method you wish to remove. Select ‘Remove this card at the end of the screen.
  • Enter your password to confirm your decision.

The method of payment in question will be deleted from the device. At this moment, it is advised to reset your device by pressing the power button.

  • Start the Wallet app and then tap the “+” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen once your phone has been restarted.
  • Then, use the app to scan your credit card. You can also enter your data by hitting the button at the bottom of the screen.
  • To join your card with Apple Pay, follow your bank’s instructions on the screen.
  • Your card will be integrated into Apple Pay as a payment system. It should now be possible to use Apple Pay without any problems.

If none of the previous solutions works, check out the following solutions. Reinstalling the app or altering those settings erases all your personalizations and payment methods.

Fix 4: Log Out of Your Apple ID And Sign Back In

  • If you’re having difficulty accessing Apple Pay, sign in to your Apple ID again. Start the Settings app, then go to Apple ID > Sign out at the top.
  • You’ll be removed from your Apple ID after you confirm your password. Apple ID, if you confirm your password, then hit the
  • Turn the off button located on the right-hand side of the screen. We suggest that you reboot your device, then keep it connected to an outlet and connected to a WiFi internet connection for an extended few minutes.
  • Restart your Settings app, sign in to it, and log back into your Apple ID; if you’re having issues with using Apple Pay as intended because of security or identification issues, it is likely to be fixed.

Fix 5: Reset Your Settings

  • In this instance, you can reset all of your settings. If the background conflicts on your device result from unmatched iOS 14 settings, this will help to fix the issue.
  • Start your settings app. Then, go to the Transfer option or Reset buttonReset the iPhone, and finally reset all settings.
  • After entering your passcode, confirm your selection. All of your device’s settings will be reset. If your device fails to restart immediately after this procedure, we suggest using the procedure above to force restart it.
  • This will let you modify Apple Pay in the Settings app in the manner you prefer after restarting and should solve the issue. Apple Pay troubles.

Fix 6. Reset Your Smartphone As a Last Resort

If Apple Pay is still not working on your device, reset it and restart. This is suggested for users who haven’t reset their device after a few feature upgrades.

You can use iTunes to create a custom backup or iCloud to back up your data and reset your device. Before resetting your device, ensure it is running at least 50% battery life or connected to the wall.

  • Launch the Settings app, go to General, then Transfer and Reset your iPhone; erase all content in addition to Settings for a reset of your phone.
  • Enter the passcode of your Apple ID to confirm your choice. In certain situations, you might need to remove Find My iPhone. Reset your device if essential. At least a few times during this process, it is likely that your iPhone will be able to restart. This is normal and shouldn’t be considered a reason to be concerned. Restart your device and log in to Apple Pay using your Apple ID as usual once it’s been reset. You can access Apple Pay without any problems after reinstalling it.

Fix 7: Disable VPN

VPN on iPhone must be disabled on iPhone. Suppose your iPhone is configured to access the Internet through a VPN. In that case, the Pay feature may not function correctly because it needs the physical location of the iPhone for processing payments. Turning off VPN on the iPhone VPN in the iPhone might solve the issue in this case.

Interferences with Adblockers or VPNs: If a VPN or an Adblocker interferes with the server-client connection, the current Apple Pay services may be affected.

The information of the user is not matching between the Apple ID as well as the iPhone. Suppose the Apple ID’s user data (e.g., the user’s middle name) is listed on the Apple website and is different from the information stored on the iPhone. In that case, the mismatch may cause Apple Pay authentication to fail, which could cause the problem.

When Apple Pay Services Are Currently Unavailable On Apple Cash?

  • Switch between enabling and disabling Apple Pay Cash.
  • Open Wallet and Apple Pay within The iPhone Settings app. Check whether the Language and Region settings are correct (as previously discussed). Restart your iPhone and then enable Apple Pay Cash to see whether your Apple Pay issue may have been fixed.

