7 Motivational Movies on Netflix for Students Who Need Inspiration

Movies are something that each of us loves. Of course, everyone prefers different genres of films, but what people often watch films for is motivation.

People need to understand that movies are not just a way to relax. Of all the art forms, cinema occupies a unique place in the modern world. The film industry currently covers all spheres of society, which makes it the most significant level of influence on human consciousness. Often, they teach us to be stronger and can even change our lives through motivation.

Someone is looking for motivation to lose weight; someone wants to change themselves. Someone wants to achieve success in science or find inspiration for an essay to be written from scratch. Academic essay writing services such as WriteMyPaperHub.com can help you with this, and today we will look at 7 films that will energize you for a long time to live.

Theory of Everything

The first movie on our list is Theory of Everything. It is suitable not only for fans of the famous physicist Hawking but also for ordinary people who do not understand anything in physics.

The film is biographical: it shows the life, achievements, and illness of Stephen. In addition, you will witness the birth of great love, which can be stronger than any disease.

Stephen Hawking will show you that it is possible to achieve tremendous success even with very limited physical abilities.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

The film will tell you about the real story of the boy William, who developed the water pump and saved humanity with it.

How can such a story not be inspiring? William copes with misunderstandings in the family; one can say that he finally curbs the wind.

“The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” has a very high rating and was even nominated for Best International Film.

Steve Jobs

Another biopic on our list that deserves your attention. Jobs literally changed the world by influencing the digital world.

You might think that it was easy for him, but what do you say if you find out that Steve Jobs did not even have programming skills.

The film covers an important period in the life of the founder of Apple, which lasted more than 14 years. You will learn not only about their achievements of Jobs but also about his relationship with his family.


A motivational film about how difficult it is sometimes to make a choice. And if you do, will it be right?

The film tells the story of Elijah – a man who wants to receive a “wine” recognition. The motion picture received worldwide recognition in the shortest possible time and was highly appreciated by critics.

The main character will have to decide his own destiny and make a choice between a dream and a family business. Perhaps he will try to fulfil everything?

The Speedcubers

The title of the film speaks for itself. “The Speedcubers” is different in that it lasts only 40 minutes, but manages to tell us everything we need. That is why he claims to be a full-length picture. The film tells about two friends who compete for the title of champion. Will they be able to maintain their friendship despite their rivalry?

Miss Americana

An extremely important film for Netflix and for all Taylor Swift fans. The film tells about how difficult it was for the singer to cope with an eating disorder and go out to the audience in a completely new way for herself. The motion picture is the third Netflix biopic on our list. It is the biography of idols that often inspires people to make some changes in themselves and their lives.

The Shawshank Redemption

Does life seem complicated? Just look at the story of the protagonist of this film.

The story is about a young man who is accused of killing his wife and her lover. Find out if Red will be freed from imprisonment, and will he be able to meet an old friend?

The Shawshank Redemption motivates and teaches us to never give up, on the contrary – to go for our dream despite all obstacles.

Why Watch Inspirational Movies on Netflix?

You can watch your favorite series a thousand times while knowing the script minute by minute. But what’s the point of this? Wouldn’t it be better to re-read the article and choose the right motivational movie? The answer is obvious. 

The films presented in this article will give you the opportunity to feel that every event can become significant and every life is important. Here you will find films of different directors and genres and choose what you like.

Final Words

Movies are the beginning of big changes in life. You should watch inspirational films if you want moral support or just inspiration.

A film is a real-world of ideas that a person realizes in his mind. That is why it is important to watch motivational films: program yourself for success and work towards your dreams.

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