why do people love anime movies

10 Amazing Reasons Why Do People Like Anime Movies


There are so many reasons why people love anime and these 10 will surely get you convinced. Anime has been around for a long time but it’s only recently that the world has come to appreciate this art form. There is some controversy over whether or not we should call it an art form since technically, cartoons don’t qualify as art, but who cares?

 Let’s Talk About The 10 Amazing Reasons Why Do People Like Anime!

1. Anime is a Unique Form of Animation

unique animation in anime movies

Anime may appear similar to some American cartoons, but it actually differs greatly from them even though their origins are both in Japan.

While American Cartoons such as cartoon network shows such as Adventure Time and steven universe depict fictional stories which can be enjoyed by both adults and kids alike, anime on the other hand is often targeted towards younger children and teenagers due to its colorful and childlike art style and romanticized stories, but can also feature dark themes for older audiences that are rarely seen in Western Animation.

2. Anime Features Great Characters with Amazing Backstories

plenty of anime feature an individual protagonist who goes through many hardships in order to reach his or her goal, these can include coming of age stories, revenge plots, and even battle shounen. These anime will often feature unique characters with great personalities that are memorable for many fans of the genre.

Creating interesting characters that the audience wants to succeed is an important factor in making a good story (and anime), but it is possible for some shows to overdo this aspect by having bland protagonists who fail to live up to expectations, One Piece however has managed to avoid this pitfall by creating many eccentric and lovable characters whom audiences want success for.

3. Anime Features Incredible Action Sequences


Many people who enjoy anime frequently state how much they like the amazing fight scenes featured in their favourite shows, this reason may not apply to all but is something that many animes have in common.

Anime often features intense action scenes that are animated beautifully and feature unique characters using their skills to fight the enemy, there are even anime such as one piece which rarely even has any dialogue during these scenes but instead rely on well-animated visuals to tell the story. Because of this, fans can enjoy these incredible fights even if they don’t understand Japanese.

4. Anime Tackles Relatable Themes

Some anime tackle issues that may affect people in real life such as loss, loneliness, and rejection, these situations can be hard for viewers to deal with because it shows them what they fear most in their lives. This helps audiences better understand how other people feel when they experience tough times or just want someone to understand what they are going through.

5. Anime is Open to Everyone

anime is for everyone

Anime may not seem like the most inclusive of genres considering that some shows within it aren’t even subbed, however, there are much anime aimed at older audiences that feature more adult-orientated themes such as violence and sexuality, but these anime often become popular due to how controversial they are rather than their quality (We’ll leave this up to you guys to decide).

These darker-themed anime can be enjoyed without having watched lighter shounen shows first but also appeal to viewers outside of the typical viewer range of anime because they explore new subject matter that’s different from the norm.

6. Anime Has an Interesting Culture Surrounding It

Although this reason probably won’t apply to everyone, there are many anime fans who enjoy watching their favourite shows and learning more about the culture surrounding them.

Anime has its own unique language commonly referred to as ‘Slangs’ which can be confusing to new viewers but is actually fun to learn, another interesting aspect of anime that some people enjoy is drawing fanart of their favorite characters or creating cosplays for conventions, there’s even a whole separate subculture based around creating lewd artwork featuring anime characters for both straight and gay audiences.

7. Anime Teaches you Things you Didn’t Even Know Existed

Due to it being an international phenomenon, anime may sometimes reference other media such as video games, music, and film in order to make references that only those who understand its origins will get, it’s also common for people who enjoy anime to develop an interest in other forms of Japanese popular culture such as manga and J-Pop music, this can help viewers become more cultured and keen on exploring new things which makes them excellent conversation pieces.

8. Anime Features Lovable Side Characters

loveable anime characters

Many anime make the mistake of having protagonists that cannot hold a candle to the greatness of their allies, but anime such as Naruto and One Piece have developed large casts with interesting personalities, these places often feature characters who stick around until the end of the series unlike many Western works which like to kill people off just to prove that they’re ‘mature’.

The reason why this is done is that even support characters are given enough focus for viewers to care about them and would be missed if they weren’t there, anime often rewards loyal viewers by developing important characters or giving them more screen time once their ‘ usefulness’ has expired which makes watching over 100 episodes of a show well worth it.

9. Anime Has Great Music

The music featured in much popular shounen anime such as Naruto and Bleach is enjoyable enough to listen to even outside of the context of the shows, usually, these anime feature songs that are catchy yet have nostalgic value for long-time fans making them excellent ways to get into the fandom.

Some people who enjoy listening to Japanese music may find themselves enjoying other forms of media from Japan including film soundtracks which can help make them better at critical analysis because they learn how different types of musical arrangements affect mood.

10. Anime Has a Wide Variety of Stories

Anime Has a Wide Variety of Stories

Many people dislike anime because they believe that shows such as Naruto and Dragonball Z are childish and badly animated, but the reason why these shows have become so popular is that there’s an anime for everyone’s taste no matter what it is, for example, there are plenty of romance anime aimed at girls which focus on the development of their main characters and exploring complex relationships between them (Our favorite: Clannad), even if you happen to like slice-of-life works then there’s still many other genres you can enjoy such as sports or school life anime. There really is something for everyone in this medium despite westerners believing otherwise.

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