Apple Pay Services is Currently Unavailable on Apple Cash

  1. The first step is to check the Apple Pay System Status page to see if there are any issues. Apple Pay System Status page… For this problem, see “if you can’t send or receive money in texts.”
  2. Before you begin, ensure that you have enabled your cellular data to the wallet settings.
  3. Wallet > Settings > Cellular (toggle on)
  4. Make sure you have the correct region and language settings on your device.
  5. Language and region are available in Settings > General (set it to the United States)
  6. Ensure you are checking the iOS version installed on your device. Make sure you update the firmware on your iPhone to the most current iOS version.
  7. Also, ensure that your Apple Cash card isn’t restricted or locked.
  8. Try switching Apple Cash off in settings.
  9. Settings > Wallet > and Apple Pay > toggle Apple Cash off and on.
  10. When Apple Cash doesn’t turn back on, you’ll get an error message that reads “unable to configure Apple Cash.” If Apple Cash services are now not working, you can try the troubleshooting procedures below.
  11. If none of the previous solutions worked, try resetting the settings on your device.
  12. Reset all settings. General > Settings > Reset (do not choose as a method to wipe all data and settings)
  13. All payment options within your account will be deleted, and your device’s settings can be changed. You’ll need to establish an additional passcode for your phone, as in re-enabling Face ID.
  14. If it’s not working, it’s time to contact Apple Support for a complete inquiry.
  15. Contact Apple

Apple Pay Services Are Currently Unavailable When Applying for Apple Card

When you attempt to transfer money onto your cash card will receive an error message that reads, “Services currently unavailable. Presently, there are no services accessible. Come back to try later and again.” The time it takes for the issue to get resolved could take up to 30 hours.

If you had contacted Apple Cash Card Support, they’d inform the customer that everything is in order and call your bank.

After contacting the bank, they advised you that your credit card had been in condition, and they had not found any place where your Apple Cash Card had attempted to withdraw funds within the last two days, despite numerous attempts.

It is possible to turn off and then on the Cash Card, check the location and language and then turn off the VPN by following the steps in the following paragraphs.

When you attempt to add money to the card for cash, you receive an error message that reads, “Services have been discontinued. At present, there are no services readily available. We suggest you return in a few days to try it again.”

The time it takes for the issue to resolve can add thirty-four hours. If you have contacted Apple Cash Card Support, they’d inform you that everything is in order and you need to contact your bank.

After contacting the bank, they advised you that your debit card is in condition, and they had not discovered where the Apple Cash Card had attempted to withdraw funds over the past two days, despite numerous attempts.

Turn off and then on the Cash Card, check the location and language and then turn off the VPN by following the directions below. • How to apply for an Apple Card Contact Apple Support

Apple Pay Services Are Currently Unavailable: Apple Card Activation

The announcement shows that the physical card can’t be activated because Apple Card Services is currently unavailable.

Many have reported the problem within a few minutes of receiving the card and trying to activate it. The iPhone and the near-field communication system detected the card; however, it would always return the error messages.

In certain instances, we observed that the user hadn’t yet linked the Apple Card to Apple Pay within the Wallet application, which was the root of my issue.

The activation process was completed within minutes after it was completed. Apple Card was added to Apple Pay. There was no error detected on the server. To activate your physical card, you’ll require the Apple Card in your Wallet, which you couldn’t add to the account, and then activate it simultaneously.

Most iOS 15 users have succeeded with these fixes, and they’re likely to work for you, too. If you’re still unable to get Apple Pay to operate on your iPhone after trying these solutions,

We suggest you test the other solutions listed below to see whether they will help solve your issue.


Apple pay services may display “currently unavailable ” when you use it.

There are a variety of possible reasons for Apple Services’ unavailability, but the following are the most frequent:

  • Apple Pay services may not be accessible to users when Apple Pay’s access to its servers is blocked through the Internet or cellular network (Internet or mobile).
  • Incorrect iPhone Regional Settings If the region set in the iPhone settings is set to a region in which Apple Pay is not accepted, it could cause problems with Apple Pay. Apple Pay problem.

Next time, you will notice “Apple card unavailable” or “Apple pay services are not available at the moment. Try next time!” You can go through this article to learn about possible causes and solutions. We don’t wish to let you miss any of the happening.

In short, if you discover you are unable to use Apple Pay, Apple Pay services are not available, try again later, or try one of the following:

  1. Restart the iPhone in case it isn’t already.
  2. Attempt a Different Network
  3. The iPhone’s Regional Settings may be altered.
  4. Permit Apple Wallet to use cellular data
  5. When the Apple Wallet isn’t set up to utilize the iPhone’s mobile connection, communication issues can be experienced, resulting in Apple Pay Services being unavailable. In this instance, turning on mobile information on your iPhone to use Apple Wallet could be the answer.

If it says that, at the moment, Apple Pay services are not accessible on Apple money, this solution will allow you to reaccess it.

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