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Are you an anime lover just like me, or Are you a fan of anime Chivalry of a Failed Knight?

I guess yes, that’s what brought you here. I know that anime has ruled the world in recent years. It has become the most popular thing in the whole world, and people are just crazy over there watching all anime and copying their characters.

Although some people don’t like much of the anime, some just love watching and don’t want to miss anything about it.

One of anime’s unique things, which makes it the most popular, is its complexity. We can’t deny the fact that anime has made a lot of a place in the young generation and the old one.

Are you a big fan of Chivalry of a Failed Knight? I know yes, that is why you are looking for more such series as you are addicted to that one.
Worry not, we have got everything for you here, and you will get what you are looking for.

The series I will mention here can be watched on Netflix and Hulu.

I know that Chivalry of Knight is a bunch of romance, action, and much more. You get to see everything in one series. Don’t worry, we have many more such series.

So let’s not wait further and jump to anime like Chivalry of a failed knight.

6 Must Watch Action-Fantasy Anime like Chivalry of a Failed Knight

The Testament of Sister New Devil

Anime like Chivalry of a Failed Knight-The Testament of Sister New Devil

This anime is published in 13 volumes and it was written by Tetsuto Uesu. The illustration of this anime was done by Nekosuke Okuma. 

There is one pair of hot girls named Mio and Maria that come to live with the school student Basara Toujou. And this act changes their lives forever as they reveal their secrets too soon with him. 

Talking of the secrets it was that Mio is going to be the demon lord in the future and Maria is a succubus. On the other hand, Basara too reveals its secrets that he is the last descendant of a family of demon-fighting heroes. 

Then the two girls force him to be their master. And they finally convince him and they end up staying in the same house. They agreed to stay as master and servant. The bond they formed will help them in achieving anything with their powers. 

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

This anime is basically a Japanese novel series that was written by Senri Akatsuki and Itsuki Watanabe. 

Talking about the illustration of the anime, it was done by Ayumu Kasuga and Yuichi Murakami. Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle is published in twenty volumes. 

Its director is Masaomi Ando. Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle is made on something named Overthrow of Arcadia empire.

Its overthrow was followed by a revolt. This is an incident that took place five years ago. Lux Arcadia is the former prince of the empire. The former prince trespassed the area where only females were allowed and it was their bathing area. 

Then one thing that came to his notice was there was one princess of the new kingdom named Lisesharte Atismata and she was sitting there nude. Then again the former prince attends another event that was meant for females only. So the story goes like this and due to this one revolt takes place in the story.

The Asterisk War

The Asterisk War

This anime is also a Japanese Light novel series that was written by Yu Miyazaki and was illustrated by Okiuara. 

This anime the asterisk war has a total of two seasons and each series has twelve episodes. 

This series started on 3 October 2015 and it ended on 18 June 2016. Earth is a declining economic state and it has an integrated enterprise foundation, a megacorporation and it destroys most of the planet’s cities. Destroying results in the gaining of superpowers by humans. And it results to make them Genestella.

Absolute Duo

Absolute Duo

Another anime series named Absolute Duo is a Japanese light novel by Takumi Hiiragiboshi. 

Talking about the illustration of the anime, it was done by Yu Asaba. This Absolute Duo has 1 season that has 12 episodes in total and it was aired from January 4 to March 22, 2015. In this anime series, Kokonoe enrolls in Koryo academy which is a high school. In this high school students battle with each other with weapons that are known as blaze as training to become future peacekeepers.

Akashic Records of Bastard magic instructor

Akashic Records of Bastard magic instructor

This anime is a Japanese light novel series that was written by Taro Hitsuji and talking about the illustration of the series was done by one of the famous illustrators named Kurone Mishima. 

This novel Akashic record of a bastard magic instructor has a total of 19 volumes. Glen Radar is the main character in this series and he is the main protagonist in the complete series. There are two girls named Rumia Tingel who is the best friend of Sistine Fibel. Both belong to an academy which is very prestigious. 

That academy is basically one magic academy and Sistine is in the hope to get the best trainer as she wants to unravel some secrets. Then comes the main character and he becomes their instructor. The three share a great bond in the end and it was all about fate.

Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven

This is considered one of the best romantic comedy series of all time. Trinity Seven was written by Kenji Saito. Talking about the collection of the series, it was made in twenty-six volumes.

One of the most important characters of the series is Arata. Hermes Lilith Grimoire is also there and he sees that there comes a sudden bright white light and there is one girl standing in front of him. The girl standing in front of him was Lilim. She treats Atara and Lilith as her children and she changes the world.


So I guess now you know many such series like chivalry of a failed king. If you do any best apart from this then do mention those in our comment section. We would love to add them too to our list.

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