500 Days of Summer plot summary and ending explained

500 Days of Summer Plot Summary and Ending Explained


Are you excited to know about 500 days of summer? Well then let me give you a brief explanation of 500 days of summer. It is a romantic comedy that was directed by Marc Webb and you will see Zoe Deschanel as Summer Finn along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tom Hansen. Keep reading to know 500 days of summer plot summary and ending explained as we are here with everything about 500 days of summer.

This came in the year 2009 and this is just more than an amazing drama that you need to see for sure and you will be happy to watch this. So without talking about anything further let us start with the explanation of the plot and ending. 

Plot Summary Of 500 Days Of Summer

Talking about the storyline of the 500 days of summer it is all about the non-linear narrative that is showing the present along with past moments of Tom and Summer in their 500 days of the journey. Talking about Tom Hansen he is a trained architect that is working at a greeting card company as a writer.

While working in that greeting card company he meets with Summer Finn who was his boss’s new assistant. Summer got to know that Tom likes her after a karaoke night and it was revealed by a co-worker of Tom who was Mckenzie. She told summer about this. Then after some time, Summer kissed Tom in the photocopy room.

After this incident, they both started seeing each other more often for the next couple of months. They both roam around and during one day out Tom shows his favorite spot in the city to Summer and it was a park bench that had the view of his favorite buildings. They started dating during this time.

Toms’ friends started asking him about Summer that what they both hold and what kind of relationship is between them and in response to this Tom told them it is none of their matter and the labels do not matter and completes this talk. Then on one fine evening, he gets into a fight with one man who was trying to hit on Summer.

During that time they had their first argument and they both makeup and after that Summer warns Tom about her personal views on love. They both went to see the graduate and at the end of that Summer started crying and it makes Tom puzzled and after that, they both go to record store and during that Summer was not at all interested and it distracted her.

Soon after this Tom invites Summer for pancakes and during that time Summer breakups with him and this gets Tom in some kind of depression as he couldn’t take this thing. This affects his professional life too and due to his mental condition, his boss takes the decision to move him to the consolation department as he was not writing as he used to.

In order to move on in his life, he plans a blind date and goes on a blind date with a woman named Alison and they spend the night together where Tom only talks about Summer and goes on complaining about her, and due to this Alison leaves Tom by himself.

Accidentally after a few months Tom and Summer meet up at one of their co-worker’s weddings and they meet on a train ride. They both had a good time there and then Summer invites Tom for a party in her apartment. He had the hope to get back together and he accepted her invitation.

When he went to the party he found out that Summer was engaged and he leaves that party and then he again sinks into depression and then he decides to leave his job and he wanted to relocate his energy architecture and this was something that Summer always encouraged him to do and after focusing on this he assembled a portfolio and he started applying for job interviews.

While Tom was roaming around he found out that Summer was sitting on his favorite spot and she was sitting with her husband and then Tom got to know that she was now a married woman. She explains to Tom that she was sure about her when Tom asks her why did she do this.

She said to Tom that she felt something that she didn’t felt with when she was Tom. after this Tom said that he longer believe in True Love and Summer interrupts him and says that true love does exist but Tom was not the one for her and while leaving she puts her hand on Tom and she says that she is glad to see Tom doing well and he reciprocates this feeling and hopes that she is happy for her.

Tom when applied for various job interviews he got in one interview and there he meets with a girl who had applied for the same job. There was a lot of common between those two and they both shared the same views and interests. Then Tom invites that girl for coffee and she declines. She took some time and then she agreed to accept Tom’s invitation and then he asks her name and he got to know that her name was Autumn.

Ending Of 500 Days Of Summer

The ending is all about Tom as where he did wrong when he tried to forge something that was never there. Summer was a puzzle for her but in reality, she is a clear communicator and from the very beginning she cleared Tom she doesn’t want anything serious and she wanted a casual relationship. 

This was a mistake of Tom that he fell in love with her and he didn’t accept the things. Although he was an architect and he used to make up things in his mind and similarly he build something serious with her that actually didn’t exist and he only kept the good moments in his mind and according to him their relationship was perfect. 

But talking about the reality and that was Summer never saw Tom as her serious partner and a romantic partner and she used to say let’s be just friends and she didn’t care the way he cared as she cared for him as a friend not as a lover and Tom refused to accept that. He kept insisting and he was very obsessive towards her. 

He had the thought that she was out of her league and when he finally got to intimate with her he was not able to deal with her feelings. He was not ready to accept the reality and it hurt him and he got dumped. He ignored the signs of a dying relationship and he ignored the fact that they both were not fine as he kept saying.

She didn’t dump him out of a sudden, there were signs of being uninterested and he was so deep in his personal fantasy that he was ignoring the things that were not right between him and Summer. He also got the wrong thought when he was invited by her to a party.

She never had the intentions of hurting him and she liked him as a friend and she invited him to her party to catch up and Tom still had feelings for her and she was not aware of that and it kind of complicated when she fell asleep on his shoulder and she led him on when they danced at the wedding.

She had the thought in her mind that he was not the one for her and that’s why she married the other guy and it didn’t work out with Tom. Tom needed to understand this and need not to reciprocate it although he loved her but this doesn’t mean that he owns her love. 

Talking about the ending of this he wishes that Summer stays happy and he hopes that she doesn’t make the same mistake that she did with Tom and hopes that she stays happy with her husband. This marks the end to their story.

So this was all about 500 days of summer plot and ending. We told you the whole story and it is quite interesting. You must watch this, still, if you want to ask us anything else regarding anything then you can ask us in the comment section. 

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